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On the way, Gu Zheng asked, “Previously when you went to look for Song Shijing, was it about this”

Qiao Xi nodded.

“Song Shijing majored in law.

I asked him to do me a small favor and give me a copyright certificate.”

Gu Zheng revealed a doting smile.

“Looks like Ive underestimated you, Mrs.


Youve already laid out your plans.

Who in the world is more suitable for this zither than you, Mrs.


He walked steadily and looked ahead.

His tone was gentle.

“Dont worry, Ill get Song Shijing to pay more attention to Xu Da.

I wont let him look for trouble with you.”

Qiao Xis face turned red as she revealed a shy expression.

It turned out that in Gu Zhengs eyes, she was such a weak and helpless little girl!

The couple got into the car.

Qiao Xi had just taken out her phone when she realized that the screen had turned black.

A white code appeared on the screen.

It turned out that Mu Ming and Mu Ling were looking for her.

Actually, she did not have a good relationship with this pair of siblings.

Previously, Mu Ling always quarreled with her and even became enemies with her because of Mo Yuan.

However, when Xu Mei wanted to help Qiao Rou get rid of the dirt on her, the siblings refused without hesitation.

They even ordered the entire Dark Net not to let anyone take on Xu Meis job.

Hence, on the account of their past relationship, she had to help.

Moreover, this matter was very simple for her.

She just had to expose Tang Ruge for pretending to be Fu Sheng.

It was something that she should do.

Gu Zheng slowly looked up.

“You want to help”

“Its not exactly helping.

I dont care about other peoples family matters, but Tang Ruge has been looking for trouble with me time and again.

This time, shes even pretending to be Fu Sheng.

Its time for me to retaliate.”

Qiao Xi replied to Mu Mings message and said calmly: [The copyright certificate has been completed, but I still need someone to help me.

Shell arrive in Li City a few days later.]

Gu Zheng smiled.

It seemed that Mrs.

Gu had long set up a trap.

Whether Mu Ming asked her for help or not, she had already decided to make Tang Ruge pay the price.

Tang Ruge could provoke anyone but not Mrs.



“Im such a weak and obedient girl, yet Tang Ruge insists on bullying me.

Since thats the case, then I dont have to show any mercy.

I hope she wont cry too miserably!” Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully.

At the entrance of the charity banquet.

Xu Da was still immersed in his anger.

He was so angry that his face was livid.

“Miss Fu Sheng has long taken a liking to that zither, but that woman refused to give in.

What right does she have to refuse Who does she think she is! Shes inferior to even a strand of Miss Fu Shengs hair!”

The assistant also chimed in, “Which family is that wild girl from Shes rude and has such a bad temper.

She actually doesnt take the winner of Planet Music Festival seriously!”

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“Weve already agreed to Miss Fu Shengs request, but now that the zither has been snatched away, how are we going to explain this to her!”


Xu, whats wrong” At this moment, a gentle female voice came from afar.

Tang Ruge walked over elegantly in a gown and smiled at the two of them.


Xu, who made you angry”

Xu Da was already filled with anger.

When he saw the so-calledFu Sheng, he exaggerated what had happened just now.

He wanted Tang Ruge to deal with that arrogant woman.

When Tang Ruge heard this, she asked indifferently, “Was there a handsome and tall man standing beside the woman youre talking about”

Xu Da hurriedly nodded.

He was curious about how Tang Ruge knew that.

He heard her say with a smile, “Its a misunderstanding.

Xi Xi and President Gu are both my friends.

If they like that ancient zither, just give it to them.

I wont mind.”

Xu Da looked shocked.

“What Theyre your friends Since theyre friends, why did they snatch your things”

Tang Ruge looked miserable but pretended to be calm.

“Its okay.

If Xi Xi likes it, just give it to her.

Anyway, Im not lacking in zithers.

After all, shes my friend.

Theres no need to make both parties unhappy because of a zither.”

Xu Da was indignant.

“Miss Fu Sheng, youre too kind.

She clearly knew that you liked that zither, yet she still snatched it away.

She did it on purpose.

She doesnt know how to play the zither at all, yet she insists on having it.

Youre the top composer of Planet Music Festival, yet she still looks down on you.

Shes simply too much!”

Tang Ruge said helplessly, “Xi Xi is a little willful.

She definitely has to get whatever she likes.

I dont have to compete with her.

If this matter blows up, it wont be good for anyone.


Xu, you dont have to take it to heart.

Ill apologize on her behalf.”

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