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“Those who would attend Li Xingers banquet must be a bunch of scoundrels!” Tang Lingyun snorted.

“Sister, this is an apprenticeship banquet, and those who are attending are all famous figures in the oil painting world.

As for her, shes just a good-for-nothing!”

Tang Ruge knew very well that news of her and Li Xinger arguing at the door would definitely spread.

At that time, everyone would compare their banquets.

Other than the venue, they would also compare guests to determine who had stronger connections.

Now that she had already acknowledged Qi Zhong as her master and become a truly powerful socialite, how could an ignorant and incompetent rich daughter like Li Xinger compare to her

On the other side of Furong Pavilion, all the guests had arrived.

Li Xinger had only invited her friends, so there were not many people.

The spacious Furong Pavilion actually seemed a little empty.

After everyone sat down, someone asked curiously, “Who are the people in Room One It sounds very lively there!”

Furong Pavilion was a separate courtyard in Fragrance Hotel.

It had beautiful scenery and was usually not open to the public.

It could only be entered with Qin Ans permission.

Room One happened to be opposite Furong Pavilion.

Seeing the people coming and going and hearing the commotion, everyone couldnt help but wonder who was holding a banquet in Room One today.

When Li Xinger heard this, her face darkened.

“Shes just holding an apprenticeship banquet.

Whats there to see”

At this moment, a waiter knocked on the door and walked in.

He said respectfully, “Sixth Miss, Miss Tang from Room One wants to invite you to her apprenticeship banquet.”

Li Xinger roared angrily, “Is she done! Is there something wrong with her brain How dare she invite Xi Xi to her apprenticeship banquet”

Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes.

From where she sat, she could see Room One opposite.

There was a painting outside the door that seemed a little familiar.

“Who painted that painting” Qiao Xi asked.

The waiter said, “Sixth Miss, Im not too sure about that either, but I heard that it was painted by Miss Tang.


Qi Zhong decided to take Miss Tang as his apprentice after seeing this painting.”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up slightly.

“I see…”

Previously, she had casually made a painting in the art studio of Li University and left without paying much attention.

Later, she remembered the painting and went back to look for it, but it was gone.

She thought that the administrator had kept it and did not pursue the matter anymore.

She did not expect it to be with Tang Ruge.

Moreover, she used this painting to become Qi Zhongs apprentice

Li Xinger also glanced at the painting and was immediately surprised.

“You said that this painting was painted by Tang Ruge How is that possible Is she even at this level”

Madam Li was a little hesitant.

“It resembles Han Yes style.”

Qiao Xi couldnt help but nod.

When she was painting this painting, Gu Zheng had been guiding her from the side.

Moreover, Gu Zhengs style was indeed very similar to Han Yes.

Madam Li could tell as well.

Madam Li sized up the painting and said thoughtfully, “I didnt expect Miss Tang to be so talented in painting.

Its really an eye-opener.”

At this moment, Qiao Xi finally understood why Qi Zhong, who had always been arrogant, would take Tang Ruge as his apprentice.

It turned out that Tang Ruge had stolen a painting.

Moreover, it was a painting that she and Gu Zheng had completed together.

Her expression was indifferent as she said coldly, “Im not going.

Help me reject the invitation.”

Tang Ruge was addicted to stealing.

Previously, she stole her music account.

Now, she stole her painting.

However, Tang Ruge did not seem to understand that what was stolen would never belong to her.

Qiao Xi rejected the invitation, and Tang Ruge did not bother her anymore.

It was quiet for a while.

Halfway through the banquet, Qiao Xi came out to take a breather.

When she passed by Room One, she saw a handsome man painting at the door.

He looked very young, and there was a look of faint sorrow between his brows.

When Qiao Xi walked to his side, she heard him mutter to himself, “When can I draw a perfect painting like Miss Han Yin

“How do I draw the layers of this rose

“The flower language of pink roses is an oath of love.

How can one express the fidelity of love in a painting No one seems to paint better than she does.

“If Miss Han Yin were here, she might be able to give me some pointers.”

Qiao Xi stopped in her tracks and could not help but raise her eyebrows.

Was she really that powerful She actually had fans

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