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Huang Lilan stared fixedly at the red stain on the bedsheets.

Gu Weiming originally thought so too.

How could the father and son sleep with the same woman If Gu Zheng really had sex with Shen Ying before this, he could not take her in no matter what.

However, the feeling last night was real.

He could sense that it was Shen Yings first time.

Moreover, the red stain was real, so…

Shen Ying seemed to have suffered a great humiliation as she sobbed.

“Weiming, President Gu and I… really didnt do it.

I gave my first time to you! Boo-hoo…”

Gu Weiming instantly felt much better.

Although he did not care much about a womans first time, such a weak and beautiful woman had given her first time to him and even expressed her love for him.

Which man could reject her

He put on a bathrobe, walked past Huang Lilan, and picked Shen Ying up from the floor.

He said gently, “Shen Ying, since youre willing to be by my side, then stay with me.”

Huang Lilan was still somewhat charming for her age.

However, Shen Ying was only in her 20s, which was the most beautiful age for a woman.

Moreover, Shen Ying was gentle and obedient.

Gu Weiming naturally could not resist her.

Shen Ying nestled in Gu Weimings arms and lowered her head shyly.

When Huang Lilan saw this scene, she was about to go crazy.

This was clearly a trap she set for Gu Zheng, but now, it was used on her!

Back then, she had racked her brains to try her best to keep Gu Weiming by her side.

She worked hard for so many years before successfully getting to where she was today.

Now, that b*tch Shen Ying had only slept with him for a night before she gained the right to stay in the Gu family!

“Madam Gu, isnt it very appropriate to say that you shot yourself in the foot” Qiao Xi said with a smile.

“20 years ago, Chairman Gu had an affair and colluded with you to force Eldest Miss Lu to divorce him.

Now, youre old and he has fallen for a young and beautiful woman.

You should have known that such a day would come.

Everything youve experienced today is retribution for what you did back then!”

Huang Lilan was angered to the point her heart ached.

“Qiao Xi!”

She glared at Qiao Xi with widened eyes.

“Dont think that you can defeat me like this! Dont forget that Im Gu Zhengs mother! Im also Gu Yaos mother! I gave birth to two sons for the Gu family.

Who can replace me

“Arent you and Gu Yao on good terms If Gu Yao finds out that you set all of this up, dont you think hell hate you Hes my son!”

“I already know.” At this moment, a lonely voice came from outside.

Gu Yao walked in like a pitiful dog, but his eyes were extremely determined.

He said word by word, “Mom, youre wrong.

Youve done so many wrong things.

You shouldnt have seduced my father, destroyed his family, and framed Gu Zheng.

When you seduced my father and cheated with him, you should have expected this day to come.”

Qiao Xi looked at Gu Yao with heartache.

Gu Yaos tone was firm.

“In your eyes, Im just an ignorant and incompetent rich second-generation heir.

You think I dont know anything, but I know how you got this position back then and how many tricks you used!

“Now that something has happened, youre saying that Im your son.

But ask yourself.

Do you treat me as your son Dont think I dont know that Im only your tool to consolidate your position!”

Gu Yao looked silly on the surface, but he knew everything.

He just did not say it.

Now, in front of everyone, he spoke his mind to Huang Lilan for the first time.

The corners of Huang Lilans mouth twitched slightly.

After being stunned for a few seconds, she rushed in front of Gu Yao like crazy and questioned loudly, “What did you say Am I not good to you Why are you standing on Gu Zhengs side to deal with me”

“Since I was young, youve told me that Im the young master of the Gu family.

I dont have to study or go to school.

I can do whatever I want.

Even if I offend someone, the Gu family can help me settle it.

Is this what you mean bygood

“Which mother educates her child like this You wanted to raise me to be a good-for-nothing who can only survive by relying on the Gu family!”

Huang Lilan looked at Gu Yao in shock.

She did not expect her usually silly son to say such things.

The secret that she had kept in her heart for many years was about to be exposed.

She immediately roared.

“Nonsense! How could I harm my son! Gu Zheng must have made you say that!”

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