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Just then, Song Shijing knocked on the door and entered.

“President Gu, Madam Xu and Xu Anran are here.”

Gu Zheng frowned when he heard that.

This mother and daughter were really persistent.

What were they trying to do

Just as he was about to refuse, Xia Yunlous voice came from outside.

“Its been hard on you.

You even escorted me up.

Although Im the mother of the presidents wife, Im very easy to get along with.

You dont have to be so polite.”

As she spoke, Xia Yunlou had already pushed the door open and walked in.

“President Gu, is Xi Xi here”

Gu Zhengs expression was cold.

Song Shijing knew very well that Gu Corporations guests had to register at the front desk and the receptionist had to call the presidents office to confirm that the president wanted to see the guests before they were allowed up.

However, these people were considered the presidents relatives, hence they had special identities.

When the receptionist heard that Xia Yunlou was Young Madams mother, she immediately invited her upstairs respectfully.

This matter had violated Gu Zhengs taboo.

Song Shijing looked at Xia Yunlou and Xu Anran.

He asked tentatively, “President, they…”

Gu Zheng did not look up.

His expression could not be seen clearly as he said indifferently, “Just leave them be.”

He knew very well what this mother and daughter were thinking.

They wanted to take advantage of Qiao Xis absence to get Xu Anran to seduce him

How did Xu Anran dare to do this! Could it be that she had done this before and seduced the other Gu Zheng Did that brat foolishly give in

Gu Zheng burned with anger.

How could that man have the cheek to say that he loved Qiao Xi after doing such a thing How sad would that weak woman be if she knew that her husband had betrayed her!

No! No! He could not allow this to happen!

Xia Yunlou swept a glance around the office.

When she saw that Qiao Xi was really not around, she immediately beamed.

“President Gu, dont blame Anran.

This child is impulsive and sometimes does the wrong things.

However, shes kind-hearted.

She came to the company to apologize to Xi Xi.

These two children are my daughters.

Theyre both my daughters, so I cant bear to see them fall out!”

“Are you done Read them to me,” Gu Zheng said coldly.

Xia Yunlou was stunned.

“Read… What”

“The apology letters! Dont you know” Gu Zheng took a sip of tea and slowly looked up.

“An apology has to be sincere.

You have to write at least 10,000 words.

However, one letter is definitely not enough.

You have to write at least three letters.

Hurry up and read them to me after youre done.”

The air was silent.

Qiao Xi, who was in the cubicle, could not help but smile when she heard their conversation.

Gu Zheng was dealing with these two women!

The corners of Xu Anrans mouth twitched slightly.

She quickly took out the gift from the bag and said softly, “President Gu, Ive prepared a gift for my sister.

Since shes not around, please help her accept it.

I think shell definitely like it.”

Xia Yunlou also chimed in, “Anran did do something wrong and made Xi Xi unhappy, but theyre sisters, after all.

If this goes on, itll hurt the relationship between them as sisters.

Anran, quickly apologize.

I have something to attend to, so Ill be leaving first.”

After Xia Yunlou left, Xu Anrans face was instantly filled with a shy look.

“President Gu, can I wait for Xi Xi here I want to apologize to her in person so that she can see my sincerity.”

Song Shijing thought,Dont think I cant tell what youre thinking!

Xu Anran looked happy.

“President Gu, Ive always wanted to talk to you.

When I found out that Xi Xi was back, I was indeed very flustered.

I was afraid that I would be chased out of the Xu family, so… I did something wrong.

“But now, Ive thought it through.

Since Im not related to the Xu family by blood, I shouldnt stay in the Xu family anymore.

Before I leave, I want my sisters forgiveness.

President Gu, will you forgive me too”

Gu Zheng remained silent.

He felt like vomiting even before having dinner.

Seeing that the man did not respond for a long time, Xu Anran smiled charmingly and slowly walked to his side.

She had specially chosen a tight dress with a slit on the side.

As long as she moved slightly, her fair and slender thighs would be exposed.

Xu Anran admitted that Qiao Xis face was good-looking, but her figure was definitely inferior to hers.

She was very confident in her figure.

She was voluptuous, so she would definitely arouse a mans desires more than Qiao Xis thin and weak appearance.

At this moment, she was already the champion of Planet Music Festival.

Even if she was not as beautiful as Qiao Xi, she was more capable than Qiao Xi.

President Gu would definitely realize her good traits.

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