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Qiao Xi seemed to not notice everyones gloomy expressions and even praised with a smile, “The desserts in this hotel are not bad.

Bring me here for the cakes in the future, alright”

Gu Zheng smiled and nodded.

The couple were sweet and did not care about the Lu familys feelings at all.

Old Master Lus expression was terrifyingly gloomy as he roared, “Gu Zheng!”

“Chairman Lu, why are you angry at Gu Zheng If you have the time, why dont you quickly investigate why the data suddenly disappeared”

Old Master Lus expression was gloomy, and his voice was cold.

“Im talking to Gu Zheng.

What does it have to do with you The disappearance of the data must be because someone—”

“Chairman Lu, a loss is a loss.

Why are you still such a sore loser”

Qiao Xi blinked and sighed helplessly.

“Victory and defeat are common in war.

The business world is constantly changing.

Its hard to say wholl win or lose.

Although Lu Yan lost this time, its still possible for him to win the next time if he works harder.

He cant be angry after losing once, right”

She imitated Old Master Lus tone and returned his words to the Lu family.

Old Master Lu was so angry that he felt dizzy.

His face was ferocious and vicious as he panted heavily.

After a long time, he roared, “Shut up! Todays matter has nothing to do with you.

Otherwise, I—”

“Chairman! We found out what happened!”

At this moment, Lu Yans assistant rushed in and interrupted Old Master Lu.

He announced loudly, “The reason for the disappearance of the data has been found.


Lu Yans heart trembled.

The assistant looked at him meaningfully, then lowered his head and said word by word, “The oil painter, Mr.

Han Ye, is suing us for using his paintings for the packaging of perfumes without permission.

The court has already accepted this case and contacted the sales channel.

After the platform confirmed the authenticity of the case, they removed the new perfumes and want us to compensate five million yuan for the breach of contract.

“Moreover, all the bottles with Mr.

Han Yes paintings must be destroyed.

Otherwise, Mr.

Han Ye will continue to appeal.

At that time, not only will the Lu family have to compensate with a large sum of money, but their reputation will also be damaged.”

As soon as the assistant finished speaking, everyone from the Lu family turned pale as cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

Old Master Lus body swayed as he fell onto the chair.

His old eyes were filled with despair.

“Lu Yan, didnt you say that you already obtained Han Yes authorization”

Lu Corporations perfumes were packaged with Han Yes paintings.

It was also because of this gimmick that Lu Corporations perfumes attracted so much attention.

Otherwise, they would never have been able to win against Gu Zheng.

Now that Han Ye was suing Lu Corporation, it naturally spread online.

Everyone also knew the reason behind this.

At that time, Lu Corporations reputation would plummet.

Old Master Lu still had a trace of hope.

“Ah Yan”

At this moment, Lu Yans mind was blank.

He did not know what was wrong.

He had clearly gone to the art exhibition and found a hacker.

All the clues could confirm that Han Ye had already passed away.

Moreover, Han Ye did not have any relatives, so he could use the copyright as he pleased.

In order to ensure that nothing went wrong, he even found two top hackers from Dark Net.

They also came to the conclusion that Han Ye had passed away, but why did Han Ye suddenly appear and sue Lu Corporation

Moreover, he sued Lu Corporation on the day of the presales.

He took down all the perfumes in the last few seconds and deliberately blew things up.

The only person who could do all this was probably—

Lu Yan abruptly raised his eyes to look at Gu Zheng, only to see that his expression was indifferent as if this matter had nothing to do with him at all.

He was still putting food into Qiao Xis bowl with a doting expression.

The two of them were showing off their love as if no one was around.

As Lu Yans gaze was too sharp, everyone could not help but look at Gu Zheng.

Old Master Lus gaze was sharp.

Lu Xiangs face was filled with anger as she screamed, “Gu Zheng, it must be you!”

Even though Qiao Xi had lowered her eyes, she was able to notice the burning and angry gazes around her.

Under the doubts of everyone, Gu Zheng still wiped her mouth intimately, then said indifferently, “Second Miss Lu, you cant spout nonsense.

What evidence do you have to prove that I did it”

Lu Xiang was furious and shouted, “What evidence do I need Its clearly you.

Announcement of the new perfumes was made a month ago.

Why didnt Han Ye sue us then He just had to wait until the day the presales channel opened to do so.

He even refunded the deposits in the last few seconds.

Do you dare say that you didnt do it”

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