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Chapter 75: Meng Wan Was Causing Trouble

“Wow, a luxury car!”

“Whose car is this Its too beautiful!”

“How inexperienced.

Thats the Meng familys car.

From the looks of it, its probably the eldest daughter of the Meng family.”

“Eldest Miss Meng Whos that Is she a student of our university Why havent I heard of her”

When Qiao Xi heard the wordsEldest Miss Meng, her lips curled into a smile.

This woman had chased her all the way to the university…

At this moment, a well-informed student started spreading gossip.

“You havent heard of Eldest Miss Meng but have you heard of the Gu familys eldest young master Rumor has it that Eldest Miss Meng wants to join the Gu family through marriage.

Shes marrying the Gu familys eldest young master.”

Perhaps some people did not know who the eldest daughter of the Meng family was, but most people had heard of the Gu familys eldest young master.

Especially those who came from families with some money and power.

They would definitely know Gu Zhengs name.

Many of them had been warned by their families to be careful when they saw Gu Zheng and not to provoke him.

Now that they heard the gossip about Gu Zheng, some felt that they could not continue listening, but there were also some who curiously went over.

The student who spoke earlier continued mysteriously, “I have news that the eldest daughter of the Meng family and the young master of the Gu family were engaged a long time ago.

Furthermore, this marriage was personally set by the old master of the Gu family.

Im sure you all know alliances through marriage are common among wealthy families, but the eldest daughter of the Meng family and the eldest young master of the Gu family are different.

They absolutely love each other.”

The students nodded.

“Thats right.

With Eldest Young Master Gus identity, theres no need for him to consolidate his position through marriage anymore.

For him to take the initiative to marry Eldest Miss Meng, what else could it be but true love”

Song Shiyu heard their gossip and retorted in his heart.

In President Gus heart, the person who was engaged to him wasSixth Miss.

Although he did not know who Sixth Miss was, he knew President Gu went to the Civil Affairs Bureau that day for her.

Unfortunately, Sixth Miss did not go to the Civil Affairs Bureau that day.

It seemed that it was because Sixth Miss was not willing to marry President Gu… Hence, President Gu married his current wife, Qiao Xi.

Gu Zheng swept a glance at Meng Wan who was in the crowd and asked indifferently, “Wheres Qiao Xi”

“Madam went back to the car first.

She should be waiting for you in the car.”

Gu Zheng hummed, then casually said, “Get rid of the people gossiping.

Those words are very annoying.”

Song Shiyu was stunned, then nodded immediately.

“I understand.”

In the past, President Gu never cared about what others said, but now, he asked him to end the gossip about who was in love with whom.

Was it because he was afraid that Madam would feel uncomfortable hearing it

Meng Wan brought a group of bodyguards with her and walked ostentatiously through Li City Universitys campus.

Many students were secretly observing her.

She was the eldest daughter of an upper class family.

Be it her looks, figure, or temperament, she was beyond their reach.

Perhaps the bag she was casually holding was even more expensive than the house they were living in now.

Suddenly, a bodyguard walked through the crowd and whispered into Meng Wans ear.

Meng Wans expression changed.

“He left With whom”

The bodyguard lowered his head.

“H-He left with Qiao Xi.”

“Qiao Xi!” Meng Wans eyes almost popped out as she clasped her hands together tightly.

Did Qiao Xi, this sl*t, know that she was coming today, so she pestered Brother Gu Zheng to leave earlier Did she think that she could dominate Brother Gu Zheng like this Dream on!

Meng Wan sneered.

She turned to look at the students who were passing by.

Public opinion was the best way to deal with someone.

Did Qiao Xi think that everything would be fine after she became Mrs.


A few students who were secretly taking photos of Meng Wan with their phones watched as her eyes turned red.

She looked angry at first, then her face was full of grievances.

She was indeed different from the rest of the rich and powerful.

Even when she cried, she looked extremely pretty.

Just looking at her made ones heart break.

Meng Wan maintained the demeanor of a noble lady and went forward with a graceful posture.

“May I ask if you know Qiao Xi”

The few students were stunned for a moment as if they did not expect Miss Meng to suddenly talk to them.

They were flattered and replied, “Yes, of course, we do.

Miss Meng, why are you looking for her”

Meng Wans eyes turned even redder.

“Then do you know where she is”

The students did not know why Eldest Miss Meng was looking for Qiao Xi.

For a moment, they looked at each other but no one answered.

Of course, it was not that they were not answering her on purpose but they really did not know where Qiao Xi was.

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