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Huang Lilan came to Gu Zheng angrily.

She did not care about her image at all and roared, “Its you! You asked Shen Ying to seduce your father, right

“Gu Zheng, youre my son.

How dare you let another woman ruin your parents relationship You bastard, are you worthy of being the head of the Gu family”

Everyone looked at each other.

Was Madam Gu crazy

Huang Lilan knew that her position was in danger.

She had to tell them about Gu Zhengs conspiracy to get rid of Shen Ying and tarnish Gu Zhengs reputation.

Hence, she shouted even louder, “Gu Zheng! What have I ever done to you! Why do you have to treat me like this! How could you let that b*tch Shen Ying seduce your father!”

Everyone was puzzled.

This had happened yesterday.

They heard that Shen Ying admired Chairman Gu and Chairman Gu was drunk, so the two of them slept together.

What did this have to do with Gu Zheng

Huang Lilan shouted like a shrew, “Gu Zheng! Answer me!”

After a moment, Gu Zheng slowly looked up and replied calmly, “Madam Gu, you have to have evidence when you speak.”

“I… I dont have any evidence.

But Im your mother.

I know you.

You were the one who did this.

You and Shen Ying joined forces to deal with me.

You want her to snatch my position as the mistress of the Gu family!”

Huang Lilan had an arrogant expression on her face.

She was Gu Zhengs mother.

If she said that Gu Zheng did it, he did it.

How could she be lying It did not matter if Gu Zheng admitted it or not.

Anyway, everyone would definitely suspect him.

“Madam Gu.” Gu Zheng put down the wine glass in his hand and sneered.

“You said that youre my mother.

Then why do you think your son would do such a thing”

Huang Lilans expression changed.

She suddenly thought of Shen Yings words.

Could it be that Gu Zheng already had evidence that they were not mother and son

Once this secret was exposed, it would be an unprecedented blow to her.

She was so nervous that her entire body was trembling, but she still gritted her teeth and said, “Gu Zheng, what do you mean! I know that youve always blamed me all these years.

You look down on me and think that I caused you to become an illegitimate child because I was a mistress! I know that I was wrong.

Anyone can scold me and I wont refute it, but youre my son.

If not for me, how could you have gotten to where you are today”

Everyone was in an uproar.

They did not expect Gu Zheng to despise his own mother.

Although Huang Lilan was a mistress and was despised by everyone, Gu Zheng had the least right to despise her.

If not for Huang Lilan, would Gu Zheng have become the young master of the Gu family Would he have his current status

“Madam Gu, it seems that you know very well that its wrong to be a mistress, but I remember you saying that true love is priceless.

Everyone is qualified to pursue true love!” Qiao Xi mocked.

“Qiao Xi! You have no right to speak here! Even if Ah Zheng and I dont have a good relationship, Im still his mother.

What right does he have to despise me I think its all because of you, you little sl*t!”

“Thats right.

Gu Zheng is your son.

Of course, he cant despise you.

Even if hes an illegitimate child and is mocked by everyone, he shouldnt despise his biological mother because of this.

“But you locked Gu Zheng, who was only six years old then, in the dark Maple Garden.

You didnt give him food or water.

You left him to fend for himself in Maple Garden.

You even deliberately led Gu Yao astray and made him give up on studying.

You made him do all sorts of evil all day long.

Would a real mother do these things to destroy her child” Qiao Xi asked.

Hearing Qiao Xis questions, Huang Lilan immediately trembled and hurriedly explained, “Its not as exaggerated as you say.

Diamond cant be made without being pressured.

I did all that for their own good.

I was training them!”

Qiao Xi sneered.

“Madam Gu might have an excuse to use now.

Perhaps as a biological mother, one could do these things for the sake of their children, but youre not their biological mother!”

As soon as she said that, the crowd fell silent.

The air seemed to freeze.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Gu Zheng was not Huang Lilans son

Huang Lilans expression changed drastically, and her eyes were filled with panic.

She roared, “Qiao Xi! Shut up! What nonsense are you spouting Ah Zheng is my son! When I brought Ah Zheng back to the Gu family, I even specially found someone from the Medical Association to do a paternity test.

Everyone knows that the Medical Association will never lie.

Ah Zheng and I are biological mother and son!”

Hearing Huang Lilan mention the Medical Association, the corners of Qiao Xis lips curled up.

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