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Chapter 74: Its Third Brother

The bodyguards were ready to leave.

Before they left, the leader of the bodyguards seemed to have thought of something and turned back.

“Miss Qiao Rou, I advise you not to talk about Sixth Miss wanting to kill you all the time.

If you lie too much, it might become true.

When the day of your death really comes, dont blame me for not reminding you.”

He was just reminding her out of goodwill.

After all, if Eldest Brother and Second Brother, who were protective of Sixth Miss, knew what Qiao Rou had done to Sixth Miss, she would be dragged out to be flogged.

After Qiao Xis figure vanished, Qiao Rous legs went soft and she fell onto the floor uncontrollably.

Her face was pale, and she looked disheveled.

“Who were those people… Sister, how did she become like this What relationship does Sister have with those terrifying men…”

Gu Molings gaze was sinister.

That man called Qiao XiSixth Miss.

His tone was intimate and respectful.

How did Qiao Xi get to know such a man who looked like he could not be provoked Moreover, that man actually had a gun!

All these years, Qiao Xi had always been by his side.

He knew very well what friends she had around her, but he had never seen that man.

Zhao Lili shivered.

“Qiao Xi must have sold her body.

Otherwise, why would so many people help her Qiao Xi, that shameless woman! Disgusting, too disgusting! I feel disgusted just thinking about how she has slept with so many bodyguards!”

Gu Moling frowned but did not say anything to refute Zhao Lilis words.

She was a beautiful woman.

If she had not sold off her body, how could she receive the protection of so many bodyguards

Qiao Xi followed the leader of the bodyguards to the rooftop.

She circled the man and asked curiously, “Third Brother, why did you come here so early”

He chuckled.

“When did you recognize me”

“Youre already calling me Sixth Miss.

Who else could it be” Qiao Xi leaned against the railing.

“You havent answered why you came to Li City so soon Even if its regarding my matter, you didnt need to rush over, did you”

“I received news that the big shot were looking for has recently appeared in Li City.

Since you were asking for my help as well, I came over in advance.

However, I lost contact with that big shot the moment I arrived in Li City.”

Qiao Xi remained silent.

She had also heard of the big shot that her third brother was talking about.

Her brothers had been looking for that person.

She had also thought of helping them, but even using her identity and skills as Black Tide, she could not find any traces of that person.

She had two guesses.

First, that person was extremely powerful.

Second, that person was also skilled in hacking, so she, who was also a hacker, could not find them.

Third Brother did not want Qiao Xi to worry about these things.

He thought of something and asked, “Lets not talk about this first.

Little Six, I heard that youre married now”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Her expression was a little stiff.

There was another matter involving marriage.

Her master and that big shot seemed to have a verbal engagement.

All these years, that big shot had never taken it seriously, and she had not taken it seriously either.

However, her master took it seriously.

He always said that when the big shot returned, he would marry Qiao Xi to him.

Marrying a mysterious person whom she had never met before would not be better than marrying Gu Zheng.

She knew a lot of things about Gu Zheng, while she did not know anything about that big shot.

She only knew that he was good friends with her master.

Her master was already old, so if he was good friends with him… That big shot would probably be about the same age as her grandfather.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill definitely cover for you and not let Master know that youre married.

Actually, in this day and age, there shouldnt be things like arranged marriages anymore.

That big shot might be powerful, but he has been appearing and disappearing unpredictably all these years.

We dont know where he is.

If hes a scumbag who squanders money all year round, what will you do”

As he spoke, Third Brother sneered again.

“And I think that big shot isnt interested in the marriage either.

If he really wanted to fulfill it, he wouldve come over to look for our master long ago.

Why would we waste our time looking for him”

Qiao Xi nodded.

“Right, so the plan for arranged marriage isnt valid anymore!”

Outside the door, Gu Zheng was lazily leaning against the wall.

When he heard the conversation between Qiao Xi and her third brother, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Not valid How could it not be valid anymore

Third Brother had serious matters to attend to in Li City.

After chatting briefly with Qiao Xi, he prepared to leave.

Qiao Xi had long been used to her seniors unpredictable behaviors and did not stay long either.

After Third Brother left, she dusted off her pants and returned to class.

The days classes were over.

Qiao Xi was about to go home when she heard a group of noisy people outside Li City University.

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