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“Are you going to do it or not! Why are you wasting your breath!” Gu Zheng roared impatiently.

Clearly, he no longer had the patience.

Xu Anran was shocked.

She raised her trembling hand and took off her jacket.

She sat on the sofa and stroked her hair shyly.

She also unbuttoned one of the buttons on her chest.

Just then, Gu Zheng suddenly made a call.

“Song Shiyu, send the cleaning tools over.

In order to apologize, Miss Xu insisted on cleaning the office.

Didnt I make myself clear She wants to clean the place!”

Xu Anrans hand, which was about to take off her clothes, froze as she looked at him in disbelief.

Wait! When did she say she wanted to clean

Gu Zheng slowly looked up, his eyes filled with mockery.

The corners of his mouth curled up in disdain.

“Miss Xu, youre indeed very sincere.

Youre willing to do anything for the sake of apologizing.

Coincidentally, the top floor needs to be cleaned.

Please clean all the offices on this floor.

You have to ensure that you do a good job.

Ill have my assistant check your work later.”

Xu Anran sat on the sofa seductively.

She was stunned for a few seconds before realizing what Gu Zheng meant.

He was asking her to clean the offices

She looked down at her half-naked body.

A strong sense of shame welled up in her.

Was there something wrong with Gu Zhengs brain! She, a beauty, had already delivered herself to his door, yet he was not interested He even asked her to clean the offices.

Did he think she was a cleaner

At this moment, Qiao Xi, who was in the cubicle: “…” Hahaha!

She carefully pushed open the door, revealing a gap.

She saw Xu Anrans face alternating between red and white before she ran out with red eyes.

She was about to get up when Gu Zheng pushed the door open and walked in.

His eyes were filled with anger.

“I finally know now.

Shes really too shameless.

She actually seduced your man.

Youve suffered greatly!”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes.


“Shes been targeting you time and again, yet you still accepted her apology Qiao Xi, youre the mistress of the Gu family and my woman.

Why are you so weak How can you let Xu Anran bully you!”

Qiao Xi widened her eyes in shock.

Gu Zheng frowned and left after saying that, leaving Song Shiyu and her staring at each other in shock.

Qiao Xi was silent for a short while before she asked with slight hesitation, “Dont you think that Gu Zheng has been acting very strange recently He wouldnt have been knocked silly during the accident, right”

Song Shiyu said, “No way…”

Qiao Xi patted her chest and said in disbelief, “You heard what he said, right He actually said that Im weak! If he wasnt knocked silly, then he must have lost his memory!”

Song Shiyu did not answer.

Perhaps to the president, Mrs.

Gu was really weak.

When Xu Zhi heard that Xu Anran had not only not been forgiven but also offended Gu Zheng, he was instantly furious.

“Xu Anran! Let me tell you, if you dont invite Qiao Xi back, theres no need for you to come back even though youve won the championship for Planet Music Festival.

Get lost immediately!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an old female voice sounded from the outside.

“Who dares to ask Anran to get lost”

Old Madam Xus expression was serious as she cursed, “Youre actually chasing Anran away for that wild girl, Qiao Xi Xu Zhi, are you crazy”

Xu Zhi looked troubled.

“Mom, no matter what, Xi Xi is my daughter.”

“So what” Old Madam Xus gaze was sharp.

“Her getting replaced back then is her fate.

She was just unlucky and cant blame anyone for it! Ever since she came back, she has caused chaos in this family.

Shes a jinx! Now, you even want to chase away the daughter who has accompanied you for 20 years for Qiao Xi!”

Old Madam Xus gaze landed on Xia Yunlou, and her eyes were filled with ridicule.

“Youre also a piece of trash.

Is this how youre managing this family If you cant even deal with Qiao Xi, what right do you have to be the madam of the Xu family Doesnt Qiao Xi care a lot about Xia Yunqiu Just start with her.”

Xia Yunlou was enlightened.

“Mom, youre right.

Xi Xi was raised by my sister.

She treats my sister as her biological mother and has no feelings for me at all.

Moreover, shes just a child.

Its not safe for her to keep the huge inheritance my sister left behind.”

Old Madam Xus expression was cold.

“No matter who she cares about, youre still her biological mother! If she doesnt acknowledge you, then spread this news online and use public opinion to force her.

Shes just a child and definitely wont be able to handle the rumors.

When the time comes, shell obediently bring her inheritance back to the Xu family.”

Xia Yunlou smiled and nodded.

Old Madam Xu was indeed capable.

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