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Everyones bodies suddenly stiffened as horror gradually appeared in their eyes.

They slowly turned around and saw Gu Zheng strolling over.

His deep eyes were mysterious and emotionless.

He swept his indifferent gaze across the crowd without stopping on Tang Ruge at all.

Song Shijing walked up to them.

“Do you have any other questions”

The reporters felt their hearts tremble as if someone was grabbing their throats.

They could not say anything.

“Friends, since our president is already here, it means that hes willing to accept your interviews.

If you have any questions, you can ask him in person or ask me.

Why ask an outsider”

Song Shijing gave a mocking smile and looked at Tang Ruge.

Her expression froze instantly as she lowered her head awkwardly.

At this moment, no one was in the mood to see if she was embarrassed.

When they heard that President Gu could be interviewed, the reporters who were still trembling in fear instantly went crazy.

“President Gu, what do you think of this charity banquet”

“What attracted you to this charity banquet Why did you choose to attend”

“Why didnt you bring Mrs.

Gu to the banquet today You didnt bring any female companions either”

“Do you have anything to say about Gu Corporations future”

Song Shijing answered some of the questions for Gu Zheng and left the rest to him.


Everyones gazes landed on Gu Zheng as they quietly waited for his answers.

After a moment of silence, the man slowly looked up and said slowly, “Im here for someone.”

The entire venue was in an uproar.

He was here for someone

The cameras were all aimed at his handsome face.

Everyones breathing became gentle as they were afraid of disturbing him.

President Gu did not bring Mrs.

Gu to the banquet with him.

He even said that he was here for someone.

Who exactly was worthy of President Gus concern

Some people subconsciously looked at Tang Ruge, only to see her cheeks gradually turn red as she lowered her head shyly.

“Whos the person President Gu is talking about Could it be… Miss Tang”

When Madam Tang and Tang Dawei saw that Qiao Xi did not come with Gu Zheng and they saw their daughters shy appearance, they could not help but be dumbfounded.

Could it be that… President Gu was really here for Ruge

Tang Ruge walked forward shyly and thought to herself,Even if Gu Zheng isnt here for me, he wont embarrass a woman in public.

He can only tacitly agree that its her hes here for.

Moreover, she had never said that Gu Zheng was attending the banquet for her.

She was just blushing.

The reporters were the ones who said that.

She approached Gu Zheng shyly.

Just as she was about to approach him, the mans cold voice entered her ears.

“Whos Miss Tang”

The entire venue was silent.

At this moment, everyones quiet breathing could be heard clearly.

Even though the reporters were experienced, they could not help but feel embarrassed for Tang Ruge.

President Gu was too rude.

He actually asked Tang Ruge who Miss Tang was in front of her.

Wasnt this clearly a slap to her face

There were only two possibilities for him to say that.

Firstly, he really did not know Tang Ruge.

Secondly, he did, but he did not like Tang Ruge, so he deliberately pretended not to know her.

However, either way, it made Tang Ruge lose her dignity.

The corners of Tang Ruges mouth twitched slightly, and the veins on her forehead popped out.

After a while, she calmed down and said with a trembling voice, “President Gu…”

Gu Zheng glanced at her indifferently without a trace of emotion.

Tang Ruge bit her lip tightly as her body trembled.

She took a deep breath.

“President Gu, Im Tang Ruge.

We met at Old Madam Gus birthday banquet.

How long has it been You dont remember me anymore”

She pretended to be relaxed and deliberately said it to the reporters.

As long as Gu Zheng remembered her name, the reporters would not say anything.

After all, she was the eldest daughter of the Tang family.

Who would deliberately make things difficult for her

Unexpectedly, Gu Zhengs tone was indifferent.

“Ive never cared about unimportant people.

What makes you think Ill remember you, Miss Tang”

Tang Ruge felt a lump in her throat.

Her face was purple as if she had been slapped hard.

It was so painful that she could not say anything.

At this moment, the reporters could no longer care about Tang Ruge.

They asked curiously, “President Gu, can you reveal who the person youre talking about is Who is she to you Does she have any important influence on Gu Corporation”

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