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At this moment, Lu Xiang and Lu Yan had already become a thorn in everyones side.

Everyone criticized them.

“In the end, its just because Lu Yan doesnt have the ability that he insisted on fighting with President Gu.

If he wanted to release his new perfumes, he shouldve investigated Han Yes identity clearly.

He used someone elses paintings without investigating clearly, which resulted in such consequences.

Do you know the law! Do you know what copyright infringement is!”

“President Gu was able to establish Gu Corporation by himself and become the international oil painter, Han Ye.

You, Lu Yan, cant do anything well.

Even with the Lu familys resources, youre still useless!”

“Lu Yan brought this upon himself! What does it have to do with us!”

“President Gu had already decided to let the matter rest.

As long as Lu Corporation takes out 1.8 billion yuan to compensate, everything will be settled.

However, Lu Xiang just had to anger President Gu.

Are you stupid or do you want to drag everyone down with you”

“If Lu Corporation goes bankrupt, what will we do Chairman Lu, youve been managing Lu Corporation for your entire life.

Are you going to watch as the mistress and illegitimate daughter ruin your hard work”

Old Madam Lu and Lu Xiangs bodies went weak.

They almost fell to the floor.

It had been so many years, but Lu Xiang still could not get rid of the title of being an illegitimate daughter.

These people called herSecond Miss Lu on the surface, but they still looked down on her background behind her back.

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up.

As the saying went, the wicked would be dealt with by the wicked.

Earlier, Lu Xiang mocked Gu Zheng for being an illegitimate child, but in the end, she was mocked by the higher-ups of Lu Corporation for being an illegitimate daughter.

At this moment, the higher-ups roared crazily, “Lu Xiang, apologize! Lu Yan! You have to apologize too!”

“What did you two pieces of trash bring to the company If it werent for your surname being Lu, you wouldve been chased out a long time ago.

Without you, the Lu family wouldnt have encountered such a crisis!”


Cold sweat broke out on Lu Xiangs forehead as she retreated in horror.

“No, Im not apologizing!”

Gu Zheng, who was standing at the door, smirked.

He wanted to see how long Lu Xiang could last.

Soon, everyone received news that contracts were being terminated.

The employees downstairs anxiously went upstairs to ask about the exact situation.

No! They could not watch Lu Corporation go bankrupt.

Old Master Lu indeed doted on his daughter, but at this moment, he had no choice but to seriously order, “Lu Xiang, quickly apologize to Ah Zheng and beg him to forgive you!”

The higher-ups of Lu Corporation could not suppress the anger in their hearts anymore.

Seeing that Lu Xiang was unwilling to apologize, they splashed a glass of red wine on her head.

“Ah!” Lu Xiang screamed.

Bright red wine liquid flowed down her head and covered her terrified face.

It was a shocking sight.

When one of them made a move, the others could not help but raise the things in their hands and throw them at her.

Someone threw a wine glass at Lu Xiangs forehead, and a wound instantly appeared.

She held her forehead and felt a splitting headache.

Her vision was blurry.

The originally gorgeous banquet hall was in a mess now.

Lu Xiang stood in the middle.

Her white evening gown was already dyed red by the alcohol.

She screamed helplessly and gradually broke down…

Seeing this, Lu Yan did not dare to delay and hurriedly apologized.

“President Gu, Im sorry.”

Gu Zheng smiled, his eyes filled with mockery.

Everyone looked at Lu Xiang.

She held her forehead and wiped the red wine off her face.

No one came forward to comfort her.

Lu Qingyun was clearly dead, and she was the only daughter of the Lu family now.

In the past, she was the one who bullied others.

Who would dare to bully her However, everyone was forcing her to apologize to this bastard!

Lu Xiangs heart was filled with despair.

It was clearly Gu Zheng who schemed against Lu Corporation, but now, he wanted her to apologize.

However, she had no choice.

She knew very well that if she insisted on not apologizing today, these people would definitely not let the matter rest.

Her former relatives, friends, and colleagues all looked ferocious.

Even her mother did not dare to defend her.

Her father had also asked her to apologize with a gloomy expression.

As for that piece of trash, Lu Yan, she could not count on him.


Lu Xiang was extremely humiliated.

Her face that was covered with red wine gradually became ferocious.

She gritted her teeth and said word by word, “I apologize.

Im sorry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire venue fell silent.

After a moment, Gu Zheng chuckled and said in a happy voice, “Its really rare to hear you say words of apology.

Gu Yao, did you record it”

Gu Yao said, “Of course! Its clearly recorded.

Itll be broadcasted in Lu Corporation tomorrow!”

Qiao Xi: “…”You brothers are really vicious!

Seeing that Lu Xiang had apologized, the higher-ups of Lu Corporation asked excitedly, “President Gu, Lu Xiang has already apologized.


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