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“I heard that Tang Ruge is very talented.

Its a pity that her character is so bad despite her talent!”

“The Tang family is a scholarly family.

Didnt they teach her how to behave”

“That Miss Qiao painted works that even Senior Fu and Senior Cui praised.

The two old seniors are still fighting to be her disciple, while Tang Ruge is only Qi Zhongs disciple.

What right does she have to mock MIss Qiao”

“How dare Tang Ruge call herself a socialite from the capital She even invited her family to visit For the Tang family to raise such a daughter, she must not be a good person! Moreover, Madam Tang insisted on visiting Senior Cui just now.

What right do they have to visit her”

Everyone kept mocking her.

Madam Tangs expression was extremely ugly, and the Tang family also lowered their heads.

No one dared to refute, afraid that they would tarnish the Tang familys reputation further.

As the mistress of the Tang family, Madam Tang had always been calm and composed.

Her image represented the entire Tang family.

She could not refute and only quietly listened to everyones accusations.

When everyone was done, Madam Tang said apologetically, “Im really sorry, everyone.

I apologize for Ruge.

I didnt expect her to be so rude and offend a senior.


Charlie, dont worry.

Ill bring Ruge to apologize to that senior!

“Ruge, youre so insensible.

Hurry up and follow me!”

Everyone from the Tang family looked embarrassed.

They originally came to see the eldest miss of the Tang familys glorious scene.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they arrived, they heard that Tang Ruge had offended a senior in the oil painting world and even caused Senior Cui to sever ties with Qi Zhong.

After what Tang Ruge had done today, it was impossible for her to gain a foothold in the painting world in the future.

Moreover, she would tarnish the Tang familys image and implicate everyone in the Tang family.

Madam Tang held Tang Ruges hand and reprimanded her sternly, “Ruge! Whats wrong with you today Youre usually so obedient.

Why did you offend a senior today Whos that senior Hurry up and apologize!”

Tang Ruges lip was almost bitten till it bled as she said in a trembling voice, “Its Qiao Xi.”

There was silence.

Madam Tang even thought she was hallucinating.

She said in disbelief, “Say that again.

Who is it”

“Its Qiao Xi!” Tang Ruge cried aggrievedly.

“Mom, I didnt do it on purpose.

I didnt know that Qiao Xi knew how to paint.

She even told me before that she didnt have a single complete painting, but now, shes attending the art exhibition with a perfect painting! I was afraid that she would offend Master and it would make it difficult for her to gain a foothold in the oil painting world, so I persuaded her to apologize to Master and ask Master to forgive her and take her in as his disciple.

But she actually embarrassed me in public and…”

Madam Tang finally reacted.

That Qiao Xi…

Impossible! How could she paint And she had someone like Senior Cui take a fancy to her

Tang Ruge looked around at the mocking stares and pointed fingers.

She was close to breaking down.

She didnt know what to do.

She felt as if her life had been ruined.

Not only that, but she also had to apologize to Qiao Xi.

Otherwise, she would be hated by everyone.

“Wait!” Madam Tang looked at the painting hanging on the wall and couldnt help but frown.

“Ruge, is that Qiao Xis painting”

Tang Ruge slowly raised her eyes and looked at the mocking and disdainful gazes of the Tang family.

Her heart ached, and an unbearable feeling of shame filled her heart.

She wanted to roar and make everyone shut up and forget what had happened today.

However, as a socialite from the capital, she had to maintain a gentle image at all times.

Faced with everyones disdainful gazes, she could only smile and answer with difficulty, “Yes.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Madam Tang narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Ruge, you dont have to apologize.”

Tang Ruge looked up at her mother in surprise.

Madam Tangs eyes were filled with certainty.

Then, she pulled Tang Ruge to a corner and took a photo of the painting.

“What right do you have to apologize to Qiao Xi She should be the one apologizing!”

At this moment, Qiao Xi and Cui Xian had already come out of the studio and saw Gu Zheng.

She hurriedly ran over.

“Senior, can you help me ask when Han Ye will be coming”

Gu Zheng leaned lazily against the wall.

He looked gentle and refined in a light-colored suit, but his eyes were extremely deep and gave off a cold aura that kept people away.

It was tempting, but it also made people afraid to approach him.

This man had a natural charm that attracted the opposite sex.

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