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“Its been so many years, and I dont know how many people have laid their hands on Heart of Rose.

Its not surprising that it somehow ended up in the hands of the Yin family,” Old Master Situ said.

After a moment of silence, he asked, “Do you think she looks like Yuer”

“That lady is very beautiful.

Her eyebrows and eyes do look a little similar to Cousins, but there are too many people in the world who look alike.

We cant make a decision based on looks alone.

Why dont I get Miss Qiaos DNA for a DNA test”

Old Master Situ took a sip of tea leisurely and said indifferently, “Not for now.”

“Miss Qiao is also Young Master Luos younger sister.

She has a lot of experience.

When she was young, she was abused by her stepmother and almost lost her life.

After that, she met the divine physician and became a direct disciple.

She also has a few brothers from outstanding families.

After that, she got to know the hacker, Mo Yuan, who is also Gu Zheng.

Now, shes married to Gu Zheng and has become Mrs.


Whats even more shocking is that shes the owner of Ling Pavilion and manages an assassin organization.

Her experience really makes me feel inferior!”

After Situ Jian finished speaking, the old master could not help but curl his lips.

“This young womans ability is a little like Yuers! The Tang family is doomed this time.”

Old Master Situ did not appear today and was only watching the surveillance footage in the shop.

He had witnessed everything.

This young lady had such a powerful force behind her at such a young age.

It was definitely not just because of luck.

The next morning, Qiao Xi woke up early.

It was Old Madam Gus birthday tomorrow.

She and Gu Zheng were going to the old residence a day earlier to help welcome the guests.

All these years, Old Madam Gu would be deep asleep most of the time and rarely attended banquets.

Even Gu Weiming could only meet Old Madam Gu once a month.

However, with Old Madam Gus identity, as long as they held a birthday banquet for her, she would naturally attend it.

The two of them arrived at the Gu familys old residence.

As soon as they entered, Qiao Xi saw someone beside Lu Yan.

Qiao Xi frowned.

“The Lu family”

Seeing Gu Zhengs confused expression, Qiao Xi recalled that the second personality had lost a lot of his memories.

She looked at him with a complicated expression and asked tentatively, “Do you know about the Lu family”

Just as Qiao Xi was about to explain, Gu Zheng snorted coldly.

“The Lu family abandoned their biological daughter, cooperated with the mistress who killed their daughter for benefits, raised the son of the mistress, and let him take on the surname Lu.

How could I not remember the Lu family who has done so many ugly misdeeds”

Qiao Xi: “…” Why was she a little afraid The original Gu Zheng might not bicker with the Lu family at his grandmothers birthday banquet, but if the Lu family dared to provoke this master today, Gu Zheng would definitely make the Lu family lose all their dignity!

“Why are they here for Grandmas birthday banquet” Gu Zheng looked unhappy, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

Grandma would naturally not invite them, so it could only be Huang Lilan and Gu Weiming.

After the two of them entered, they walked straight toward Maple Garden.

As soon as they reached the door, they saw a familiar figure.

It was Madam Gu—Huang Lilan.

After Shen Ying was chased away, she immediately went to the Gu family to complain to Huang Lilan.

Only then did she know that Gu Zheng actually went so overboard and chased away the woman she sent over.

When she saw Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi holding hands as they walked over, Huang Lilan glared angrily.

However, when Gu Zheng approached and she saw his green eyes, all color suddenly drained from her face.

Gu Zheng glanced impatiently at Huang Lilan, directly ignoring her as he held Qiao Xis hand and walked away.

Huang Lilans terrified voice sounded from behind.

She rushed over and pulled Gu Zheng back.

Her eyes were filled with fear and anger.

Her face alternated between red and white before she laughed crazily.

“Hahaha! Youre a freak!”

Gu Zheng stopped in his tracks and looked at her coldly.

Huang Lilan was so scared that her entire body trembled.

She let go of his hand.

It was unknown if she was afraid or happy as she started shouting crazily, “You appeared again, so he must have disappeared! Hahaha! Thats great!”

Qiao Xis expression was serious.

Huang Lilan also knew that Gu Zheng had two personalities But why was she so happy What was she trying to do

Huang Lilan laughed excitedly.

“A demon! Youre a demon! Its been so long.

I thought you wouldnt wake up anymore.

I didnt expect you to wake up at this time! The original Gu Zheng has disappeared, so the Gu family is destined to belong to Ah Yan!”

Qiao Xi was angered to the point her entire body trembled.

She wished for nothing more than to rush over and slap Huang Lilan.

Unexpectedly, Gu Zheng sneered.

“Are you so sure”

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