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As expected, half an hour later, the number of people buying from Gu Corporation gradually decreased before it stabilized.

This was the same as the previous years and also conformed to the presales trend.

However, the number of people buying from Lu Corporation continued to increase.

Qiao Xi could tell at a glance that there was something wrong with the data.

The Lu family must have hired hackers to secretly manipulate the data, but this person made the data so fake.

She felt that it was a little deliberate.

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent as he continued to taste the red wine elegantly.

“Looks like we have to thank the Dark Net siblings.

Mu Ling even looked for trouble with you before.

I didnt expect her to help us.”

Only then did Qiao Xi realize that Mu Ling and Mu Ming were helping them from behind!

It seemed that Lu Yan was afraid that he would lose to Gu Zheng, so he hired a hacker to deal with the data in advance.

However, in order to avoid anyone noticing, he had to fake it according to the presales trend.

It was fine as long as he had more sales than Gu Zheng in the end.

However, Mu Ming just had to let everyone see that something was wrong and use this method to tell everyone that Lu Corporation was faking it.

Lu Yan also sensed that something was wrong, but fortunately, the data gradually stabilized.

He then heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, the screen clearly showed that Lu Corporations presales volume was 100,000 bottles higher than Gu Corporations.

This was already a decisive victory.

Actually, the number of presales for Gu Corporation this year was already higher than before, but it was still 100,000 bottles less than Lu Corporations.

After all, this was a battle of high-end perfumes.

The number of people who could buy high-end perfumes was limited.

Now that the difference was so great, it was absolutely impossible to surpass it in the future.

Even with Gu Shans reputation, Lu Corporation still won in the end.

Lu Xiang looked at the data on the big screen, and the depression in her heart instantly dissipated.

She revealed a proud smile.

“Ah Yan won! Congratulations!”

An hour later, the presales channel was about to close.

Lu Corporations perfume won the championship with a lead of 100,000 bottles from Gu Corporation.

This news instantly became a trending topic.

Everyone on Weibo was discussing: [Lu Corporations perfumes used to be so ordinary, but they actually surpassed Gu Corporations perfume this time You have to know that Gu Corporation has been in first place for five years.

Now, theyre giving away the championship just like that]

[Because Lu Corporation poached veteran perfumers from Gu Corporation and invited the perfumer, Sally, back from overseas.

They also received Han Yes authorization.

They had to win!]

[Sally is nothing.

The most important thing is Han Ye.

Most people are probably after Mr.

Han Ye.]

[But why did I hear that when others wanted to buy Han Yes copyright previously, he refused them all.

Why did he suddenly agree to Lu Corporation this time Does he think Lu Corporations perfumes are very good]

[Although Gu Corporation has Gu Shan, her reputation is not as resounding as Han Yes.

Moreover, shes a fashion designer.

Shes still a little lacking in terms of packaging design.

Gu Corporation did not lose in vain this time.]

Looking at the comments online, Qiao Xi only smiled.

Everyone was buying Lu Corporations perfume for Han Ye and not for the smell of the perfume itself.

Everyone was very curious why a genius painter who treated money as dirt would suddenly give his work to the Lu family.

It was because of this genius that everyones desire to buy Lu Corporations perfumes was aroused.

Actually, everyone did not like Sallys perfume.

The reason why the presales volume reached such a high figure was because of Han Yes reputation and Mu Mings tricks.

Just as the presales channel was about to close, Lu Xiang said proudly, “Ah Zheng, although you lost, you dont have to take it to heart.

Who can occupy the first place for the rest of their life Ah Yan was lucky to win this time.

It might be you next time.”

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow and did not say anything.

Lu Xiang did not expect Gu Zheng to be so calm.

He was not anxious at all.

Lu Xiang was a little unconvinced and snorted.

“Gu Zheng, youre pretending not to hear your elders talking to you! It looks like the high and mighty President Gu cant afford to lose!

“You, Gu Zheng, have never lost before because you never confronted Ah Yan before this.

Now that he has already taken over Lu Corporation, the status of you two brothers will be on par in Li City in the future.

If you lose, you lose.

Why do you have to be so cold”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yan raised the wine glass in his hand and smiled at Gu Zheng.

He was showing off in front of Gu Zheng.

He had won!

Everyone knew very well that the presales channel would close soon.

It was absolutely impossible for Gu Corporation to have another 100,000 orders at this last moment.

If such a thing really happened, it would definitely have been done illegitimately.

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