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Madam Tang suppressed her anger and smiled with difficulty.

“Madam Carter, it turns out that the person youre looking for is Miss Qiao! We misunderstood.

Im really sorry, but its also because Miss Qiao didnt explain herself, so Ruge…”

These words meant that all the responsibility was on Qiao Xi.

It was Qiao Xi who deliberately schemed against Tang Ruge.

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth twitched, and her expression was indifferent yet filled with disdain.

“Miss Tang, I didnt know that Madam Carter was coming to look for me at all.”

Tang Ruge hurriedly said, “Xi Xi, I really dont blame you.

Actually, it doesnt matter whether you knew or not.

Its already happened.”

Qiao Xis eyes were icy-cold as she sneered.

“If I remember correctly, it was Miss Tang Lingyun who told everyone that Madam Carter was here to look for you.

It was also your Tang family who spread the news later.

This matter had nothing to do with me from the beginning until the end.

Now that youve lost your dignity in public, isnt it a little unreasonable for your mother to blame this on me”

The exhibition hall was silent.

Everyone knew in their hearts that the Tang family just wanted to find a way out.

However, the weak Qiao Xi was unwilling to suffer any losses and dared to retort Madam Tang on the spot.

Carter glanced at the Tang family unhappily and said, “Miss Qiao isnt to blame for this.

I decided to come at the last minute.

She didnt know about it.”

If everyone had doubts just now, who would doubt Qiao Xi now that Madam Carter had personally stepped forward to explain

Everyone would only think that Tang Ruge was too confident.

When she heard that Madam Carter was here to look for a female painter in her 20s, she thought that it was her.

In the end, she made a big mistake.

Tang Lingyun was unwilling to give up.

“But my sister is also a female painter in her 20s.

Its not strange that she made a mistake.”

“Everyone knows that Im very picky.

Miss Tang, do you think Id grow fond of just anyone” Carter had always been gentle, but she did not have to be considerate toward someone like the Tang family.

Tang Ruge gasped when she heard this, and her expression was extremely ugly.

Madam Tang, who was at the side, also suppressed the anger in her heart.

Her daughter was the top socialite in the capital, but she was humiliated in public.

What right did Qiao Xi have to be so arrogant Wasnt she just a wild girl who relied on plagiarism to gain a foothold Now that Madam Carter and Han Yins loyal fan, Jin Yan, were here, would they still show Qiao Xi any respect if they knew that someone had plagiarized Han Yin

At that time, no matter how much Madam Carter liked Qiao Xi, she could not offend Han Yin for a newbie! She could not offend the loyal fans behind Han Yin either.

Madam Tang suppressed her anger.

When she looked up again, she had already put on a faint smile.

“I heard that Miss Qiao is also participating in the art exhibition.

I wonder which painting it is Since your painting was praised by Senior Cui Xian, it must be very good.

Perhaps Ruge can learn more from you.”

When everyone heard Madam Tang say this, they were extremely curious about what Qiao Xis painting looked like.

Madam Carter had already seen through Madam Tangs thoughts.

In that case, she would bring them to see Han Yins paintings so that they could give up.

The person in charge invited Madam Carter to another exhibition hall while the others followed behind.

“Qiao Xi,” Tang Ruge suddenly said.

Qiao Xis expression was indifferent as she continued walking forward without stopping in the slightest.

Tang Ruge gritted her teeth.

She kept reminding herself that she was a socialite and could not be angry, but when she thought about how Qiao Xi had taken everything that belonged to her and even embarrassed her in public, she could not control her anger.

“Youre deliberately making me look bad! How can you do this to me”

Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes and asked in surprise, “Why would you think that, Miss Tang”

“You knew that Madam Carter was here to look for you, but you…”

“Miss Tang, Ive already explained it.

I didnt know that Madam Carter was coming.

Moreover, your Tang family mistakenly thought that Madam Carter was here to look for you.

I wasnt the one who said it.

How can you blame me” Qiao Xi said casually, and the corners of her mouth curled into a mocking smile.

“One has to know ones own limits.

With your strength, youre not worthy of becoming Madam Carters apprentice.”

With that, Qiao Xi walked past Tang Ruge and left.

Tang Ruges expression suddenly stiffened as she stared fixedly at Qiao Xi with resentment.

Ah!!! What right did she have to be so arrogant!

At this moment, everyone had already arrived at another exhibition hall.

The originally spacious exhibition hall instantly became crowded.

Everyone looked at one of the paintings.

It was Qiao Xis painting.

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