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Gu Zheng looked at Qiao Xi with a burning gaze and asked softly, “You want to see him so badly”

Qiao Xi hurriedly nodded.

The main reason she agreed to attend the art exhibition was because of Han Ye.

She wanted to see what her idol looked like.

Gu Zhengs lips curled up slightly as he said with a smile, “Maybe youve already seen him, but you just dont know that hes Han Ye.”

Qiao Xi pondered for a moment.

Had she seen Han Ye She had seen many people just now, but none of them looked like Han Ye.


Gu, think about it carefully.

Theres someones painting—”

Before Gu Zheng could finish speaking, a gentle male voice suddenly sounded.

“Miss Qiao, we meet again.”

Qiao Xi did not even need to turn around to know who it was.

When she turned around, she indeed met Lu Yans cold but smiling eyes.

What was wrong with this person! She was about to find out who Han Ye was from Gu Zhengs mouth, but he came over to interrupt her!

Lu Yan did not seem to notice the disgust in Qiao Xis eyes.

He slowly walked over and casually said, “President Gu and Xi Xi, are you here to visit the art exhibition as well”

Qiao Xi really hated people who came over looking for trouble.

She clearly didnt want to care about these people, but they just had to come over and cause trouble!

Looking at Lu Yans gaze, Qiao Xi suddenly remembered the purpose of her trip here.

It was to confirm if Han Ye was still alive.

With Lu Yans personality, he would definitely repeatedly confirm Han Yes news before selling Lu Corporations new perfume.

Moreover, Lu Corporation had previously poached a few of Gu Corporations perfumers.

In Lu Yans opinion, Gu Zheng came here for Han Ye and to cause trouble for the Lu family.

Therefore, he would definitely keep a close eye on Gu Zheng and see if he could obtain any reliable information from him.

Qiao Xi snorted coldly.

“What does it have to do with you why were here”

Lu Yan seemed to understand something.

Facing Qiao Xis rudeness, he was not angry.

Instead, he smiled.

“Xi Xi, have you seen the person you want to see”

Qiao Xis expression instantly froze, then she pretended to be angry.

“It has nothing to do with you!”

Her appearance made Lu Yan even more certain that Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi were also here to look for Han Ye.

They hoped that Han Ye was still alive.

This way, Lu Corporations perfume would not be able to be listed on the market.

Unfortunately, they did not see Han Ye.

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes.

“Looks like you didnt get to see that person.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Xi was instantly furious.

She roared in exasperation, “What nonsense are you spouting! Is there something wrong with you! Gu Zheng, lets go!”

Gu Zheng nodded and did not even bother to look at Lu Yan.

He held Qiao Xis hand and left.

As he watched the two of them leave, Lu Yan smiled smugly and said to his assistant, “I tested Qiao Xi just now.

From her performance, she hasnt seen Han Ye.

She didnt even find out anything about him.

It seems that its indeed as the investigation results say.

Han Ye should be no longer alive.”

The assistant came to a realization.


Gu wanted you to mistake them for having seen Han Ye.

This way, the companys perfume wont be able to be listed.

Its a considerable loss to the Lu family, but the fact is that Han Ye didnt appear.

This is good news for us.”

Lu Yan smiled.

From the moment Qiao Xi turned around, he had been staring into her eyes.

At every question he asked, Qiao Xis eyes were filled with surprise and panic.

It was a guilty conscience that she did not want others to notice.

“Thank you, Mrs.


Youve helped me settle my concern.”

At this moment, the two of them left the house.

Gu Zheng looked at her with a smile.


Gu, you acted well just now.

I was almost deceived by you.”

Qiao Xi blinked.

“If I didnt do that, how could Lu Yan put the perfume on the market in peace When he saw the panic and uneasiness in my eyes, hed definitely think that I didnt see Han Ye.

In addition, when I looked around and said something else, he was even more certain.”

From the moment she saw Lu Yan, Qiao Xi had already begun to lead him into a trap.

After he returned, he would definitely put the perfume on the market as soon as possible and not give Gu Zheng a chance to interfere.

Song Shiyu listened to their conversation and sighed inwardly.

Young Madam was so scheming! That idiot Lu Yan was not Young Madams match at all!

“But I have a question.” Qiao Xi suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked up at the man beside her.

“Although Lu Yan wants to use this new perfume to make a comeback, how can you be sure that hell definitely use Han Yes paintings”

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