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Everyone was instantly stunned! Didnt they say that Mrs.

Gu seduced Lu Kang Shouldnt the two of them be on the bed Why was it different from what they had imagined

At this moment, Mrs.

Gu was standing in front of Lu Kang.

Her eyes were red, and she looked aggrieved.

She wiped her tears and spoke to Lu Kang fiercely.

The corners of the mouths of those socialites who had reprimanded Qiao Xi earlier twitched slightly.

Their cheeks were burning as if they had been slapped.

Qiao Xi slowly turned around and said aggrievedly, “Ah Zheng, I knew it! Why would Lu Kang suddenly barge into my lounge Someone must be framing me.

It hasnt been long, yet people have already come tocatch me in the act.

“Everyone here is a socialite from Li City.

I can understand why youre looking for trouble with me.

After all, Im married to the Prince Charming in your hearts.

Youre not happy about it, so you want me to make a fool of myself in public.

But Young Master Lu, what are you doing here”

Everyone subconsciously looked at Lu Yan in confusion.

Qiao Xi said slowly, “Lu Kang has only been in here for 20 minutes, yet you guys rushed over in a hurry.

You were afraid that you wouldnt be able to catch me in the same room as him, huh What exactly do you plan on doing here”

Lu Yan looked at Lu Kang with a gloomy expression.

At this moment, the man had already been beaten till he was swollen all over.

He explained loudly, “Mrs.

Gu left me a note! Its in my pocket!”

Someone went forward and took out a note from his pocket.

Everyone stared at it and could not help but exclaim.

It was really a note left behind by Mrs.

Gu for Lu Kang.

She actually dared to have an affair on such an occasion.

She was really audacious!

“Are all the members of the Lu family so stupid” Qiao Xi sneered and said with a disdainful expression, “He has triangular eyes and a big round face.

He clearly looks like a wretched, greasy, and evil man.

How could I like him I have an outstanding and handsome husband like Gu Zheng.

What reason do I have to take the risk and have an affair with this ugly man”

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After being mocked, Lu Kang was fuming with anger.

He could not help but curse, “You b*tch! You left me a note!”

“In that case, why dont you take this slip of paper to be appraised and see if its my handwriting In case someone uses this to malign me, facts still speak louder than words.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Xi looked at Xia Mengyan, who walked out of Room 108.

She pretended to be surprised.

“Whats going on Why is everyone gathered here Xi Xi, what happened”

Someone hurriedly explained to Xia Mengyan, and she immediately exclaimed, “Xi Xi, dont tell me youre suspecting me No matter what, Im your cousin.

How could I harm you That note—”

“Miss Xia, did I say I suspected you Why are you in such a rush to explain yourself Could it be that youre guilty” Qiao Xi interrupted casually.

“Moreover, the lady who explained the situation to you just now didnt say that Lu Kang came to 109 to look for me after reading the note.

How did you know that there was a note”

Xia Mengyans expression changed.

Xia Mengyan had just come out of the lounge.

Without anyone telling her, it was impossible for her to know about the note.

“I heard you talking about the note from next door, so I came out to take a look.

I was afraid that you would misunderstand me, so I explained myself.”

“Is the soundproofing in the lounge so bad Miss Xia, you even heard such a small sound.

Lu Kang was screaming for so long, but you didnt come out to take a look at the situation then,” Qiao Xi continued to question.

Xia Mengyan lowered her head nervously and explained in a trembling voice, “I didnt know you were next door.

I did hear a man scream, but I didnt dare to go out as Im weak.”

Qiao Xi smiled and nodded.

“Miss Xia, you have a point.

Then, shouldnt Young Master Lu give me a reasonable explanation as to why someone from the Lu family suddenly barged into the lounge I was in and even tried to do something inappropriate to me”

Lu Yans face darkened.

He glanced at Xia Mengyan and immediately understood the matter.

Xia Mengyan had deliberately left a note to lure Lu Kang over.

However, even if he already knew the truth, he could not push Xia Mengyan out to take the blame.

This was because she was the perfumer for his new perfume.

If something happened to her, everything he had worked hard for would be for naught.

Hence, he could only take the blame for Xia Mengyan.

He looked at Lu Kang, whose face was bruised and swollen.

He had already been beaten up by Qiao Xi to such a state.

Who exactly was the one doing bad things to whom!

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