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Old Master Lu stood up angrily and rushed in front of Gu Zheng with a gloomy expression.

“Ah Zheng, although you and Ah Yan are competitors, youre also brothers.

How could you use such despicable methods behind our backs! Do you know how much loss youve caused the Lu family

“I know you hate the Lu family, but we want to make it up to you.

However, look at what youve done!”

Old Master Lu sighed and ordered, “Immediately withdraw the lawsuit so that our new perfumes can be released on time.

If you do that, I wont pursue the matter of Lu Corporations losses.”

In everyones opinion, Old Master Lu was already showing Gu Zheng a lot of respect.

As long as Gu Zheng was willing to withdraw the lawsuit, the Lu family could pretend that nothing had happened.

If it were an outsider, the Lu family would not let them off so easily.

Even if the perfumes were resold, it would still cause a huge loss to Lu Corporation.

Old Master Lu was already being very tolerant by doing this.

However, Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent.

Qiao Xi, who was at the side, said in confusion, “Why should we withdraw the lawsuit The Lu family violated the law, so why shouldnt we let others protect their rights Now that the lawsuit has been successfully filed, it means that the Lu family has indeed violated the law.

What reason do you have to ask us to withdraw the lawsuit”

Old Master Lu instantly choked.

Lu Xiang was so angry that her face turned livid.

Qiao Xi deliberately asked in a weak and innocent voice, making the Lu family feel even more embarrassed.

Could it be that she wanted them to say it from their own mouths Because Gu Zheng was half a member of the Lu family, this matter should be over.

“Why arent Chairman Lu and Second Miss Lu saying anything

“Since you all know it in your hearts, why do you still want Ah Zheng to withdraw the lawsuit Youre bullying our Ah Zheng for having a good temper!”

Lu Xiang was so angry that she almost vomited blood!

They were bullying Gu Zheng Who was bullying who

Why was Qiao Xi lying through her teeth Who in Li City and even the entire C Nation would dare to bully Gu Zheng

Old Master Lu suppressed his anger and ordered unhappily, “Ah Zheng, if youre dissatisfied, we can talk in private, but you have to withdraw the lawsuit immediately.

After all, none of us has seen Han Ye before.

Maybe you found someone to fool us.”

Qiao Xi sneered.

Who said they had never seen Han Ye before He was right in front of them!

Old Master Lus gaze was cold, and his tone was serious.

“How could Lu Yan do anything illegal He had long done a detailed investigation before putting the perfumes into production! Ah Zheng, youre slandering us! You cant harm your brother behind our backs for your own benefits!”

Gu Zhengs tone was indifferent.

“The lawsuit was successful.

Doesnt this explain everything”

Lu Xiang immediately retorted, “Youre rich and powerful.

You must be behind this! Weve never even seen Han Ye, so why should we believe you”

“Why should you believe me”

Gu Zheng chuckled.

“Then Ill prove it to you.”

At this moment, outside the banquet hall.

Gu Yao got out of the car with a middle-aged woman who was dressed exquisitely.

“Madam Carter, were here.”

The people at the door looked disdainful.

“Oh! So its Second Young Master Gu! Youve already been chased out of the Gu family, yet you still have the cheek to attend Lu Corporations annual meeting The audacity!”

Madam Carters face darkened.

Gu Yao was not angry.

He widened his eyes and said, “Well, even you have the cheek to stand here.

Why cant I be here Its your Lu familys honor that Im here!”

The person instantly choked.

Before he could retort, Gu Yao snorted.

“No matter how shameless I am, Im still better than your Lu family.

Your Lu family is so shameless!”

“Gu Yao! Dont go too far!”

Gu Yao could not be bothered with this small fry.

“Madam Carter, lets go in.”

The usher still wanted to stop them, but Gu Yao pointed at the invitation in his hand.

“Open your eyes wide and see clearly.

We have an invitation.

What right do you have to stop us from entering Doesnt the Lu family care about their reputation the most If news of this gets out, will Lu Yan let you off”

With that said, the two people instantly lost their arrogance.

When they looked up, Gu Yao had already brought Madam Carter in.

In the banquet hall, the air seemed to have frozen.

The atmosphere was extremely cold.

At this moment, Lu Xiang could not care less about her image anymore.

She said with bloodshot eyes, “Alright! I want to see how youre going to prove it.

Unless you invite Mr.

Han Ye over, how are you going to prove that the Lu family violated the law You, Gu Zheng, are rich and powerful.

You have the ability to forge evidence.

Even if the lawsuit succeeds, it doesnt mean anything.

Moreover, even if Ah Yan really violated the law, the person who wants to sue is Han Ye.

What right do you have to sue on behalf of him”

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