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“It has nothing to do with Gu Zheng.

Its what I think.” Gu Yao smiled bitterly and said, “You keep saying that youre doing this for my own good, but what about Lu Yan Why are you focusing on nurturing Lu Yan Why did you deliberately let him become the heir

“You deliberately raised me to be a good-for-nothing because you were afraid that I would threaten Lu Yan in the future.

All these years, I listened to your instructions and became a famous playboy in Li City.

Thats why you let your guard down and never treated me as a stumbling block.

“Thats why Ive never suffered since I was young.

Ive never been locked in the dark Maple Garden.

Ive never had to escape death so many times, nor have I experienced assassinations and car accidents.

Fortunately, Im a little smart and pretended to be trash.

Otherwise, I wouldve lost my life a long time ago!”

“You… You…” Huang Lilan pointed at Gu Yao with trembling fingers and shouted in exasperation, “Gu Yao! What nonsense are you talking about! Im your mother.

Why would I harm you”

Gu Yaos heart ached.

He had long guessed that Gu Zheng was not his mothers child, while he and Lu Yan were brothers with the same parents.

However, why was Lu Yan able to receive the careful nurturing of his parents while he could only become a good-for-nothing

“Madam Gu.” Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes.

“Youre right.

Why would a mother harm her own son”

Huang Lilan had a bad feeling in her heart.

Before she could retort, Qiao Xi said casually, “Perhaps youre not Gu Zheng and Gu Yaos biological mother.

“Gu Yao doesnt look like you at all, and its the same with Gu Zheng.

Is there a possibility that youre not their biological mother at all”

Huang Lilan had been abusing Gu Zheng since he was young, while Gu Yao was not targeted because he was naive and pretended to be stupid.

Hence, Huang Lilan deliberately raised Gu Yao to be a good-for-nothing and let him continue to be arrogant.

He would be thrown into jail after making a mistake or killed by his enemy.

Gu Weiming only had three sons.

With Gu Yao being a piece of trash, Lu Yan only had one competitor—Gu Zheng.

At that time, they could do their best to deal with Gu Zheng.

For the sake of her only son, Huang Lilan schemed step by step to make Lu Yan the head of the Gu family.

She would then become the most powerful mistress of the Gu family in the future.

Gu Yaos body stiffened as he looked at Qiao Xi in disbelief.

He knew that Gu Zheng was not Huang Lilans child, but he had never thought that he was not her son either.

Huang Lilan roared in horror.

“Qiao Xi! Shut up! Youre trying to ruin our relationship as mother and son! Gu Yao, Im your mother.

Ive doted on you since you were young.

Ive always been afraid that youd suffer any grievances.

Dont believe Qiao Xis nonsense! Now that Shen Ying, that b*tch, has climbed into your fathers bed, Im already being attacked from both sides in the Gu family.

Could it be that you want to abandon your mother too

“Qiao Xi! You b*tch! What you said… No! Its not… Its not like that! Ah Yao, dont fall for it.

I love you.”

Hearing Huang Lilans roar, Qiao Xi walked in front of her without changing her expression.

“Madam Gu, you naturally wont admit it, but since I can say such things, I naturally have evidence.”

“What evidence do you have! With Gu Zhengs current wealth and power, its easy for him to fabricate evidence.

You want to frame me Dream on!”

Qiao Xi smiled indifferently and said, “Thats right.

With Gu Zhengs identity, he can indeed do all of this, so youll use this as an excuse not to let Gu Zheng interfere in this matter.

As long as he produces DNA evidence, youll say that he spent money to bribe the other party.

“But you should know that theres a medical organization that cant be bribed.”

Huang Lilans body suddenly stiffened.

Qiao Xi said casually, “The Medical Association.”

The Medical Association was an independent organization that did not compromise with any family or power.

They had always been fair and had won everyones trust.

If the Medical Association produced an appraisal report, it would definitely be able to be used as evidence.

Huang Lilans body trembled as she gritted her teeth.

No way! How could that person ruin her future to help Gu Zheng Hence, she was sure that Gu Zhengs identity could only be a secret.

He could only be an illegitimate child who was despised by others!

After Qiao Xi finished speaking, she did not want to look at Huang Lilans face anymore.

She pulled Gu Yao and Gu Zheng away angrily.

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