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Qi Zhongs heart trembled.

He had a bad feeling.

The next second, Cui Xian said word by word, “Since Master doesnt like Qi Zhong, I officially announce that Ill cut off all ties with him from now on!”

“No!” Qi Zhong screamed in despair.

All these years, the reason why he could establish himself in the oil painting world was that his master was Cui Xian.

Hence, no matter where he went, everyone had to show him some respect.

Cui Xian did not like to take in apprentices and only liked to focus on painting.

Back then, it was because Cui Xian owed his family a favor and his parents begged him that Cui Xian agreed to take him in as an apprentice.

Moreover, he was Cui Xians only apprentice, so he soon became a master in oil painting.

If Cui Xian severed ties with him, his status would plummet.

It was very likely that he would disappear from the oil painting world.

After all, everyone would kick a man who was down.

It was all because of Qiao Xi! This b*tch!

“Master! No! Ive been with you for so many years, yet youre abandoning me for this woman” Qi Zhongs body went weak as he fell to the floor and cried bitterly.

Cui Xians face was indifferent.

“Qi Zhong, I told you a long time ago that as an artist, although painting skills are important, you cant lose your conscience.

Youve violated my taboo several times.

Even if it werent for this matter, I would have still cut off all ties with you!”

Qi Zhongs body trembled.

He knew what the taboo his teacher was talking about was.

Previously, he had taken a liking to a genius painter and wanted to take that person in as his apprentice.

Unexpectedly, that person was unwilling and even caused a scene in front of his master.

At that time, his teacher was very dissatisfied with him and warned him that if this happened again, he would cut ties with him.

He thought that his master was just saying that back then.

After all, he was his masters only apprentice.

Moreover, the two of them had shared a master and apprentice relationship for so many years.

On the account of his parents, he thought that his master would definitely not expel him.

But now…

Qi Zhong knew very well that once news of his actions got out, he would no longer have a place in the oil painting world.

He would be hated by everyone and would not even have the right to attend even the most ordinary art exhibitions.

He opened his mouth and wanted to beg, but Cui Xian did not give him a chance at all.

He directly looked at Qiao Xi.

“Master, please agree to take me in as your apprentice! I really want to learn from you! Dont hold my age against me.

As long as I make up my mind to do something, Ill definitely accomplish it!”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth twitched slightly when she heard the white-haired old man call herMaster.

“Senior Cui, dont call me that.”

How could she be worthy of calling himMaster

“Lass, Old Fu and I ran out of inspiration 20 years ago.

We only hope to have an outstanding painter guide us.

If you think the titleMaster is inappropriate, then you can be our instructor.

As long as you agree to help us, well agree to anything!”

Cui Xian continued, “As long as you come over to guide us when youre free and discuss art with us, well be satisfied.

Dont worry, we definitely wont take up too much of your time!”

The two seniors had sincere expressions as they looked at Qiao Xi with anticipation, while Qi Zhong watched this scene with bloodshot eyes.

He gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter.

“Hey! Mr.

Qi, you havent left yet” Li Xinger glanced at Qi Zhong, then her gaze landed on Tang Ruge.

“Miss Tang, you spent so much effort to get a master, but in just a few days, you and Qi Zhong were expelled! How unlucky!”

Tang Ruge clenched her fists tightly and suppressed the anger in her heart.

“Miss Li, my matter has nothing to do with you!”

“Oh! Youre angry Im telling the truth! Its better than slandering others in public, right You mocked Xi Xi just now but you ended up getting slapped in the face.

Eldest Miss Tang, you actually looked down on Mr.

Cuis master.

If news of this gets out, will you still have the cheek to stay in this industry”

“Li Xinger!” Tang Ruge finally could not help but roar.

Her breathing gradually quickened.

“What does the matter between Master and Xi Xi have to do with me Why must you target me”

Li Xinger had a look of disdain on her face.

She had never seen someone as shameless as Tang Ruge.

She had just fanned the flames beside Qi Zhong earlier, but now that she had been slapped in the face, she said that it had nothing to do with her.

She could not be bothered with Tang Ruge.

The wicked would be punished by the heavens anyway.

Tang Ruge would pay the price for her actions sooner or later.

Today was just the start of it all.

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