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“But if Mrs.

Gu found out that a man had entered, someone would definitely have gone in to save her as long as she shouted.

However, its been so long and we havent heard her shout.

Could it be…”

“A man and a woman were in the same room for so long.

If Mrs.

Gu was unwilling, she couldve just pressed the button to call the police and someone would immediately come to save her.

Could it be that she was willing”

Everyone gathered at the door and knocked.

No one answered.

“Could it be that Mrs.

Gu and Lu Kang are… How disgusting!”

“Open the door! If you dont open the door now, well barge in! Youre actually doing such a thing at the perfume exchange.

You didnt care about the Lu family and President Gus reputation at all! How embarrassing!”

The voices became more and more noisy.

A few women muttered softly, “Mrs.

Gu is such a restless woman.

I heard that she was the one who took the initiative to seduce Lu Kang!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door suddenly opened and a handsome and cold face appeared in front of everyone.

His eyes were filled with killing intent as he said in a low voice, “Song Shijing.”

Song Shijing appeared immediately and answered respectfully.

“You heard who slandered Mrs.

Gu just now.

From today onward, Gu Corporation will cut off all ties with these people!” Gu Zheng instructed.

No one expected that the person in the lounge would be Gu Zheng.

They were instantly dumbfounded.

After a long time, someone shouted unwillingly, “President Gu, were all just telling the truth.

Isnt it too unfair for us if you cut ties with us because of this”

When one person complained, the others also spoke up one after another.

“Yes, we all heard that Qiao Xi left a note for Lu Kang and seduced him, asking him to meet her in Room 109.”

“President Gu, were defending you! Youre so good to Mrs.

Gu, but she got together with another man behind your back.

Shes not worthy to be your wife at all.”

“You must be here to look for Mrs.

Gu as well.

You mustve already discovered their adulterous relationship.

Since thats the case, why hide it for her If you forgive her this time, shell go even further in the future.

She wont care about your reputation at all.

In my opinion, you should just harden your heart and divorce her.

At that time, you can choose any socialite in Li City.”

Gu Zheng glanced indifferently at the woman who spoke.

The woman instantly blushed shyly.

“President Gu, you… Dont look at me like that.”

The man glanced at her coldly and retracted his gaze.

“I just want to see whos so shameless to interfere in my family matters.”

The entire corridor was instantly silent, and the atmosphere was extremely awkward.

Just as everyone was silent, a mans roar came from the lounge.

“Ah… No!”

Everyone present immediately looked disdainful.

“President Gu, shes too arrogant.

Shes so shameless in front of everyone and is even having an affair with another man in the room.

Are you still going to tolerate her”

When Gu Zheng heard Lu Kangs shout, he was not angry at all.

Instead, he smiled.

These women were indignant in their hearts because Gu Zheng was the Prince Charming in the hearts of all the socialites in Li City.

All the young women wanted to marry him, but he just had to marry Qiao Xi!

“Are you so curious about what my wife is doing in the room” Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Alright, well bring you there.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What was going on President Gu was being cuckolded, but he was not angry at all.

He even wanted to bring them in to take a look

Seeing that Gu Zheng had agreed to let them in, a few socialites could not wait to rush in.

Lu Yan also followed everyone in.

“Lu Yan.” Gu Zhengs voice turned cold.

Lu Yan raised his head and met Gu Zhengs eyes.

His body instantly trembled as he had a bad feeling.

Gu Zheng said slowly, “No matter who schemed against Qiao Xi today, your Lu family has to pay the price.”

At this moment, everyone had already rushed into the lounge.

As soon as they entered, they went straight to the bed, but there was no one there.

Immediately after, they heard a mans roar, but this sound did not sound right!

Why was he screaming so miserably

Hearing that someone had barged in, Lu Kangs blood-red eyes lit up with hope.

He immediately moved outside and said in a hoarse voice, “Save… Save me!”

Everyone abruptly looked up and realized that Lu Kang was tied to a chair.

His cheek was red and swollen, and blood was flowing down his chin.

His clothes were also cut, revealing a blood-red wound.

Lu Kang could no longer care about his image.

Tears and snot flowed down his face as he opened his mouth and shouted, “Save me!”

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