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Qiao Xi said with a serious expression, “Youre right.

An outstanding painter like Han Ye will definitely live to a hundred years old.

How could he have fallen sick! Moreover, the paintings he left behind are too few.

He wont die so early!”

Gu Zhengs expression was indescribable.

In the end, he smiled helplessly.


Gu, youre so cute.”

Qiao Xi met Gu Zhengs affectionate gaze and blushed shyly.

Gu Zheng was becoming more and more eloquent.

Just a few words from him could make her blush and her heart beat faster.

She was becoming more and more infatuated with this man.

The room was silent for a moment.

Qiao Xi curiously looked at the table and said in surprise, “Why is Lu Corporations proposal with you”

Previously, the Lu family was the target of Gu Zhengs scheme and they ended up bidding for that plot of land at a high price.

They lost billions of yuan.

Lu Corporation, which was already in a difficult state, was facing even more trouble.

If this continued, they would face the risk of bankruptcy.

However, how did Lu Corporations proposal plan end up in Gu Zhengs hands

Gu Zheng handed the proposal in his hand to Qiao Xi.

She glanced at it.

“Lu Corporation is going to launch a perfume this quarter to save the Lu familys situation”

Perfume was an indispensable item for women.

New perfumes were even more sought after by everyone.

If the sales volume was high, they could use this to make a name for themselves and even earn back a sum of money.

However, Lu Corporations perfumes had always been very ordinary.

Why did Lu Yan think that the perfume this time could bring the Lu family out of their troubles

“Lu Yan poached the perfumers under Gu Corporation who were involved in perfume development with a high salary,” Gu Zheng replied indifferently.

One could not hear any dissatisfaction in his tone.

It was as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

Qiao Xi frowned.

“But havent all the perfumers participating in the research and development of Gu Corporations perfume signed contracts If they suddenly jump ship, theyll have to pay a high penalty.”

Perfume research and development was the most important part of a brand.

If someone jumped ship during the research and development process, it was very likely that the formula would be leaked.

The results of a year of hard work would be wasted.

Hence, the perfumers who participated in the research and development would sign a contract with the company that forbade them from jumping companies.

“Lu Yan paid for their breach of contract and gave them a high salary.

They couldnt resist the temptation and went to Lu Corporation,” Gu Zheng said casually.

Qiao Xi looked at the information of these perfumers.

They were all old employees who had worked in Gu Corporation for more than ten years.

Even so, they could not resist the temptation of money.

Actually, the salaries offered by Gu Corporation were already very high.

Since Lu Yan was able to poach them, it meant that he had offered them an almost ridiculous price.

That was why these people would rather breach the contract to join Lu Corporation.

“Gu Corporation doesnt just have these few perfumers.

This doesnt seem to have much of an impact on Gu Corporation.

It doesnt matter if Gu Corporation doesnt release new perfumes this year.

The sales of the previous few perfumes have always been very good!” Qiao Xi was puzzled.

Gu Zheng smiled meaningfully.

“Weve all underestimated Lu Yan.

Not only did he poach four perfumers, but he also invited the internationally famous Sally.”

Qiao Xi had heard of this famous perfumer, but she had never seen her before.

This perfumer was arrogant and did not like to interact with others.

However, she accepted Lu Yans invitation this time and rushed to Li City from overseas to participate in the research and development.

“Lu Corporation has already developed a new perfume.

Its currently being tested.” Gu Zheng pointed at the two bottles of perfume on the table.

Qiao Xi opened the lid and sprayed it on her wrist twice.

“Its average.”

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“You think its very ordinary, but to ordinary people, its already considered a high-end perfume.”

Qiao Xi instantly blurted out, “Of course! Ive been studying perfume for eight years—”

Before she could finish speaking, Qiao Xi suddenly realized that she had exposed her identity.

She hurriedly swallowed the words in her mouth and changed the topic.

“Ive used countless perfumes in the past few years, and Im quite knowledgeable about perfumes.

These two bottles of perfume do smell good, but theyre not very special.

Sallys skills are very good, but the fragrances she produces are too strong.

Theyre not suitable for women in the country.”

Gu Zheng said meaningfully, “Actually, Lu Yan originally wanted to invite the perfumer, Mu Jin.

Her style should be more suitable for women in the country.

Unfortunately, he couldnt invite her and could only choose Sally.

Junior, do you know Mu Jin”

Qiao Xi smiled awkwardly.

“I dont know her! Whos that Actually, I dont know much about perfume either, hehe…”

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