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Old Madam Xu glanced at Xu Zhi and ordered, “Let me tell you, Anran is the eldest daughter of the Xu family.

Even if Qiao Xi returns, she cant take Anrans position! Anran, lets go!”

Xu Zhi did not say anything.

On the other hand, Old Madam Xu was about to bring Xu Anran upstairs.

Unexpectedly, Xu Anrans eyes were instantly filled with tears.

“Grandma, the room upstairs belongs to my younger sister.

My room is… in the basement.”

When she heard this, Old Madam Xu slammed the table and roared, “Not only did she snatch your identity, but she even stole your room! The child that Xia Yunqiu raised is really a b*tch!”

Xu Zhi frowned and said, “Mom! How can you say that Shes my daughter, after all!”

Old Madam Xus face was ferocious, and her eyes were filled with resentment.

“Back then, Xia Yunqiu also caused chaos in the Xu family.

If she had been obedient and sensible, I would have agreed to let her marry into the Xu family for your sake, but she just didnt know what was good for her! Now, the daughter she raised is the same.

As soon as she returned, she caused chaos in the Xu family!”

Xu Zhis face was livid.

He suddenly realized that perhaps he had been wrong all these years.

The Xu family was in a mess now because he had chosen the wrong person.

If he had chosen Yunqiu back then, he would definitely have a beautiful family and a cute daughter.

Old Madam Xu turned around and said impatiently, “Yunlou, youre Qiao Xis mother, after all.

If she refuses to come back, then shes unfilial! Prepare a banquet in two days and get Qiao Xi to come back.”

Xia Yunlou nodded in embarrassment.

Xu Zhis heart was in turmoil.

He did not understand why his wife and mother were all targeting Xi Xi.

She was the true daughter of the Xu family and their biological daughter!

Could it be because she was the child Xia Yunqiu raised

On the other hand, Qiao Xi picked up the phone and replied indifferently, “I understand.”

At this moment, she was holding a will in her hand.

It was left behind by her mother.

Even now, she didnt understand why her mother wrote these things in her will.

At that time, she had probably only been married to Qiao Zhenguo for a few years.

She did not know that Qiao Zhenguo was having an affair.

Even if she knew, with her ability, she could completely take over Qiao Corporation and would not be afraid of a mistress.

How could she have known that she would be killed by a mistress

Although Xu Mei had already admitted that she caused her mothers death, Qiao Xi always thought that there was definitely a secret behind this.

Xu Mei wanted to kill her mother, and she had indeed done so.

However, there was more than one person who wanted to kill her mother.

It was because of this that her mother prepared such a long will.

She was afraid that if anything happened to her, her inheritance would fall into the hands of others.

Moreover, why did Mom leave her hometown back then and go to Li City She even married Qiao Zhenguo.

Who was she hiding from Was it Xia Yunlou

A trace of danger flashed through Qiao Xis eyes.

She really did not expect that a woman like Xia Yunlou would be her biological mother.

The two of them did not have any similarities.

She looked at the time and suddenly realized that it was already so late.

Why was Gu Zheng not home yet She called Gu Zheng but the call was rejected.

Qiao Xi was confused and called Song Shijing.

It was noisy on the other end when the call connected.

Song Shijing asked hurriedly, “Young Madam, are you looking for the president”

“Yes, hes not answering my calls.

Did something happen” Qiao Xi asked.

Song Shijing paused and said uneasily, “The president… is busy and cant answer the phone right now.”

Qiao Xi did not understand what he meant, and Song Shijing tried to avoid talking about it.

Song Shijing broke out in a cold sweat.

He did not understand why the president, who never liked women, would suddenly come to such a place.

Qiao Xi thought that the companys matters were not settled yet.

Just as she was about to hang up, she heard a delicate voice coming from the other end of the phone.

“President Gu, lets have a drink!”

Then, Qiao Xi clearly heard Gu Zhengs low voice.

“This wine isnt good.”

Qiao Xis eyes widened abruptly, and her fingers that were holding the phone turned pale.

Song Shijing wanted to cry.

The president was doomed!

Qiao Xi suppressed her anger.

“Song Shijing! Is this what you meant by saying that hes busy”

Song Shijing explained in a trembling voice, “Young Madam, listen to my excuses… No! Listen to me.

The president came here to…”

Qiao Xi could not be bothered to listen to his explanation and hung up angrily.

Song Shijing was trembling in fear.

How was he going to explain this to Young Madam Actually, he did not understand what was wrong with the president.

Had he really been knocked silly by the truck

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