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Everyone believed Huang Lilans words.

The Medical Association was the most authoritative organization in the medical world.

They would never lie.

Therefore, Huang Lilan and Gu Zheng were mother and son.

Even if Gu Zheng did not want to admit it, it was a fact that could not be changed.

Even if Gu Zheng were to take out a paternity test, it would not seem credible.

After all, with his current status and power, it was too easy for him to forge a paternity test report.

Qiao Xi smiled.

“Madam Gu is right.

The evidence presented by the Medical Association is the most credible.

They wont be tempted by money and power unless they step forward and say that they made a mistake.”

Hearing Qiao Xis words, Huang Lilans expression softened.

An organization as powerful as the Medical Association would definitely not be bribed by Gu Zheng.

Moreover, Elder Lin would not ruin his future and reputation over a small matter from many years ago.

“Qiao Xi, you said it yourself.

Doesnt that mean that you deliberately slandered me just now You have to apologize to me immediately!” Huang Lilan ordered.

At this moment, she suddenly felt confident.

With Elder Lins paternity test report from the Medical Association, she would forever be Gu Zhengs mother.

If Gu Zheng chased her out of the Gu family or targeted her, he would have to bear a tainted reputation in front of the world.

She would also use this identity to forever have a place in high society.

Even if everyone knew that Gu Zheng did not have a good relationship with her, they would not offend her.

After all, she was Gu Zhengs biological mother.

If others bullied her, it was hard to guarantee that Gu Zheng would not take revenge.

Huang Lilan smiled smugly, then glared at him.

“Ah Zheng, youre my biological son.

Theres no doubt about it.

Now, you should explain to me why you conspired with Shen Ying to plot against your father.

What exactly do you want to do by letting Shen Ying seduce your father”

When Gu Weiming heard this, his expression darkened.

He cursed Huang Lilan in his heart for being an idiot.

How could she say such a thing at a banquet

If Gu Zheng and Shen Ying had really joined forces to plot against him, where would he put his face as a father He would definitely be mocked by the entire upper-class society.

At this moment, Gu Zheng slowly stood up.

His entire body exuded killing intent, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

He was like a god of death from hell, making one tremble in fear.

His voice was filled with coldness as he asked word by word, “Who said Im your biological son Does Madam Gu really think I dont have any evidence”

The entire place was silent.

Huang Lilan felt as if her heart had been struck hard.

Her entire body trembled as she looked at Gu Zheng in disbelief.

No! Impossible! How could he have proof Even if he had, it must have been forged!

Although Huang Lilan comforted herself over and over again, she could not help but panic.

She knew that Gu Zheng never did anything he was not confident in.

Now that he had exposed this matter in public, he definitely had evidence.

“I dont believe it! How can you have evidence! That DNA report was verified by Elder Lin from the Medical Association.

How could Elder Lin have faked it!”

As soon as he said that, an old voice said, “Who says it cant be faked”

At this moment, an old man was pushed through the door in a wheelchair by a young doctor.

He was dressed simply.

He looked old and weak, but his face was very familiar.

This was the famous Mr.

Lin of the Medical Association.

According to seniority, he could be considered an elder of the Medical Association.

Unfortunately, he rarely appeared and had been recuperating in his residence.

Only those who were especially close to him could invite him to visit them.

Why did Elder Lin come to the Gu family and even say something so baffling

“The original report was false!”

Elder Lins voice was powerful.

He repeated it again, making Huang Lilans face turn pale.

Lu Yans expression darkened.

If he knew that Gu Zheng had invited Elder Lin over, he would have stopped him from entering no matter what.

Was this Gu Zheng crazy He actually wanted to expose the Gu familys secret in front of everyone

Old Master Lu and Lu Xiangs faces were also ashen.

They suppressed their anger and said in a low voice, “That bastard Gu Zheng! Is he trying to drag us down with him”

“The Lu family already has Ah Yan now.

Even if he confirms his identity, he cant change this fact.

Our Lu family wont accept him!”

“He wants the Lu and Gu families to acknowledge his identity and get rid of his infamy of being an illegitimate child, huh He can dream on!”

Qiao Xi vaguely heard the mutterings of the Lu family and couldnt help but sneer in her heart.

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