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“Miss Xu, did you invite Miss Qiao to the banquet”

Xu Anran pretended to be flustered and explained, “My sister might have something very important to attend to, so she cant attend.

Dont blame her.”

The more flustered she was, the more people suspected that Qiao Xi had chosen not to attend.

Her sister was even trying to cover for her younger sister.

This made everyones hearts ache even more.

Everyones hearts were filled with disdain for the true daughter of the Xu family.

Even if Qiao Xi was dissatisfied, Xia Yunlou was her mother, after all.

She had to come back on an occasion like this, but she refused to show her face.

She was indeed a country bumpkin with low EQ.

Xu Anran bit her lip and explained, “Actually, its all my fault.

When my sister just came back, we were a little unhappy about it.

She might still be angry with me.”

Xia Yunlous eyes were filled with tears as she said sorrowfully, “I finally found my biological daughter.

Who knew that she wouldnt be close to me! I didnt want to miss out on 20 years with her either! She blames me, but I blame myself too!”

Everyone was also infected by her sorrow.

Their eyes could not help but turn red.

No one wished for such a thing to happen.

Their child was lost, and the mother was the one who was hurt the most.

Now that she had found her biological daughter, she was unwilling to come home.

The mother was the one who had suffered the most.

Qiao Xi was really too insensible!

Even if it was for Xia Yunqius sake, she should visit her mother!

Everyone was gathered together to criticize Qiao Xi when they suddenly heard the security guards shout from outside.

“Miss Qiao! Please wait! Im sorry! You cant go in!”

The banquet hall instantly fell silent.

Everyone subconsciously looked at Xia Yunlou.

The family had just said that they hoped Qiao Xi would come, so why did they get the security guards to stop her

“Madam Xu, Qiao Xi is here Why arent you letting her in”

“Didnt you say that you wanted Miss Qiao to attend the banquet Now…”

Xia Yunlous entire body trembled.

That little b*tch was actually here She thought that Qiao Xi would not appear, so she spouted nonsense at the banquet.

Unexpectedly, she really came!

Since she had already said it, she could not brazenly chase Qiao Xi away.

Before Xia Yunlou could say anything, Xu Anran hurriedly rushed out with red eyes.

“My sister is here! Who allowed you to stop my sister!”

The security guard realized that he had said something wrong and quickly took a few steps back.

Xu Anran went forward to welcome her warmly.

“Xi Xi, youre here.

The security guard is new and probably doesnt know you.

Dont mind him.

Mom and I were looking forward to your arrival! Mom is waiting for you inside.

Come in with me!”

Qiao Xis eyes were red as she looked at Xu Anran with teary eyes.

Xu Anran instantly choked.

What was this b*tch trying to do

Qiao Xi followed Xu Anran into the door as tears flowed down her face.

She walked in front of Xia Yunlou and said with a trembling voice, “Madam Xu… Mom, Im sorry Im late.”

Qiao Xi was wearing a long black dress.

She did not wear makeup or jewelry.

She looked like she was here for a funeral.

She was completely unable to blend into the lively banquet hall.

Wen Xi stood beside Xu Anran.

Seeing the smile on Xu Anrans face gradually disappearing, Wen Xi sneered.

“Qiao Xi, so you still know that Madam Xu is your mother! Why are you wearing black at the banquet! Who are you trying to disgust!”

Everyone looked at Qiao Xi in confusion as well, and only then did they notice that her clothes were inappropriate.

She was wearing a long black dress and held a black umbrella.

Her long hair was tied up behind her head as if she was paying respects to someone.

She was dressed like this at her mothers banquet.

She did not really come to attend the banquet, did she She was clearly here to ruin the banquet.

Was she cursing Madam Xu to die

“No wonder the security guards wont let her in! Who wouldnt feel uncomfortable seeing her dressed like this!”

“She must have deliberately worn mourning clothes to come to the banquet!”

“Even if Madam Xu did something wrong, she cant curse her mother to die! Moreover, it wasnt Madam Xus fault that the two babies were mistakenly swapped back then.

How could Qiao Xi be so vicious!”

“I heard that Qiao Xi chased Xu Anran away the moment she returned to the Xu family and even targeted her.

Its fine if she doesnt like Xu Anran, but shes even cursing her biological mother!”

Qiao Xi was angered to the point of laughing.

They were saying that she had targeted Xu Anran From the first time the two of them met, Xu Anran had already caused trouble for her.

Later on, she even colluded with Xia Yunlou to set a trap for her.

With the mother and daughter treating her like this, how could she have any feelings for Xia Yunlou!

Xu Anran occupied her identity and her parents.

She even wanted to gain sympathy here.

Everyones heart ached for Xu Anran, who had gone from the eldest daughter of the Xu family to an adopted daughter.

However, why didnt they ask what Qiao Xi had experienced all these years

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