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Qiao Xi suppressed the anger in her heart and asked sadly, “Madam Xu, let me ask you again.

Is this banquet really a blind date banquet Did you hold it because you wanted to find a good man for Xu Anran”

Although the invitation letters did not say that, everyone knew very well that this was Xu Anrans blind date banquet.

They were also willing to join in the fun.

“What do you mean! Qiao Xi, you cant be so sarcastic just because Sister Anran is the adopted daughter.

Is there a problem with Madam Xu hosting a banquet for Sister Anran” Wen Xi said indignantly.

Qiao Xis gaze was slightly cold.

“Madam Xu, you said that you were very close with my adoptive mother, so for the sake of fulfilling her wish, you have to safeguard her inheritance, right”

Xia Yunlou raised her eyes and met Qiao Xis cold gaze.

She suddenly felt uneasy and had a bad premonition.

She wanted to offer sacrifices to a dead person.

Could it be that that person was Xia Yunqiu

So, today was Xia Yunqius death anniversary

Xia Yunlou suddenly reacted and was about to speak when Qiao Xi interrupted her.

“Madam Xu, today is the death anniversary of my adoptive mother, Madam Xia Yunqiu! You said that you were close to her, so you wanted to fulfill her wish and have me return her inheritance, but you dont even remember her death anniversary!

“At this moment, the old madam of the Yin family and Mr.

Yin are all in Li City.

Theyre not attending the banquet because theyve already gone to pay respects to my adoptive mother! As her younger sister, why are you holding a blind date banquet for Xu Anran on this day”

Qiao Xis eyes were filled with ridicule, and her voice was icy-cold.

“Madam Xu, do you really care about your sister It cant be that you only care about her inheritance and not her, right”

The banquet hall was deathly silent.

Xia Yunlous face was livid.

She did not expect that today would coincidentally be Xia Yunqius death anniversary.

Qiao Xi was grabbing onto this matter and refusing to let go.

She was clearly embarrassing her.

Everyone knew that Old Madam Yin doted on Xia Yunqiu, and Mr.

Yin also valued his younger sister very much.

They had all gone to pay their respects to Xia Yunqiu, but Xia Yunlou, thegood younger sister, did not know about it and was even holding a blind date banquet here Could it be that she was really doing everything for the inheritance

If it were not for Qiao Xis appearance, no one would have known about it.

The Xu family still looked as harmonious as always, and only Qiao Xi was sad for her adoptive mother.

Xu Anrans expression changed drastically as she said with teary eyes, “Sister, its all my fault.

I begged Mom to help me hold this banquet.

Dont blame Mom!

“Moreover, we didnt know that today is Aunts death anniversary.

If we had known, we definitely wouldnt have held this banquet.”

Xia Yunlous face was pale as she lowered his head and said, “Xi Xi, we havent been in contact with the Yin family for so many years.

You didnt tell me about my sisters death anniversary either.

I really didnt know what day it was today! Its my fault.

I shouldve asked you a long time ago!”

Xu Anyi immediately chimed in, “Yes! Youre blaming Mom for forgetting her death anniversary, but you never told her.

Now that youre here to denounce her, I think you just cant stand to see your family doing well!”

Xia Yunlous eyes were filled with resentment.

She knew that she would probably not be able to obtain Xia Yunqius inheritance today.

Since it was like this, she did not have to show any mercy.

She had to ruin Qiao Xis reputation!

Then, Xia Yunlous eyes were filled with sorrow as she cried out, “Xi Xi, I know you still blame me! In your heart, Im not worthy to be your mother.

I havent contacted my sister for many years, but thats because my sister isnt willing to get close to me.

She always rejects me.

“I didnt know that it was her death anniversary, yet youre accusing me like this! You only have her in your heart.

You dont see me as your biological mother at all! I want to be good to you and like you, but youre just like my sister and dont want to get close to me at all!”

When everyone heard Xia Yunlous complaint, their hearts ached.

“Miss Qiao, no matter what, Madam Xu is your biological mother.

No matter how dissatisfied you are, you have to consider her feelings!”

Seeing that everyone was speaking up for her, Xia Yunlous expression eased up a little.

These people were all nobles who were close to her, so they would naturally speak up for her.

How could Qiao Xi defeat her

Xia Yunlou cried bitterly.

“Xi Xi, youre accusing me for my sister.

I dont blame you.

No one wished for what had happened back then.

Throughout these years, Ive been in a lot of pain too.

Why cant you let go of the resentment in your heart What did I do wrong that youre treating me like this”

“Madam Xu, you dont know what youve done wrong Well, I can tell you.” A cold male voice sounded.

Gu Zheng was wearing a black suit and had a serious expression as he slowly walked over.

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