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Tang Ruges heart was filled with unwillingness.

She was a socialite from the capital and had grown up being praised by everyone.

She was proficient in the four arts since she was six years old and had always been first place since she was young.

She was gentle, elegant, and handled matters appropriately.

Everyone thought that she was perfect, but why did everything not go smoothly for her after she met Qiao Xi Why was she suppressed by Qiao Xi until she could not raise her head

“Qiao Xi, youve ruined everything for me! Im supposed to be the most dazzling person here.

Its because of you, you—”

Qiao Xi raised her hand and slapped Tang Ruge, interrupting her.

She stared at her coldly.

“Youre very noisy!”

“Tang Ruge, I warned you a long time ago that my patience has a limit.

I can tolerate you once or twice, but dont go too far.” Qiao Xis slender fingers stroked the painting as she said coldly, “You stole my painting, yet youre blaming me for destroying everything you have.

Please think clearly who the victim is!”

Tang Ruge held her burning cheek and was truly unable to take it anymore.

She raised her hand with the intention of slapping Qiao Xi, but Qiao Xi suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Qiao Xi swung her hand fiercely.

Tang Ruge was wearing high heels, so she lost her balance and fell to the floor.

She gritted her teeth in hatred.

“Qiao Xi! I wont let you off! Just you wait!”

Tang Ruge struggled to get up from the floor and ran away in a sorry state.

Qiao Xi grunted coldly.

She wanted to see what other tricks Tang Ruge had up her sleeve!

“Little Six, watch out for your weak image!” Qin Ans voice sounded.

He appeared at the door with a smile.

“Didnt I give you the poison Just poison her.

Lets see how shell quarrel with you then.”

Qiao Xi shook her head.

She would not use poison unless she had no other choice.

“I passed by Qi Zhongs lounge just now and heard something interesting.

I recorded it so you could listen too.” Qin An handed her a recording pen.

Qiao Xi understood the situation after listening to a few words.

She was not surprised in the slightest.

“I guessed it a long time ago.

Generally speaking, its very difficult to change an artists style after establishing it, but Qi Zhongs style changes every few years.

An oil painting master is relying on the works of others to establish himself in the oil painting world.

How laughable!”

Taking in an apprentice was just a cover.

Qi Zhongs real goal was to find someone whose paintings he could pass off as his own.

After Qin An left, Qiao Xis phone suddenly rang.

When the call connected, a gentle voice came from the other end.

“Hello, is this Miss Hanyin”

Qiao Xi hesitated for a moment before replying, “Yes.”

The other partys voice was a little excited.

“Miss Hanyin, Im a staff member of the international oil exhibition.

The art exhibition will be held in Li City this time.

We found out that youre living in Li City now.

I wonder if youre willing to attend the oil exhibition this time.”

Qiao Xi refused.

“Im sorry, I dont want to go.”

The other party instantly choked, then they said gently, “Many artists will be attending this art exhibition.


Qi Zhong will be attending, as well as… Mr.

Han Ye.”

Qiao Xi was slightly stunned.

“Are you sure Han Ye will go”

Han Ye was already so old, yet he still wanted to come to Li City for the exhibition.

It would not be easy for him.

If she did not go, wouldnt she miss the opportunity to meet her idol She did not know when the next time would be.

After all, he was already at this age.

She did not know how long he could live.

After Li Xingers birthday party ended, Qiao Xi hurriedly returned to Longwan Residential and told Gu Zheng the good news with an excited expression.

At this moment, Gu Zheng was reviewing documents in the study.

When he heard her words, he only smiled slightly.

Then, he regained his composure and nodded.


Qiao Xi said excitedly, “Senior, you havent seen Han Ye in a long time, right You must help me take a photo this time.

When Grandpa comes back, Ill show it to him.

Hell definitely be very envious of me!”

Gu Zheng slowly looked up, his eyes filled with smiles.


‘If your grandfather finds out that youre married to Han Ye, hell definitely be even happier.

“But hes coming to Li City for the exhibition despite his old age.

I wonder if his body can take it.” Qiao Xi frowned.

“I heard that Han Ye hasnt come out of seclusion for so many years because his health isnt too good.

He came all the way to Li City this time.

What if his body is exhausted!”

“Cough, cough…” Gu Zheng was drinking tea when he suddenly choked.

His face turned slightly red as he looked away.

“No, Han Ye is in good health.

Rumors cant be trusted.”

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