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Li Xinger couldnt be bothered to argue with Tang Ruge and left with Gu Yao and Qiao Xi.

After learning that Tang Ruges painting was going to be exhibited at the International Painting Exhibition, all the Tang familys relatives and friends came to observe.

As soon as they entered, they heard the news that Cui Xian had become a disciple.

Madam Tang asked in confusion, “Ruge, I heard that Qi Zhongs teacher is here too.

When you see that senior later, you must perform well and leave a good impression on him.”

Tang Ruges face darkened.

Madam Tang had always been gentle.

Seeing that Tang Ruge was silent, she asked softly, “Ruge, why arent you saying anything Do you remember what I said”

Tang Ruge bit her lip and stared at everyone.

Was it not enough for outsiders to see her embarrassed Now that the Tang family was here to join in the fun, how could she raise her head in the future

The person in charge looked at Madam Tang and came forward to greet her.

“Madam Tang.”

Madam Tang smiled warmly.

“Hello, Mr.


Ruge kept a low profile and didnt tell her family when she attended the exhibition.

We only came to take a look because we heard about it from others.”

The person-in-charge turned around and saw the Tang family.

He wanted to save Tang Ruge some face, so he said calmly, “Madam Tang, follow me.

Ill show you around.”


Charlie,” Madam Tang said with a smile, “Do you know whos Senior Cui Xian Although Ruge is young, shes already Senior Cuis grand-disciple.

Since they share this relationship, I have to bring Ruge to meet him.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the surroundings fell silent.

The man in charge frowned.

“I dont think… thats necessary.”

Madam Tang was a little puzzled.

“But it would be against the rules if we dont greet him.”

“Mom! Stop it!” Tang Ruge interrupted hurriedly.

“Ruge, youre too shy.

Senior Cui is your grandmaster, so you have to pay him a visit.” Madam Tang persuaded gently.

She had always wanted to nurture Tang Ruge into the number one socialite in the capital.

Although her daughter was not as beautiful as Qiao Xi, her talent was far superior to Qiao Xis.

Now that she had become Qi Zhongs disciple and Cui Xians grand-disciple, it was only a matter of time before she became the number one socialite in the capital.

If she did not make use of this art exhibition to make a name for herself, it would seem too deliberate if she wanted to use this identity in the future.

Madam Tang did not notice that something was wrong with Tang Ruge.

She continued gently, “Mr.

Charlie, can you tell me where Senior Cui is I want to bring Ruge—”

“Madam Tang.” The person in charge interrupted with a subtle expression, “Senior Cui is admiring paintings with Senior Fu and doesnt want anyone to disturb him.

Its better if you dont go.”

Madam Tangs expression suddenly stiffened.

What the person in charge said made sense, but she really did not want to let go of this opportunity.

“And dont worry, Miss Tang has already met Senior Cui.

You dont have to greet him anymore.

Miss Tang, what do you think” The person in charges mocking gaze landed on Tang Ruge.

Tang Ruges breathing stopped, and her expression gradually became ferocious.

Madam Tang seemed to realize that something was wrong, but it was too late.

The person in charge originally wanted to save Tang Ruge some face, but since Madam Tang insisted on seeing Senior Cui, he decided to tell the truth.

“Miss Tang probably hasnt had the time to tell you that she and Mr.

Qi Zhong have offended an artist.

That artist is Senior Cuis master.

Therefore, Senior Cui has already publicly announced that he has severed his master-disciple relationship with Mr.

Qi Zhong.

Hence, Miss Tang is no longer Senior Cuis grand-disciple.”

When he said this, the Tang family members looked embarrassed, and the others also had subtle expressions.

The person in charge continued, “Miss Tang publicly asked that artist to apologize to Mr.

Qi Zhong and even mocked her for not knowing how to appreciate favors.

In the end, even Senior Cui was ashamed of the work she took out.

Unfortunately, Madam Tang, you arrived a little late and didnt see that exciting scene.”

Madam Tang and everyone in the Tang family looked at Tang Ruge.

Tang Ruge trembled, and her face turned red and white as if she was about to suffocate.

As the eldest daughter of the Tang family and a socialite in the capital, when had she ever been looked down on and mocked by everyone

However, she could not refute because what the person in charge said was true.

Madam Tangs gentle face suddenly stiffened as she looked at her daughter in disbelief.


Tang Ruge trembled and took a deep breath, but the mocking voices still lingered.

“Is she the only socialite in the capital Are the standards of socialites so low now”

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