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The mans eyes darkened.

“I didnt treat you well in the past, but dont hate me for that.

As long as youre obedient, I wont let anyone bully you in the future.”

Qiao Xi: “…” Was Gu Zheng acting up

She looked shocked.

“Ah Zheng, did you not rest well”

Gu Zhengs heart ached for her even more.

He was just treating her a little nicer, but she was already so flattered.

What did Gu Zheng do to her previously to make her live so carefully!

On the account that they shared a body, he should treat Mrs.

Gu better when he was around.

After all, this woman was weak and timid.

Qiao Xi: “” What kind of expression was that She really wanted to open his brain and see what he was thinking.

In the Xu familys villa.

Xia Yunlou entered happily with a smile on her face.

“Good news! The competitions organizer has already responded.

Anran will be the champion.

I knew it! Anran is the most outstanding candidate.

Only shes worthy to be the Xu familys daughter!”

When the person in charge of Planet Music Festival called the Xu family, Xu Zhi was still worried about how to get Qiao Xi to forgive them.

In the end, he heard the person in charge say that Anran won the music competition.

Planet Music Festival was the most prestigious competition in the country.

Those who won first place in this competition were all top figures in the music industry.

Unexpectedly, Anran actually won the championship.

If the news of Anran winning the award spread, all the bad news about her would be covered up.

No one would remember how terrible she was in the past.

They would only remember that she was an outstanding musician.

At that time, who would care if she was the real daughter of the Xu family or not They would praise the Xu family for having raised such a talented daughter.

It was a great thing for the Xu family.

Xu Anyi beamed.

“Dad! Anran really didnt disappoint us! Qiao Xi cant be compared to her at all! Anran is the champion of Planet Music Festival.

Shes equivalent to a top musician in the country!”

Hearing these words, Xu Zhi fell into deep thought.

This was the first time someone from the Xu family had received such a high award.

Anran would definitely explode in popularity this time.

If that was the case, the Xu family could also borrow the spotlight.

He hesitated for a moment and said, “Its time for Anran to move back.

Shes the eldest daughter of our Xu family, after all.

It wont be nice to have others learn that shes living outside, but Xi Xi is also a child of our Xu family.

Shell be back sooner or later.

There wont be a conflict between these two matters.”

When Xia Yunlou saw Xu Zhi relenting, she immediately took a car to Gu Corporation to look for Xu Anran.

“Anran, congratulations.

I didnt expect you to know how to compose! In the end, you won the championship for Planet Music Festival.

Youve really surprised me!”

Xu Anran smiled in embarrassment.

“Mom, Ive always liked composing, but Im usually very busy with filming.

I only casually composed a few songs.

I didnt expect to win the award so easily! Lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets quickly look for my sister.”

At the mention of Qiao Xi, Xia Yunlou felt annoyed.

She gritted his teeth and said, “If it werent for the inheritance Xia Yunqiu left behind, I wouldnt…”

She paused for a moment and said with a gloomy expression, “When she returns to the Gu family, Ill make her cough up Xia Yunqius inheritance! Anran, after we get the inheritance, I wont let you be bullied anymore!”

Xu Anran smiled and nodded.

When they were upstairs, Xia Yunlou was still thinking about what to do to make Qiao Xi obediently hand over her inheritance.

Moreover, she could not anger Qiao Xi.

Otherwise, if Qiao Xi went to complain to Gu Zheng or the Shen family, the Xu family would naturally be unable to bear the consequences.

“Anran, you were a little rash today,” Xia Yunlou said in a low voice.

“How could you ask President Gu to forgive you in front of so many people President Gu is someone who cares about his reputation.

If he doesnt help Qiao Xi, what will others say about him”

Xu Anran immediately reacted.

Xia Yunlou said meaningfully, “I got someone to ask around.

Qiao Xi has already returned home.

If you go up and look for President Gu again, you can talk in private.

Hell definitely forgive you.”

Although Xia Yunlou did not say it explicitly, Xu Anran understood what she meant.

When Qiao Xi was around, she could not brazenly seduce Gu Zheng.

Now that Qiao Xi was not around, she could do whatever she wanted.

The atmosphere when a man and a woman were alone would naturally change.

At the same time, in Gu Corporation.

Actually, Qiao Xi had not left.

She just went to a separate cubicle in Gu Zhengs office and was using her laptop to draw some designs.

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