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“Of course!” Huang Lilan said excitedly, “Youre a demon who has been sleeping for more than ten years.

What can you do The Gu family can only belong to Ah Yan!”

“Lu Yan With his IQ, is he worthy of being the head of the family” Gu Zheng asked coldly.

Huang Lilan instantly choked, and her eyes were filled with resentment.

She suddenly glanced at Qiao Xi who was at the side and instantly laughed crazily.

“Qiao Xi doesnt know that youre a demon, right!”

Gu Zhengs deep eyes darkened.

Huang Lilan said anxiously, “Qiao Xi! Hes a demon! Hes a dirty demon born from the darkness! Hes a demon imprisoned in this cage in Maple Garden!”

Then, she pointed at Gu Zheng and shouted, “Youre a demon whos afraid of the sun.

Youre only worthy of living in the dark.

You must be feeling very uncomfortable standing under the sun like this today! Do you feel hot all over as if youre about to melt

“If others find out that the legendary Gu Zheng is actually afraid of the sun and can only struggle at deaths door in the dark, what will they say How is such a person worthy of being the head of the Gu family”

Gu Zheng exuded killing intent.

Huang Lilan continued to mock, “Why did you come out during the day You want to attend the birthday banquet in Gu Zhengs place Are you worthy Dont tell me you think youre the savior Did you appear to protect Gu Zheng

“Back then, I was the one who locked Gu Zheng in Maple Garden.

The doors and windows were all nailed shut.

I didnt leave him with a single ray of sunlight.

I didnt give him any food or water for three days, so I forced out a demon! Do you still remember how terrifying you were back then When you woke up, you wanted to occupy Gu Zhengs body.

I dont believe that youre so selfless!”

Gu Zheng felt dizzy, and his forehead hurt.

Perhaps it was because those memories were too painful.

Even though he had been asleep for a long time, he did not want to recall the dark and humid environment of Maple Garden.

He was afraid and hungry.

Everything around him was so disgusting.

Even the air was filled with a stench.

He endured the pain of darkness and hunger.

From time to time, he would be beaten up like a prisoner in hell.

The woman in front of him was looking at him coldly, her eyes filled with mockery.

She seemed to find it very amusing to see him struggling in pain!

Huang Lilan had always been sure that Gu Zheng hated her, but even though he had become the head of the family, he never looked for her to settle the score.

This meant that he did not dare to because she was his mother!

She became crazier.

“Qiao Xi, you already know that hes not Gu Zheng.

Do you still want to be with him If youre willing to get a divorce, Ill help you!”

“Hes a demon! If you dont leave him, he might kill you one day or imprison you in a dark basement to torture and abuse you! I advise you—”

A crisp sound interrupted Huang Lilans words.

Qiao Xi used all her strength to slap Huang Lilan hard.

Huang Lilans face was turned to the side.

She lost her balance and fell to the ground.

A few drops of blood seeped out of the corners of her mouth.

Qiao Xi was angered to the point her heart ached.

It was even the first time she had the thought of killing someone.

Did Huang Lilan think that torturing an unarmed child was something to be proud of

Huang Lilan held her painful cheek and looked at Qiao Xi in disbelief.

Was she crazy She actually beat up her mother-in-law in the Gu familys old residence

“You dare to hit me You b*tch! Ah!”

The curses were stuck in her throat.

Huang Lilan widened her eyes in horror.

She felt the air in her lungs gradually thin out, and the suffocating feeling made her subconsciously struggle.

Qiao Xis gaze was vicious as she grabbed Huang Lilans neck with increasing force.

It looked like Huang Lilans neck would be broken in the next second.

Huang Lilan struggled weakly, her tongue sticking out as her eyes kept blinking.

Her face turned from pale to purple, and her body trembled violently.

Qiao Xi tossed her to the side in disgust and warned coldly.

“Huang Lilan, if you dare say another word, Ill send you to see a true demon!”

Huang Lilan lay on the ground and panted crazily.

A moment later, she finally recovered and said in a hoarse voice, “Qiao Xi, looks like you still dont know who he is! Why are you protecting him Hes not Gu Zheng anymore!”

“The Gu Zheng you love has already disappeared.

The man in front of you is a demon! Youre really pitiful! You dont even know that your husband has become someone else!”

“Madam Gu.” Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Dont use your intelligence to try and figure me out.

How could I not know what you already know”

She looked down at Huang Lilan.

“Its been a few months.

Madam Gu, do you still remember the feeling of you and Shen Ying being poisoned”

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