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Furthermore, Tang Ruge had already mastered the four arts when she was six years old.

No one in her generation could surpass her.

Even if she was not good-looking, she could still occupy the top position in the capital with her outstanding talent.

But now, there was Qiao Xi…

Before she came, she had already asked around.

There were no surveillance cameras in the studio.

If she destroyed this painting now, no one would know.

The Situ family would not know Qiao Xis true strength.

No matter what, she had to protect her reputation as a talented woman in upper society.

Now that she already had Fu Shengs account, there was no one else in the capital who could compare to her when it came to the four arts.

Her only enemy was Qiao Xi.

In the end, Tang Ruge reached out her hand and wanted to tear the painting apart.

At this moment, footsteps came from outside.

The person in charge of the art hall walked in.

“Miss Tang, Im sorry.

The door to the studio is about to be locked.”

Tang Ruges heart thumped violently as guilt filled her heart.

She forced herself to calm down and smiled.

“Im really sorry.

Ive been here for too long.”

The person in charge lowered his head and happened to see the painting.

He could not help but exclaim, “Miss Tang, did you paint this Your painting is simply too awesome!”

Tang Ruge was stunned for a few seconds before she suddenly realized that the person in charge thought that this painting was hers.

“Miss Tang, your work is really too beautiful.

I cant describe it with words.

Coincidentally, the famous painter, Mr.

Qi Zhong, is in the art hall.

I want to show this painting to him.

Are you okay with that, Miss Tang”

Tang Ruge was so excited that she could not say anything.

The person in charge continued, “Mr.

Qi Zhong has always wanted to take in a disciple so that he could impart everything he has learned.

Miss Tang, I have a feeling that if Mr.

Qi sees your painting, he might…”

The person in charge did not continue, but Tang Ruge naturally understood what he meant.

She naturally wanted to be Mr.

Qi Zhongs disciple.

This way, her status would not be shaken.

However, this painting was not hers…

In the end, Tang Ruge did not refuse.

They took the painting and left.


Qi Zhong was already in his 70s and had gray hair.

He came to the art hall to look for a piece that satisfied him and hopefully gain a talented disciple, but it seemed he would leave in disappointment.

Just as he was about to get into the car, the person in charge rushed over.


Qi, wait! Dont be in a rush to leave.

Why dont you take a look at this painting first”

Qi Zhongs eyes were filled with impatience.

He was already very disappointed today and did not want to look at any more paintings.

However, the person in charge had specially rushed over, so he could not refuse.

Hence, he took a glance and exclaimed, “Its too perfect! Whose painting is this”

The person in charge hurriedly introduced, “Its Miss Tangs painting.”

Qi Zhong sized up the scholarly Tang Ruge in front of him and trembled with excitement.

He had displayed astonishing talent in painting when he was six years old.

He became a top figure in the art world when he was in his 20s.

He had always been looking for an outstanding disciple.

However, he was already 70 years old, yet he still could not find a disciple who satisfied him.

Qi Zhong asked in disbelief, “You really painted this”

Such a young woman could actually paint such a perfect work of art The lines were smooth, and the colors were used accurately.

Most importantly, the artists state of mind was very relaxed.

It made one experience a carefree and transcendent state.

This was something that ordinary artists could not do in their lives.

Tang Ruge was so nervous that sweat broke out on her forehead.

However, she smiled and nodded.

“I painted it.”

If Mr.

Qi Zhong could take her in as his disciple, she would be able to inherit his legacy and improve her painting skills.

In the future, even if she could not produce such stunning paintings, she could also explain that she did not have any inspiration.

After all, the creation of artworks required a lot of inspiration.


Qi Zhong would probably understand.

As long as she became Mr.

Qi Zhongs disciple, she would definitely be able to become a top genius in high society.

No one would be able to shake her status!

Unexpectedly, Mr.

Qi Zhong was suddenly stunned.

His eyes were fixed on the two strokes in the middle of the painting.

He had sharp eyes and could tell at a glance that these two strokes were powerful.

They were not drawn by an artist.

Hence, he asked in confusion, “Its just that the two strokes in the middle of this painting seem to be the work of a male painter.

Theyre strong but filled with gentleness.

The other parts look like the work of a female painter.

The strength is gentle, and the lines are smooth.

Theyre filled with a gentle aura.

Miss Tang, you didnt complete this alone, right”

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