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Qiao Xi smiled lightly.

“A meal that costs 530,000 yuan.

Miss Tang, youre really generous! It turns out that youre extremely generous! How can we chase away a distinguished customer like Miss Tang We can only earn money if shes here!

“Miss Tang, youve been fighting with me for a few rounds now.

You should know very well that Im not easy to deal with.

My patience is limited.

In the future, control your stupid sister and dont let her provoke me again.”

Tang Ruge looked nervous and pretended to be aggrieved.

“Xi Xi, Lingyun is young and insensible.


“Ah!” Tang Lingyun screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

At this moment, there was a sharp dagger pressed against her neck.

It was glinting coldly.

Manager Hous expression was indifferent, and his voice was cold.

“Hasnt our eldest miss made herself clear”

Tang Ruge gasped.

She had never seen such a scene before.

Tang Lingyun, who was at the side, was trembling in fear as tears welled up in her eyes.

They never expected that not only would they not be able to mock Qiao Xi today, but they would even lose 530,000 yuan.

Most importantly, Tang Ruge had lost her reputation.

Tang Ruge bit her lip tightly and was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

“Xi Xi, Im… Im sorry.

We were wrong!”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“Miss Tang.”

Tang Ruge looked up.

The anger and resentment in her eyes were exposed, but she still suppressed her anger and said calmly, “Miss Qiao, what else do you want to do”

Qiao Xi glanced at the disheveled Tang Lingyun.

“Miss Tang, you think youre smart and can use anyone to deal with me, but time will reveal your true colors.

Perhaps one day, some idiots will realize that theyve been used.

At that time, can you still maintain your image as a gentle and noble daughter”

At this moment, Tang Lingyuns heart was filled with horror.

She did not care about Qiao Xis words at all and only wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Tang Ruges expression instantly turned ferocious as she gritted her teeth.

“Xi Xi, dont go too far! Lingyun, lets go!”

Tang Lingyun scrambled up and left with Tang Ruge.

On the way out, she could not help but recall Qiao Xis words.

Who were the idiots Qiao Xi was talking about Who had her sister used

After the Tang sisters left, Qiao Xi sat down leisurely.

“They left without even eating anything.

Its really a waste.

I guess I have no choice but to help them finish the food.”

Qiao Xi enjoyed the delicious food.

However, she did not finish everything and chose to pack up the rest.

She was about to leave when she bumped into Song Shiyu.

Her face was filled with horror.

“W-Why are you here!”

The moment Qiao Xi broke Tang Lingyuns wrist, Song Shiyu was so scared that he spat out the water in his mouth.

Although he had already seen Young Madams powerful side, he was still shocked every time he saw it.

How could a weak-looking woman have so much strength in her body

Song Shiyu said, “At Longwan Residential.”

Qiao Xi muttered to herself, “Fortunately, he didnt see me deal with the Tang sisters.

Otherwise, my image wouldve been ruined!”

“…” Song Shiyu pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “Young Madam, is there a need to maintain your image Everyone knows that you…”

Qiao Xis eyes turned cold.

“Song Shiyu, do you think youre rich now Do you want your salary to be deducted Or are you itching for a beating”

Song Shiyu said quickly, “The president wont deduct my salary anymore.

He sent me to the island to train.

He hopes that I can improve and become an outstanding assistant!”

Training on an island Were the requirements to be an assistant so high now Was there a normal person by Gu Zhengs side

Then, Song Shiyu said, “Theres an island on the mountain behind Longwan Residential.

I made a mistake recently, so the president sent me there to train.

I ran 5,000 meters, did 1,000 push-ups, and 1,000 heavy squats.

Im exhausted!”

Qiao Xi instantly roared with laughter.

So, the island training Gu Zheng was talking about was on the mountain behind Longwan Residential.

Gu Zheng was really too cute!

The two of them had just left Qingyuan Pavilion and were about to go home when the butler of the Situ family suddenly stepped forward to stop them.

“Are you Miss Qiao Im the butler of the Situ family.

My master invites you over.”

Song Shiyus face was filled with vigilance.

If Qiao Xi were meeting the Tang sisters, he could guarantee that Qiao Xi would be safe.

However, the power behind the Situ family was too powerful.

He was worried about Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi thought for a moment.

The Situ family had probably invited her over to talk about the design, so she patted Song Shiyus shoulder and said indifferently, “Alright.”

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