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She had been left to wander outside.

If she had not met her mother, she would have been sent to the orphanage.

If she had not met her grandfather, how could she have returned to Li City safely

She was lucky to have her mother, grandfather, and four brothers.

She also met Gu Zheng when she reached adulthood.

What if she was not so lucky She would have died on that cold night.

She would have died in Xu Meis hands or in that bitter cold village.

Qiao Xi did not wish to explain these things to strangers.

She had never cared if the Xu family had any feelings for her, but it was absolutely impossible for Xia Yunlou to use her mother to force her to submit!

Xia Yunlous face was filled with sorrow, and her eyes could not help but wander.

“Forget it, lets not talk about Xi Xi anymore.

Maybe she just happened to wear black.

In short, its good that Xi Xi is here.

Quickly sit down!”

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart, then she became extremely emotional.

“Mom, Im really grateful to you.

I thought you forgot, but I didnt expect you to still remember.

You even invited so many noble young ladies and madams to participate.

I was wrong in the past.

I shouldnt have blamed you…”

Everyone had puzzled expressions.

What was Qiao Xi talking about! They all knew that on the surface, this banquet was held by Xu Anran for the sake of coaxing Xia Yunlou.

In reality, it was Xu Anrans blind date banquet.

What did this have to do with Qiao Xi

Xia Yunlous face was filled with confusion as well.

Could it be that Qiao Xi could not take the public opinion and she was already admitting defeat If she was willing to lower her head, did that mean that she was willing to return Xia Yunqius inheritance

After thinking for a moment, Xia Yunlou pretended to be loving.

“Xi Xi, its good that you dont blame me.

Before my sister died, she hoped that you could come home so that we could reunite.

It can be considered as weve fulfilled her last wish!”

She especially emphasized the wordslast wish.

Qiao Xi instantly understood what she meant, and her eyes were instantly filled with tears.

“Madam Xu, youre still thinking about my adoptive mother.

Shell be very happy if she learns about it in heaven.

Since thats the case, the inheritance my adoptive mother left behind should be handed to you for safekeeping.”

Xia Yunlou did not expect things to go so smoothly.

She could not help but laugh.

This little b*tch was really stupid.

She was handing over the inheritance so easily.

Xia Yunlou thought that they would have to fight for a few more rounds!

Xia Yunlou was so excited that her entire body was trembling.

She suppressed her excitement and said, “Xi Xi, youre so sensible.

Then… the inheritance is now…”

Qiao Xis expression was indifferent as she smiled lightly.

“Theres no rush.

Madam Xu, I think all the guests have arrived now.

Lets pay our respects first.

Youve already prepared the offerings, right”

Xia Yunlou was about to answer when she suddenly widened her eyes.

Wait! What Pay respects

Wen Xis expression froze, then she roared angrily, “Qiao Xi, are you crazy! Why are you so disgraceful! Everyones happily attending the banquet.

Why are you bringing up the dead for no reason!”

“Qiao Xi, what are you talking about! Who are you paying your respects to”

“When Madam Xu sent the invitations, didnt she say that she wanted to find Xu Anran a suitable husband How did this banquet suddenly become an occasion to pay respects to the dead”

“Yeah! If I knew that it was for this reason, I definitely wouldnt have come.

This Qiao Xi is really too much! Shes clearly here to ruin the banquet!”

Xia Yunlou glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

What did this little b*tch want!

She held this banquet to find Anran a boyfriend with a prominent family background.

Now, it was all ruined by Qiao Xi!

Xia Yunlou suppressed her anger.

“Xi Xi, stop fooling around.

Well talk after the banquet.

Even if youre unhappy, you cant fool around on such an occasion.”

Xu Anran also tried to persuade her.

“Xi Xi, you havent been at home.

You might not know that Mom has been in a bad mood recently.

Were holding this banquet to make her happier.

Dont make her angry, okay”

Unexpectedly, Qiao Xi suddenly widened her eyes and took a few steps back in disbelief.

Her eyes were red as tears trickled down her face.

Her voice trembled as she said, “Is this really a banquet”

Wen Xi shouted with a look of disdain, “If its not a banquet, what else could it be! Were here to drink and chat! Were here to have fun! Were not here to mourn the dead!”

Everyone scoffed at Qiao Xis actions.

It was fine if she was fooling around in private, but now, she even dared to do such a thing in front of everyone.

In the future, she would definitely go even further!

Tears trickled down Qiao Xis face.

She was not pretending, but she was truly sad for her mother.

Xia Yunlou did not care about her sister at all.

All she cared about was her mothers inheritance.

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