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Xu Zhis eyes were filled with disgust.

He did not want to continue wasting his breath on her.

He roared, “Lets divorce immediately! Get out of the Xu family with Xu Anran! Dont let me see you again!”

Qiao Xi looked at the scene before her with a calm expression.

Xia Yunlous heart felt like it had turned into ashes.

She spent so much effort to finally marry this man.

She gave him children and they led happy lives.

How did she end up like this

She knelt on the floor and crawled to Old Madam Yins feet.

She cried out, “Mom! Can you help me I cant get a divorce! Everything Ive done is for the Xu family! Why cant Xi Xi accept Anran If she had gotten along well with An An, so many things wouldnt have happened!”

Old Madam Yins gaze was cold.

Yin Yunyis wife said coldly, “Yunlou, you forced Mom to accept that mistress back then.

Now, youre asking Xi Xi to accept the vicious Xu Anran.

You really wont change!”

The womans face was filled with mockery, but because the guests were all present, she did not continue.

Hearing these words, Xia Yunlou instantly went mad.

“Sister-in-law! Ive always treated you well! Im always respectful every time I see you.

Now, youre actually speaking up for Qiao Xi

“Qiao Xi is a jinx.

She has already harmed the Xu family and will do the same to the Yin family in the future.

All of you will definitely regret it!”

Gu Zhengs eyes suddenly turned cold.

At this moment, Xu Zhis lawyer walked in with a divorce agreement in his hand.

Xu Zhi took the agreement and threw it in front of Xia Yunlou.

“Sign it!”

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Xia Yunlous face was pale as tears trickled down her face.

Now that her mother and brother were protecting Qiao Xi, her daughter and son had no right to speak.

Her husband did not want her anymore either.

How did she end up like this

“No! I wont sign it! Im the daughter of the Xia family, and Im also half a member of the Yin family.

What right do you have to divorce me Mom, Brother, help me! Im also your family member!”

Xia Yunlou roared like a lunatic.

The veins on her neck were bulging.

All the guests present widened their eyes.

They were originally here to attend the banquet, but they did not expect to encounter such a scene.

The Yin family naturally would not pity Xia Yunlou.

She was the one who brought this upon herself.

It was only right that she paid the price for her actions!

Old Madam Yin revealed a loving expression.

“Xi Xi, lets go.”

Seeing that the Yin family was leaving, the guests also bade farewell.

Only the Xu family was left in the large banquet hall.

Xu Zhi now knew how many bad things Xia Yunlou and Xu Anran had done behind her back, so he had to divorce Xia Yunlou no matter what.

“I wont sign it! Ill never divorce you!” Xia Yunlou sat on the floor and screamed like a shrew.

Xu Zhis face was full of fatigue as he said helplessly, “You refuse to get a divorce, right Then Ill see you in court.

Ill fight in court with you until were divorced! Move out for the time being!”

Xia Yunlou fell to the floor weakly.

Her mind was buzzing, and her heart was filled with unwillingness.

Everything she did was for the Xu family.

What right did Xu Zhi have to abandon her

Yin Yunyi stood at the door and was in no rush to leave.

He said casually, “Xia Yunlou.”

Xia Yunlous eyes were filled with tears.

She used her last bit of strength to crawl in front of Yin Yunyi and grab his pants.

He begged, “Brother! Although we havent seen each other for so many years, youre my biological brother! You cant just watch me die!”

Yin Yunyi frowned and looked at her with a complicated expression.

“Are you still Yunlou”

The banquet hall was silent.

Xia Yunlous pupils suddenly constricted as she looked at Yin Yunyi with horror in her eyes.

Her voice trembled violently.

“I… Of course, Im Yunlou! You suspected me before this.

Didnt… Didnt you already do a DNA test”

Yin Yunyi smiled sarcastically.

“Xia Yunlou, take care of yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Xia Yunlou was trembling and breaking out in a cold sweat.

She muttered, “Its her! Shes back!

“She has come to look for me.

As long as she comes back, Im doomed!”

Qiao Xi came to the Xu family today for the sake of severing ties with Xia Yunlou and exposing her hypocritical nature.

She really hated Xia Yunlou for using her mothers name to commit crimes just to snatch her mothers inheritance.

Old Madam Yin held Qiao Xis hand and smiled gently.

“Xi Xi, this is your uncle, Yin Yunyi.

This is your aunt, Shi Qinglian.

She was also your mothers friend.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes.

Shi Qinglian looked very elegant.

Her name suited her well.

She had the demeanor of a noble and proud lotus flower.

She looked at Xia Xi affectionately.

“Xi Xi, youve suffered terribly all these years.”

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