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Shen Yus eyes suddenly turned cold.

He knew that Gu Zheng was not a good person, and he also knew that the people Gu Zheng secretly dealt with deserved to die.

However, it was hard to guarantee that such a vicious man would not attack Little Six in the future.

However, judging from Little Sixs appearance, the couple was still very loving.

Moreover, Little Six seemed to know what Gu Zheng had done but just did not care.

Qiao Xi knew that her two brothers were coming and had already instructed the kitchen to prepare a feast.

However, she was still worried and personally went to the kitchen to keep an eye on them.

At this moment, only Gu Zheng and the other two were left in the huge living room.

The temperature in the air suddenly dropped.

When Luo Qing saw Qiao Xi leave, he did not beat about the bush and went straight to the point.

“President Gu, you smell like blood.”

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent as he said slowly, “Young Master Luo, you have a sharp nose.

Ive indeed just dealt with a disobedient person.”

Luo Qing leaned against the sofa and glanced around the living room.

The corners of his mouth twitched.

“I didnt expect there to be a cold dungeon under such a luxurious mansion.”

Gu Zheng did not comment.

Luo Qings dark eyes suddenly turned cold, and his voice became low.

“Little Six has always liked to pretend to be weak.

I didnt expect you to be the one who knows how to hide.

Does Little Six already know your true identity”

Gu Zheng had not told Little Six directly that he was Han Ye and just wanted to tease her.

This was the fun between the couple.

It was not appropriate for the two brothers to interfere, but it was not a small matter that Longwan Residential had a dungeon.

Little Six had the right to know since she was staying here.

If Gu Zheng did not tell Little Six, it meant that he was not being honest with her.

How could they be at ease handing Little Six to such a man

Unexpectedly, Gu Zheng smiled indifferently and raised an eyebrow.

“Why Didnt Xi Xi tell you”

Luo Qing and Shen Yu frowned, their eyes cold.

The next second, Gu Zheng chuckled and said, “Xi Xi already knows about it.

Shes been there too, and she doesnt care about this.”

Shen Yu abruptly looked up, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Even Luo Qing, who was at the side, could not help but be surprised.

No man would dare to tell their partner about such a thing.

However, not only did Gu Zheng tell Qiao Xi, he even brought her to the dungeon of Longwan Residential.

Needless to say, that place was definitely cold and damp.

It was most likely filled with the smell of blood too.

Ordinary women would turn pale with fright if they saw it.

They had lived with Little Six for more than ten years.

They knew that she was different from other women and would not be afraid, but how could Gu Zheng be sure that Little Six would not be afraid If she was afraid and distanced herself from Gu Zheng, what would he do

Gu Zheng took a sip of tea.

“Youre Xi Xis brothers.

You grew up together, so you know her and care about her.

But dont forget that Ive known her for ten years.

I was her senior in the past, and Im her husband now.

I care about her as much as you do.

I love her more than my own life.”

The air was silent for a few seconds.

Shen Yu chuckled.

“Second Brother, I suddenly feel that our worries are unnecessary.”

Luo Qing frowned.

“Dont call me that.”

Actually, the two of them had only come here to make Gu Zheng give them his promise, but now, they realized that they were thinking too much.

Promises were useless.

If Gu Zheng was sincere to Qiao Xi, he would do his best to protect Xi Xi even if he did not make any promises.

Now, it seemed that Gu Zheng did… love Xi Xi very much.

“President Gu, I have another question,” Shen Yu asked hesitantly.

Gu Zheng secretly held his forehead.

These two people were still worried as if they were afraid that he would hurt Xi Xi.

He would rather be injured than let Xi Xi get hurt at all.

“Please go ahead, Mr.


Shen Yus expression was subtle, then he asked tentatively, “Um… You dont really think that Little Six… is gentle and obedient, do you”

The huge living room was silent.

After a moment of silence, Gu Zheng suddenly laughed.

The corners of his mouth were full of smiles, and his eyes were gentle like water.

“Whether shes gentle or not, shes the woman I love the most.”

Shen Yu understood that it did not matter to Gu Zheng whether Little Six was gentle or not.

He did not need so many reasons to like someone.

However, he also understood one thing.

Gu Zheng also knew that Little Six was not a gentle and obedient girl.

It seemed that Little Sixs gentle image had collapsed!

Half an hour later, the food was ready.

Qiao Xi specially opened a bottle of wine.

Everyone sat down.

Shen Yu smiled meaningfully.

“Little Six, President Gu said that hell bring you to see Han Ye tomorrow!”

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