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Tang Ruges eyes were red.

She bit her lip and looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated.

Seeing this, Madam Tang explained, “Young Master Jin, in the beginning, Mr.

Qi Zhong thought that Miss Qiao Xi was talented and wanted to take her in as his apprentice, but Miss Qiao rejected him.

Ruge and Miss Qiao are friends, so she tried to persuade her.


Madam Tang looked helpless.

“Who knew that Miss Qiao would be angry She even said that Mr.

Qi Zhong was not worthy to be her master.


Qi was an elder, after all, so he lectured her in public.

Miss Qiao then complained about him to his master, Senior Cui Xian.

Senior Cui Xian didnt know the truth and thought that Mr.

Qi Zhong was bullying a junior.

In a fit of anger, he expelled Mr.

Qi Zhong.

Our Ruge just wanted to acknowledge Mr.

Qi Zhong as her master, but now… Sigh!”

“Such a thing actually happened!” Jin Yans face was filled with anger.

He had always respected the seniors in the painting world, and he could not stand when the younger generation did not respect the elders.

At this moment, he asked indignantly, “Wheres that Qiao Xi”

“Brother Jin Yan, forget it.

Dont worry about this matter.

Shes talented, so its normal for her to be a little arrogant.” Tang Ruge quickly stopped him, but her words were undoubtedly like fuel that added to the fire.

As expected, Jin Yan was even angrier when he heard this.

“Can she do whatever she wants just because shes talented She should be glad that shes talented and ask for guidance humbly instead of contradicting her elders.

Besides, no matter how talented she is, can she be more powerful than you Youve only been learning oil painting for half a month, yet youre already so skilled.

Youre not even arrogant!”

Tang Ruge smiled in embarrassment.

“How can I compare to Xi Xi”

“Why arent you worthy Youve always been humble, but you cant belittle yourself! You treat her as a friend and tried to persuade her out of goodwill.

Its fine if she doesnt accept it, but she actually complained to Senior Cui Xian.


At this moment, Tang Ruge saw the slim woman walking over not far away and gasped.

“Brother Jin Yan!”

Jin Yan frowned.

“Dont be afraid.

Im going to stand up for you today to seek justice for you! What right does she have to do this to you What did you do wrong that you had to be implicated”

“What did I do to Miss Tang” Qiao Xi walked over leisurely with a faint smile on the corners of her mouth.

Her cold gaze landed on Jin Yan, and she casually glanced at him before looking away with disdain.

Jin Yan suddenly felt that the woman in front of him looked very familiar as if he had seen her somewhere before.

However, before he could figure it out, Madam Tang said coldly, “Miss Qiao, youre indeed very talented, but why did you do that to Ruge She acted that way for your own good.

She was trying her best to persuade you to apologize to Mr.

Qi Zhong.

Not only are you ungrateful, but youre also blaming her!”

The surroundings were deathly silent.

Everyone did not expect that Qiao Xi would actually dare to appear.

Wasnt she afraid of getting attacked by everyones criticism

“Why should I accept Miss Tangs kind intentions Who is she to me” Qiao Xi asked casually.

Tang Ruge bit her lip and lowered her head.

Jin Yan, who was at the side, was indignant.

“Miss Qiao, talent isnt meant to be wasted.

Since youre talented, you should find a master to teach you well instead of doing nothing like now.

Ruge treats you as a friend and wants you to learn with her.

Even if you cant accept her goodwill, you dont have to say harsh words to her, right!”

Qiao Xis eyes were calm, and she couldnt help but sneer after a short moment of silence.

At this moment, there were more and more people in the exhibition hall.

Many people had also seen what happened yesterday and knew Miss Qiaos identity.

She did not need a master at all.

Even Senior Cui Xian treated her as his master.

Who was qualified to be her master

The person in charge reminded him awkwardly, “Young Master Jin, actually, Miss Qiao… doesnt need a master at all.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Tang Ruges expression changed drastically.

The person in charge hurriedly explained, “Yesterday, Senior Cui Xian wanted to acknowledge Miss Qiao Xi as his master in public, so its understandable that Miss Qiao rejected Mr.

Qi Zhong.”

Jin Yans expression froze.

What Cui Xian wanted to acknowledge Qiao Xi as his master A 100-year-old man wanted to acknowledge a young woman in her 20s as his master

After a long silence, Jin Yans tone softened a little.

“Even if youre very talented and Senior Cui Xian respects you very much, Ruge did nothing wrong.

She didnt know that youre so good at painting.

She just wanted to suggest that you learn from Mr.

Qi Zhong.

Is there anything wrong with that”

Qiao Xi was instantly speechless.

Tang Ruge had brought over another helper.

She was really capable.

There were always people who would risk their lives for her.

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