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Qiao Xi was stunned for a moment, and her voice trembled slightly.

“Im not going, so why are you going Havent you always disliked such occasions”

The air was silent for a few seconds.

Gu Zheng chuckled.

“How can I buy you the necklace if I dont go Dont worry, Ill be back soon.”

She did not want the necklace.

She was afraid that Gu Zheng would recognize her.

However, if she changed her appearance, Gu Zheng would not be able to tell, right She just had to try her best to avoid him.

When she thought about this, Qiao Xi finally felt relieved.

Gu Zheng looked down at his watch.

It was almost time.

He left and instructed, “Song Shiyu, buy some medicine for Young Madam and take good care of her at home.”

Take care of her Why did Qiao Xi think that Gu Zheng wanted Song Shiyu to monitor her However, it did not matter.

With Song Shiyus IQ, he could not keep an eye on her at all.

She just had to lock the door and pretend to rest in the bedroom.

After Gu Zheng left, Song Shiyu hurriedly bought the medicine and sent it to the bedroom.

Qiao Xi looked at the large pile of medicine on the table and decided that after the mission ended, she would definitely beat Yang Lin up!

At 6:40 pm, Gu Zheng appeared at the entrance of the banquet hall.

There were elites, rich businessmen, and reporters from various TV stations here.

At this moment, Tang Ruge had already entered the banquet hall in a high-end gown.

She smiled at the camera.

Tang Dawei and Madam Tang stood at the side for an interview.

They announced that they were opening a branch company in Li City.

After the reporters asked about the development of Tang Corporation, they all went up to Tang Ruge.

“Miss Tang, you were managing the company in the capital previously.

Are you suddenly coming to Li City to take over Tang Corporations branch company”

Tang Ruge smiled and said, “I came to Li City to improve my ability.

Im still young and have many things to learn.

As for whether Ill take over the company or not, its still uncertain.”

“May I ask which big shot you consulted”

Tang Ruge smiled shyly.

“While thats true, I cant reveal that gentlemans name.”

Everyone looked at Tang Ruges shy expression.

Recently, there were rumors in Li City that Tang Corporation would collaborate with Gu Corporation.

Everyone understood who the gentleman she was talking about was.

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted, “President Gu!”

Everyones hearts trembled.

They thought that this person was too impudent.

Even if they knew who it was, they could not say it out loud!

Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she realized that Gu Zheng was really here.

The man was wearing an expensive suit.

His eyes were deep, and his expression was indifferent.

Even when facing the camera, he did not change at all.

The moment he appeared, he became the focus of everyones attention.

Tang Ruges heart was pounding, then she frowned.

“Didnt President Gu say he wasnt coming Why is he suddenly here”

The moment that was said, the reporters instantly caught on to the main point.

They rushed over and asked anxiously, “Miss Tang, you know President Gu Could it be that the gentleman youre talking about is President Gu”

“Why isnt Mrs.

Gu attending with President Gu President Gu should bring a female companion to such an occasion.”

“Speaking of which, Miss Tang doesnt have a male partner either.

Actually, the two of them are very compatible!”

Hearing everyones words, Tang Ruge blushed slightly and explained shyly, “Our family admires President Gu very much.

President Gu and I were childhood playmates, but we dont contact each other often anymore, so…”

“So Miss Tang and President Gu are childhood sweethearts!” a reporter exaggerated.

Tang Ruge had a gentle smile on her face.

Her cheeks were red as she said softly, “Actually, were not childhood sweethearts.

We just knew each other.

I came to Li City this time to celebrate Old Madam Gus birthday, but I decided to stay for other reasons.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the reporters eyes lit up as if they had caught wind of something big.

Miss Tang had been to the Gu family to celebrate Old Madam Gus birthday, so she must have interacted with President Gu.

The two of them were about the same age and were a match made in heaven.

Perhaps there would be sparks.

“In that case, Miss Tang and President Gu are friends.

Do you know why President Gu is attending the charity banquet President Gu has never been interested in such events.

He usually sends people to attend and donate money on his behalf.

Theres no need for him to appear personally!”

“Could it be that President Gu wants to bid for something”

Question after question came.

Tang Ruge did not panic at all.

She still had a generous smile on her face.

“It might be—”

“Everyone, why dont you ask me directly” A cold voice came from behind everyone.

It was cold and distant, making everyones hair stand on end.

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