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After a moment of silence, Tang Ruge slowly looked up and said with some difficulty, “Xi Xi, we all know that President Gu has always been a low-profile person and doesnt like to be too ostentatious, but youre using his name to break the rules of Qingyuan Pavilion.

Isnt that inappropriate”

“Thats right! Youre ruining President Gus reputation by doing this!” Tang Lingyun snorted.

“Dont think that just because youre married to President Gu, you can climb up the social ladder and be a princess.

Some people are still a country bumpkin even if they wear princess dresses!”

As soon as Tang Lingyun finished speaking, she reached out to slap Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi naturally could not suffer this loss.

She quickly grabbed Tang Lingyuns wrist and twisted it.

Instantly, a pig-like scream sounded in the room.

“Ah!” Tang Lingyun ignored her image and shouted, “Qiao Xi, let go of me! It hurts! You little b*tch, youre relying on President Gus power to commit crimes in Qingyuan Pavilion.

If he finds out, hell definitely not forgive you! Someone, quickly pull this crazy woman away!”

The surroundings were silent.

There were clearly a few waiters standing outside the door, but no one entered to help Tang Lingyun.

Tang Lingyun gasped in pain and shouted crazily, “Qiao Xi! Let go! You b*tch, you actually dare to attack me Is a vulgar wild girl like you worthy of being Mrs.

Gu Im a customer of Qingyuan Pavilion.

You cant do this to me!”

It was still quiet outside.

The security measures in Qingyuan Pavilion were excellent, but no one cared about the commotion here.

Everyone outside seemed to have fallen asleep.

At this moment, Tang Ruge realized that something was wrong.

She had a bad feeling.

Why did no one from Qingyuan Pavilion appear

“Im a wild girl” Qiao Xi looked at her with a smile.

“Miss Tang, think about it carefully.

Youve been shouting for a while now, so why hasnt anyone in Qingyuan Pavilion come over”

Tang Lingyuns cries instantly stopped.

She looked at her with tears in her eyes.

Then, her gaze was gradually filled with horror.

Even though Qiao Xi was now the eldest daughter of the Yin family, the Yin family was an aristocratic family in Luo City.

They did not have any special privileges in Li Citys Qingyuan Pavilion, but the manager brought her crab meatballs.

Moreover, everyone was helping Qiao Xi.

Why was this so Was it just because of Gu Zheng

Tang Lingyun only felt a sharp pain in her wrist.

She could not help but scream, “Ah!”

Qiao Xis expression was indifferent as she said casually, “Everyone who comes to Qingyuan Pavilion is an honored customer, so the security measures here are very good.

We have to ensure the safety of every honored customer.

Miss Tang, do you know why the staff here would rather offend the Tang family and ruin this establishments reputation than come in to save you”

Tang Lingyuns entire body trembled.

What was even more terrifying than the pain in her wrist was the fear that filled her heart.

The powerful pressure Qiao Xi exuded even made her unable to breathe.

The reason why they booked a table in Qingyuan Pavilion back then was because this was a restaurant that was difficult to book even if one were from a noble family in Li City.

This place represented the identity of someone from the high society, so they wanted to take this opportunity to show off in front of Qiao Xi and mock her.

“Do you want to know” Qiao Xi said casually, “Manager Hou, tell them.”

The manager of Qingyuan Pavilion walked forward and ignored Tang Lingyun, who was already sprawled on the floor.

He directly walked in front of Qiao Xi and bowed respectfully.

“Eldest Miss.”

The room instantly fell silent.

The Tang sisters stopped breathing, and their hearts almost stopped.

Tang Ruges face was livid, and the veins on her forehead were bulging.

The manager of Qingyuan Pavilion actually called Qiao XiEldest Miss

The manager did not explain anything and only used his respect for Qiao Xi to tell everyone the truth.

He then said respectfully, “Eldest Miss, Mr.

Liang wanted to personally cook for you, but he suddenly had something to attend to and went out.”

Liang Pingchuan was the boss of Qingyuan Pavilion.

Tang Ruge only found out after investigating it.

Qiao Xi smiled and said, “Teacher dotes on me the most.”

Teacher Liang Pingchuan was Qiao Xis teacher

Tang Ruge clenched her fists tightly, and her palms were about to bleed.

She was unable to accept this fact.

What right did Qiao Xi have to be the eldest mistress of Qingyuan Pavilion

“Eldest Miss, do you need to clear the venue” the manager asked.

The wordcleared was very tactful.

Actually, the manager wanted to chase the two of them out.

After all, Qingyuan Pavilion would never serve anyone who had offended Eldest Miss.

Otherwise, Mr.

Liang would definitely be angry when he returned.

Qiao Xi asked indifferently, “How much did Miss Tang spend today”

“Including the bottle of wine that Mr.

Liang personally brewed, its a total of 530,000 yuan.”

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