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“Elder,” Qiao Xi called out.

“Since Madam Huang isnt willing to admit to this matter, you should just show us the evidence!”

The members of the Medical Association played the video in public.

20 years ago, Huang Lilan ran to Elder Lins residence and begged bitterly.

She even used her life-saving grace to threaten Elder Lin to swap her DNA with Lu Qingyuns to prove that Gu Zheng was her son.

After that, she did the same with Gu Yao.

In the video, Huang Lilan pretended to be pregnant and asked Elder Lin to help her fake it.

She even carried a child to pretend that it was hers.

That child was Gu Yao.

The scene was clear.

The person on it was indeed the young Huang Lilan.

She could not deny it.

At this moment, everyone realized that what Elder Lin said was true.

In order to repay Huang Lilans kindness, he forged the paternity test report, causing Gu Zheng to be cursed as an illegitimate child for 20 years.

The moment Gu Zheng was born, he was secretly carried away by Gu Weiming and sent to Huang Lilans side.

After that, Huang Lilan used Gu Zheng to rise to power.

She said that Lu Qingyun could not give birth and that she had already helped the Gu family by giving birth to a son.

Her actions made Gu Zheng the target of public criticism.

He was hated by the Lu family as well.

In the eyes of everyone, Huang Lilan doted on Gu Yao very much.

She could not bear to see this child suffer even a little.

However, she was secretly helping the wicked.

She deliberately led her son astray and made him become an ignorant and incompetent good-for-nothing.

If Gu Yao were not smart, his life would have been ruined by Huang Lilan.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Who would have thought that Huang Lilans two children were not her biological children This was earth-shattering news!

The child who had always been hated by the Lu family and not liked by the Gu family could only rely on his own ability to climb up step by step.

No one knew the heartache and pain behind Gu Zhengs current position.

He was supposed to be the eldest young master who enjoyed the love of everyone.

He was supposed to be the grandson of the Lu family, but he was tortured by a mistress for 20 years.

“Elder Lin, you forged evidence and tarnished the reputation of the Medical Association.

Youve also wronged Mr.


I officially announce that youve been expelled from the Medical Association!”

Elder Lin nodded and shed tears of guilt.

He stroked the badge lovingly and handed it to the leader reluctantly.

He was no longer qualified to be a member of the Medical Association.

Then, Elder Lin looked at Gu Zheng.

His voice was filled with guilt.


Gu, I know that youre rich and definitely dont care about my assets, but I still want to atone for my actions.

Ive decided to donate all my assets in your name.”

Elder Lin sat weakly in the wheelchair.

The stone that had been weighing on his heart for 20 years was finally lifted.

He had finally fulfilled his wish.

At this moment, everyone also understood.

It was possible for Gu Zheng to bribe Elder Lin, but it was absolutely impossible for him to bribe the entire Medical Association.

Moreover, the guilt in Elder Lins eyes could not be faked.

If it were not for the guilt, why would he donate all his familys wealth and ruin his reputation for Gu Zheng

“Huang Lilan is too detestable! She was a mistress and even stole Eldest Miss Lus child, causing Eldest Miss Lu to die with hatred! People like Huang Lilan should die!”

“President Gu is the legitimate young master of the Gu family, but he became an illegitimate child.

Huang Lilan even used him as a shield to make the Lu family vent all their resentment on a child!”

“Is such a vicious woman worthy of being the mistress of the Gu family”

Huang Lilans body went weak as she fell to the floor.

She looked at everyones faces in horror and trembled in fear.

No! This must be a dream! How could the secret she had hidden for 20 years be discovered

After losing her identity as Gu Zhengs mother, how was she going to establish herself in the future How was she going to frame Gu Zheng And what should Ah Yan do Without her as his mother, Ah Yan would definitely be in a difficult position!

Before Huang Lilan could retort, someone asked meaningfully, “Now that the matter is clear, doesnt the Lu family have anything to say”

Everyones gazes landed on the Lu family.

Old Master Lu had always been calm, but his heart could not help but tremble.

Qiao Xi was clearly aware in her heart that although the Lu family pretended not to know, they were actually in cahoots with Huang Lilan.

If it were not for the Lu familys help, how could Huang Lilan have easily ascended to the position of Madam Gu

The atmosphere became extremely awkward.

Under everyones gazes, the Lu familys faces gradually darkened.

For the sake of the Lu familys reputation, Old Master Lu could only grit his teeth and answer, “We were deceived by Huang Lilan.

Ah Zheng, youve suffered all these years.

From now on… youre the Lu familys grandson!”

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