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“Tang Ruge shot herself in the foot.

I originally didnt want to bicker with her, but she just had to go against me.

Great, now the entire Li City treats her as a joke!” Qiao Xi said disdainfully.

“She knows that youre Han Yin” Shen Yu asked.

Qiao Xi replied confidently, “I havent even exposed my identity yet.

Theyve only seen one of my paintings, yet theyre already stunned!”

“You werent interested in oil paintings before.

Why did you suddenly participate in an art exhibition” Shen Yu continued to ask.

After Shen Yus reminder, Qiao Xi instantly frowned and said pitifully, “I went to the art exhibition to see Senior Han Ye.


“” Shen Yus jaw dropped.

A trace of surprise flashed through Luo Qings eyes.

The two of them looked at each other.

Shen Yu was a Best Actor, after all.

He quickly calmed down and asked tentatively, “Little Six, are you sure youve never seen Han Ye”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Zheng walked down the stairs and happened to hear his words.

He could not help but smile.

Gu Zheng had just walked down the stairs when Luo Qing suddenly frowned.

He could clearly smell the strong smell of blood on Gu Zhengs body.

Although he had already taken a shower, Luo Qing was too sensitive to the smell of blood and could still smell it.

Luo Qing did not expose him and took a sip of tea.

Shen Yu, who was at the side, looked at Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng in surprise.

He moved his gaze back and forth between them before coming to a sudden realization.

It turned out that Gu Zheng had never told Little Six that he was Han Ye.

Little Six was still foolishly looking for Han Ye!

Shen Yu smiled.

As Little Sixs eldest brother, how could he watch her be deceived

Hence, Shen Yu asked meaningfully, “President Gu, I heard that you went to visit the oil painting exhibition.

How was it”

Gu Zheng understood what Shen Yu meant, but his expression did not change as he replied, “It was alright.”

“President Gu, havent you seen Han Ye Han Ye is Grandpas favorite painter.

Little Six also admires him very much.

She went to the art exhibition this time to see him!” Shen Yu continued.

Qiao Xi immediately looked at Gu Zheng, only to hear him say casually, “Yes, Xi Xi has been looking for Han Ye for a long time, but she hasnt seen him.

Lu Yan has also been looking for Han Ye.

He wants to use Han Yes work as the packaging for his new perfumes.

Now that he hasnt seen Han Ye, he thinks that Han Ye has already passed away.

I reckon his perfumes can be released as scheduled.”

Shen Yu looked up and met Gu Zhengs eyes.

Actually, he already knew that Gu Zheng had started setting up the Lu family three years ago.

It was time to put his plan into motion now.

Actually, Shen Yu felt that Gu Zhengs hint was already very obvious.

After all, Senior Han Ye had no grudges with the Lu family.

Why would he set up a trap for the Lu family since three years ago Only Gu Zheng had a grudge with the Lu family.

Moreover, he was the only one who was capable of scheming for three years.

Gu Zheng had already made it so clear, but Little Six still did not understand.

Had her IQ dropped

Shen Yu shook his head helplessly and reminded, “President Gu, our Little Six has a bad temper and is a little stupid.

Please forgive her!”

Qiao Xi: “”Are you still my eldest brother How can you say that about your younger sister

Unexpectedly, Gu Zheng looked at Qiao Xi with a doting expression and said gently, “Xi Xi has a very good temper! Shes gentle, obedient, and smart.

Ill treat her well!”

Shen Yu almost spat out the tea in his mouth.

His expression was subtle.

“Haha… As long as you think shes good.

Actually… Sigh! Forget it, we all understand.”

Gu Zheng sat beside Qiao Xi.

Shen Yu also smelled the blood on Gu Zhengs body and could not help but look at Luo Qing.

As the pavilion master of Ling Pavilion, it was not strange for Luo Qing to smell blood.

If Shen Yu could smell it too, it meant that before they came, Gu Zhengs body had just been stained with the smell of blood and he had bathed before coming downstairs.

Since the two of them could smell it, how could Little Six not

Qiao Xi leaned against Gu Zhengs ear and lowered her voice.

“My eldest and second brothers suddenly came to visit because they wanted to see if Im doing well.

You have to perform well and not disappoint me.”

Gu Zhengs eyes were filled with smiles as he nodded obediently.

This time, Shen Yu and Luo Qing were even more shocked.

The two of them were almost hugging each other.

Could it be that Little Six still could not smell the blood on his body

Luo Qing looked at their intimate actions and seemed to understand something.

It was not that Little Six could not smell it, but she did not care.

Perhaps she was already used to it.

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