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When she heard Qiao Xi mention being poisoned, Huang Lilans eyes were filled with ferocity as she roared.

“It was you! You poisoned us!”

The last time Huang Lilan locked Qiao Xi in the basement, she and Shen Ying were suddenly poisoned.

She clearly knew that it was Qiao Xi who did it, but she did not have any evidence.

Even the people from the Medical Association could not find any clues.

“Madam Gu, do you really not understand how I poisoned you without leaving a trace Youll soon know how stupid it is to be my enemy.

“The poison that time couldnt kill you as it was just a small warning, but this time…” The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled into a meaningful smile.

Huang Lilans heart thumped.

The next second, Qiao Xi said casually, “The poison I poisoned you with this time is much more powerful than the last time.

I hope you can survive.

Otherwise, wholl play with me in the future”

Huang Lilan gritted her teeth, and her eyes were filled with anger and confusion.

Why was Qiao Xi still willing to stay by his side even though she already knew that the man in front of her was not Gu Zheng

“Qiao Xi! Im telling the truth! Hes not Gu Zheng! Hes a demon! Im really not lying to you this time!”

A sharp cry sounded.

Gu Zhengs heart suddenly tightened, and his eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

Huang Lilan was so scared that she lowered her eyes and trembled.

The next second, Qiao Xi said indifferently, “I know.”

Huang Lilan looked at her in disbelief.

Qiao Xi said casually, “Madam Gu, do you not understand human language! Ive already said that I know hes not the original Gu Zheng.

However, hes also a part of Gu Zheng.

He has never changed.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Xi held Gu Zhengs hand and entered Maple Garden.

The killing intent that erupted from Gu Zhengs entire body suddenly vanished.

He held that warm and soft hand while feeling an indescribable feeling in his heart.

He was born from the darkness and was called a demon by others.

After everyone found out about his identity, their eyes would be filled with horror and ridicule.

Only Qiao Xi was so indifferent and still intimate with him.

She was like a ray of light shining into his dark life.

He was clearly just an extra personality.

He was occupying this body that did not belong to him, but Qiao Xi did not blame him and had always been by his side.

After entering, Gu Zheng asked softly, “Are you really not afraid of me”

“What should I be afraid of”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes.

For the first time, he felt nervous.

“What Huang Lilan said is half-true.

I… Im indeed from the dark…”

He had never thought of himself as a demon.

He thought that he was here to save the pitiful Gu Zheng.

It was Huang Lilan who said that he was a bloodthirsty demon.

Would Qiao Xi think the same After all, she liked gentle men and not vicious men.

Qiao Xi glanced at him in confusion.

“Huang Lilan can say whatever she wants.

It wont affect me at all.

Why do you think Im afraid of you”

“Have you been to the basement of Longwan Residential Its dark and humid there.

Its an underground prison built by Gu Zheng over the years.

Why do you think he built such a large prison in his own residence”

From the day she met Gu Zheng, she had known he was not a good person.

It was just that he was good at pretending and looked like a polite noble young master.

Qiao Xi blinked and smiled.

“Whats there to worry about Im not a good person either.

Arent we very compatible”

As soon as she finished speaking, Gu Yao rushed in and said, “Qiao Xi! What gift did you prepare for Grandma Quick, let me take a look!”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and concealed the emotions in his heart.

He suddenly felt that being able to live with Qiao Xi was a blessing.

Unfortunately, he was destined to disappear.

At this moment, Qiao Xi turned around and took out a scroll from the gift box.

She gently opened it.

“I heard that Grandma likes to collect Old Master Wangs calligraphy pieces.

This is theThousand Words Life he wrote when he was alive.

He personally wrote a thousand words.

Its the most suitable birthday gift for Grandma.”

Gu Yaos eyes instantly lit up.

“Thousand Words Life Qiao Xi, youre too awesome.

Not only did you help me get the porcelain vase, but you also brought something so precious.

This calligraphy piece is worth at least ten million.”

Old Madam Gu was the matriarch of the Gu family.

In the past, when she was in good health, she was in charge of the entire Gu family.

She had seen all kinds of gold, silver, and treasures.

It did not matter if the gift was expensive or not.

What was most important was the persons sincerity.

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