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Outside the banquet hall, a Maybach stopped.

A couple dressed in luxurious clothes got out of the car.

Qiao Xi had an earpiece on to ensure that she could communicate with Luo Qing at any time.

The necklace on her neck was also installed with a pinhole camera that could transmit images to him.

She had used the name Bai Lu to get close to Yang Lin.

She even deliberately went elsewhere to wait and asked Yang Lin to personally pick her up to attend the banquet.

Hence, no one would suspect that the woman beside Yang Lin was Mrs.


Gu Zheng looked at the woman who got out of the car not far away and narrowed his eyes.

Yang Lin brought Qiao Xi into the banquet hall.

Qiao Xi did not know what had just happened and only urgently wanted to avoid that man in case he noticed something.

The reporters continued to ask, “President Gu, can you reveal the other partys identity”

Gu Zheng smiled and looked past the crowd to the woman at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Qiao Xi: “” What the hell

She subconsciously touched her face.

She had disguised herself! Moreover, Second Brothers disguise skills were top-notch.

Even she could not see any flaws with it.

Could it be that Gu Zheng had realized it

Fortunately, his gaze only lingered for a moment before he looked away indifferently.

His cold voice sounded.



The reporters all looked disappointed, but they were already very satisfied.

It was the first time President Gu was willing to accept getting interviewed.

They did not dare to ask for more.

Just as they were searching for their next target, Gu Zheng suddenly came in front of Yang Lin.

His eyes were deep, and his voice was filled with a trace of coldness.

“Are you President Yang of Huai Bi Jewelry”

Everyones gazes immediately shot over.

Qiao Xis heart skipped a beat as she hurriedly lowered her head in fear.

Yang Lin really did not expect the famous President Gu to take the initiative to talk to him.

He was instantly overjoyed.

“Its me! President Gu, youve actually heard of me What can I do for you”

Gu Zheng smiled meaningfully, then his gaze drifted to Qiao Xi who was beside him.

“Its nothing much.

I just think that President Yangs female companion… is very beautiful.”

No one present expected President Gu to praise Yang Lins female companion in public.

Wasnt he already married They heard that Mrs.

Gu was also very beautiful.

Why was he praising another woman on such an occasion

Yang Lin widened his eyes and was stunned for a long time.

Then, he tactfully pushed Qiao Xi in front of Gu Zheng.

He said with a smile, “Its her honor that you like her.

Bai Lu, quickly thank President Gu.”

Qiao Xi: “…”Thank your *ss!

She slowly looked up and saw Gu Zhengs faint smile.

She felt a chill run down her spine and could only pretend to be calm as she squeezed out an awkward smile.

Gu Zheng sized her up openly, his voice low and magnetic.

“Bai Lu is a nice name.”

Qiao Xi felt the burning gazes of everyone and gritted her teeth.

If she ignored Gu Zheng at this moment, she would definitely be suspected.

After thinking about it, she could only deliberately change her tone.

“Hello, President Gu.”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and stared at the woman in front of him.

No one could tell his emotions.

They only heard his gentle voice.

“Miss Bai, you have a nice voice as well.”

Yang Lins gaze shifted between Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng.

He knew that Gu Zheng did not bring Mrs.

Gu with him today.

He was even publicly praising Bai Lu.

He had probably taken a liking to this woman.

Yang Lin asked tentatively, “President Gu, should we let Bai Lu—”

Before he could finish, Gu Zheng smirked in satisfaction.

please keep reading 0n MYB0XN0 V EL.


Qiao Xi revealed a terrified expression.

What was Gu Zheng trying to do Stop fooling around!

After a moment of silence, Gu Zheng shook his head and left.

Qiao Xi hurriedly heaved a sigh of relief and obediently walked by Yang Lins side to avoid being noticed.

At this moment, the people from Ling Pavilion had already arranged everything.

As long as Qiao Xi completed the mission and reported it to Luo Qing, this mission would be completed.

On the other hand, the sapphire necklace was already being presented on stage.

However, this charity banquet was different from usual.

Instead of bidding for the items one by one, all the items were gathered in the exhibition hall.

Everyone could look at it at close range and bid when they saw something they liked.

At this moment, Qiao Xi was hiding in a corner.

She was just about to take out the earpiece and leave when suddenly…

“Miss Bai, why are you hiding here”

A gentle and smiling voice sounded behind her.

There was a hint of mockery in that persons tone.

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