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After Huang Lilans matter was exposed, Shen Ying naturally became the madam of the Gu family.

She straightened her back, her eyes filled with excitement.

Now that she had become the mistress of the Gu family, she was no longer the invisible person who relied on others to survive.

Shen Ying held Gu Weimings arm, her eyes filled with pride.

After the matter was over, everyone left.

Huang Lilan was still sitting on the floor.

She looked at Lu Yan with pleading eyes, but Lu Yan frowned and looked away.

At this moment, he should not have anything to do with Huang Lilan to avoid being suspected.

“Lu Yan.” Old Master Lu lowered his voice and reminded him, “You have to calm down.

Your identity has not been exposed yet.

You have to avoid arousing suspicion.

Well discuss whether we can save her later.”

At this moment, everyone was already suspicious of the Lu family.

If the Lu family took Huang Lilan away at this time and she suddenly died in the Lu family, it would be equivalent to telling everyone that the Lu family wanted to protect Lu Yan by silencing her.

The farce in the Gu family ended just like that.

Gu Zheng was no longer an illegitimate child but the legitimate young master of the Gu family.

He was also the person most qualified to be in charge.

When everyone left, they were still discussing in private.

“The current situation is that President Gu is unwilling to accept the Lu family, and the Lu family doesnt seem to be sincerely accepting President Gu either.

After all, they already have Lu Yan.”

“Would President Gu care about the Lu family With his strength, he could have crushed the Lu family a long time ago!”

“Thats indeed the case.

President Gu didnt rely on the Gu and Lu families for his current achievements at all.

Hes a true genius.

We shouldve known long ago that someone who has such thunderous methods cant be an illegitimate child.”

Huang Lilan roared crazily, “Gu Zheng, youre a demon!”

“Gu Yao! Im so good to you, but youre trying to kill me! Im your mother.

I raised you and doted on you so much, but youre treating me like this!

“I admit that I abused Gu Zheng, so its natural for him to hate me! But Ive never hit you since you were young.

I just didnt raise you right.

Do you have to hate me so much”

Gu Zheng frowned and looked at Song Shiyu impatiently.

“Tell her to shut up.”

Song Shiyus heart trembled as he said quickly, “Ill go right away.

Second Young Master, dont listen to her nonsense.”

Gu Yao walked forward and said softly, “Brother, I want to talk to her alone.

Can I”

Gu Zheng was silent for a moment before nodding.

He instructed Song Shiyu to bring Huang Lilan to the guest room and tie her up so that the two of them could talk alone.

When Gu Yao went upstairs, his heart was extremely heavy.

He used to think that his parents really loved him and only indulged him because they loved him too much.

However, as he gradually grew up and learned the ways of the world, he gradually understood that something was wrong.

Why would a biological mother lead her child to a dead end If it was her nature as a person, why did she treat Lu Yan differently

In the guest room, Huang Lilan was tied to a chair with tears streaming down her face.

Her lips were pale and dry, but she still opened her mouth and shouted, “Gu Yao! Im begging you.

Can you save me on the account of us being mother and son”

She knew very well what would happen if she fell into Gu Zhengs hands.

Gu Zheng would not kill her immediately but torture her, just like how she tortured Gu Zheng back then.

He would let her have a taste of hunger and the pain of being beaten up.

Just the thought of it made her hair stand on end.

Huang Lilan shouted at the top of her voice, “Gu Yao! Youre a kind child.

You definitely cant bear to see me die here! Gu Zheng is a demon! Hell kill me.

If I stay here, Ill definitely die a horrible death! Please save my life on the account that Ive been treating you so well! Save me!”

Gu Yao raised his hand and slapped her hard.

His eyes were deep, and he exuded a cold aura.

It was as if he had suddenly changed into a different person.

His voice was extremely cold.

“Do you think Im still as gullible as when I was young

“Huang Lilan, the game is over.”

“Ah!!! Gu Yao! You actually hit me!” Huang Lilans cheek was red and swollen as she roared crazily.

She was like a mutated zombie as she opened her bloody mouth.

Gu Yaos eyes were malicious.

“Did you actually think Id save you”

“You… Arent you going to save me” Huang Lilans voice trembled as if her last hope had been shattered.

Gu Yao slapped her again.

Blood was already seeping out of the corner of Huang Lilans mouth.

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