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Chapter 72: Spending Money To Hit You

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Qiao Rou had bought insurance with a premium of over 60 million yuan.

In comparison, Qiao Xis life was too worthless.

“Lili, dont say anymore… Sister, dont think too much.

Dad just feels bad for me, so he bought me full-body insurance.

My face alone is insured for 60 million yuan… Your life is also very valuable too, really valuable…”

Qiao Rou did not know how to explain it without hurting Qiao Xi.

She was so anxious that tears were about to fall.

She took out a check from her bag and filled in a number.

She said with tearful eyes, “Sister, this is 600,000 yuan.

Take this as my compensation to you.

Believe it or not, I never thought of killing you.

How would I dare to kill someone…”

600,000 yuan Her life was worth 600,000 yuan

Qiao Xi was glad that she was not dead today.

Otherwise, if she knew that Qiao Rou thought her life was worth 600,000 yuan, she would definitely be infuriated.

She slowly took the check and smiled meaningfully.

“So this 600,000 yuan is your compensation for attempted murder”

Qiao Rou choked.

“Sister, dont say that.

Im giving you 600,000 yuan not because I think your life is only worth 600,000 yuan.

Its just that Dad said that money cant be spent carelessly…”

“Enough, Qiao Xi.

Quit while youre ahead.” Zhao Lili could not stand it anymore.

“Didnt you come here to scam Qiao Rou for 600,000 yuan A woman who came back from the countryside actually dares to act like a tyrant in front of Qiao Rou How disgusting! Ill put it this way.

600,000 yuan is enough to buy your life! Your life isnt even worth 600,000 yuan.

Qiao Rou gave you more because shes kind-hearted.

Dont go too far!”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows and pressed a button on her phone.

“600,000 yuan for my life, huh Very good.”

Zhao Lili was still arrogant.

“Youre so shameless.

You just think Qiao Rou is easy to bully.

Youre a woman with a cheap life.

How dare you dream of comparing yourself to Qiao Rou, the eldest daughter of the Qiao family Why dont you take a look in the mirror and see if youre worthy!”

Thud, thud, thud.

Before she could finish speaking, she heard uniform footsteps coming from downstairs.

All of them subconsciously turned their heads.

A group of bodyguards were gathered.

The lead bodyguard walked up to Qiao Xi respectfully.

“Sixth Miss, weve brought the things you asked for.”

Qiao Xi revealed a satisfied smile.

“Alright, then lets start.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the bodyguards instantly separated Qiao Rou and Gu Moling.

The bodyguards formed a circle and surrounded Qiao Rou.

Gu Moling and Zhao Lili were shouting anxiously outside the circle of bodyguards.

Unfortunately, Qiao Xi ignored them and took out a check.

After filling in a few numbers, she gently threw it in front of Qiao Rou.

“60 million yuan.

Sister, take good care of yourself.”

Qiao Rou had a bad feeling.

“W-What do you want to do”

“Im not doing anything.” Qiao Xi sat on the chair that the bodyguard had brought over and slowly took a sip of the hand ground coffee.

“Im just using 60 million yuan to buy your face.

Alright, lets start.”


Qiao Rous pupils abruptly contracted.

She felt that she understood what Qiao Xi meant, but subconsciously, she did not dare to accept it.

However, when the bodyguards held her arms and one raised his strong arm to slap her face from left to right, she was instantly afraid.

The bodyguard slapped her, and her beautiful face instantly became red and swollen.

Gu Moling felt his scalp tingle.

“Qiao Xi, get them to stop! Rou Rou is your sister, how can you treat her like this!”

Qiao Xi played with the fruit knife that the bodyguard had taken from the pile of junk and said casually, “How can you call it bullying Ive given her money.

If she can buy my life with 600,000 yuan, I can buy her face with 60 million.

Im already much more generous than she is.”

The leader of the bodyguards chuckled.

“Sixth Miss, you dont have to talk nonsense with such a person.

If Miss Qiao Rou isnt willing to take a beating, well release the surveillance footage.

I wonder what Miss Qiao Rous reputation will be like if news of her attempting to kill her sister spreads I reckon her image will be greatly discounted in the eyes of the students.”

Qiao Xi nodded.

“Youre right.

My younger sister values her reputation the most, so lets continue.

We absolutely cant let those surveillance footage spread.

Otherwise, how will my younger sister continue coming to university in the future”

Zhao Lili was flustered and exasperated.

“Qiao Xi, you slut—!”

With a swoosh, the fruit knife in Qiao Xis hand seemed to have eyes as it steadily pierced into the wall behind Zhao Lili.

“Shut up while Im still in a good mood.”

“Qiao Xi!”

Gu Moling trembled as he looked at the fruit knife.

He could not understand how Qiao Xi had become like this.

One slap after another landed on Qiao Rous face, almost knocking her out.

Seeing that Qiao Rous face was swollen like a bun, Qiao Xi waved her hand in amusement..

“Alright, stop.”

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