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[This song is really good! Im looking forward to the entire song!]

[Ive never heard a song like this before.

Its unique and pleasant to listen to.

It looks like Xu Anran wrote it herself!]

[Wow! Xu Anran can even compose! Shes indeed a rich missy.

Shes talented and beautiful.

Im so envious!]

Qiao Xi glanced at the comments section.

She was also curious about how good Xu Anrans song could be, so she clicked on the audio.

There was only a small portion of the song.

Xu Anrans voice was very ordinary, but this song…

Why did this song sound a little familiar

Qiao Xi suddenly reacted and immediately found the website.

She logged into her account, but the user did not exist.

Qiao Xis eyes sank as she immediately opened her laptop, logged into Black Tides account, and hacked into the website to check the records.

She had previously learned how to compose for a period of time, so she registered an account on the website under the nameFu Sheng and released more than ten self-created songs.

However, none of them were complete.

After that, she became busy designing clothes to participate in the competition, so she gave up on composing.

Later on, she also composed some songs in her free time, but she never uploaded them.

She kept them stored on her computer.

She did not expect her account to be mysteriously erased.

Qiao Xi leaned against the sofa with a thought-provoking expression.

This small website had been operating for seven to eight years.

They had very good reviews.

It would not have erased a users account for no reason.

Perhaps this had nothing to do with the website and was the work of a hacker

The account that had not uploaded any works for many years had already been forgotten by everyone.

If it were not for this music festival, Qiao Xi would have almost forgotten that she still had a music account.

Hence, it was not difficult to make this account disappear from right under her nose.

Speaking of which, she and Xu Anran were really fated.

Xu Anran finally got a chance to make a comeback and even plagiarized her song.

Qiao Xi suddenly had an idea.

Could Xu Anran be the champion of Planet Music Festival

She smirked and turned off her computer.

Gu Zheng had been silently observing her for a long time.

He cleared his throat and asked, “Whats wrong”

The mans voice was a little distant, making Qiao Xi feel unfamiliar for a moment.

She replied truthfully, “Its not a big deal.

I previously uploaded some songs on a small website, and one of them sounds just like Xu Anrans new song.”

Gu Zheng frowned.

“That woman plagiarized your song”

Qiao Xi nodded with a calm expression.

Gu Zhengs expression darkened.

“Ill help you deal with her.”

He was a top hacker, so he could handle such matters easily.

The next second, Qiao Xi had a surprised expression.

“Do I need your help for such a small matter” Her senior was acting so strangely! She was Black Tide! Black Tide was ranked in the top ten of the hacker rankings! She could handle such a small problem in minutes.

However, the time was not right yet, so she did not want to expose Xu Anran so soon.

Gu Zheng was a little puzzled.

Although he had his original memories after he woke up, it was inevitable that some memories were missing.

Moreover, when a large number of memories surged into his mind, it would be very chaotic.

Hence, in his memory, Mrs.

Gu was weak and kind.

She would not even resist when she was bullied.

She often said that she was very weak and could not lift heavy things.

He really thought that Mrs.

Gu was weak.


Gu was abandoned when she was young.

She was weak and did not have anyone to support her.

However, when she encountered such troublesome matters, she insisted on not needing his help

At this moment, Gu Zheng could not hear her thoughts.

When he saw Qiao Xis surprised expression, he felt annoyed.

This was the first time in his life that he had taken the initiative to help a woman, but she did not accept it.

Could it be that the other Gu Zheng had never helped her before Was that why she was so surprised

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and pondered.

Perhaps that man did not treat Qiao Xi sincerely.

Otherwise, why did he never help her even when he saw Qiao Xi being bullied

It was unknown what went wrong with him, but he said coldly, “Ill help you!”

Qiao Xi: “” Gu Zheng was so strange!

She opened her mouth.

“No, its alright…”

“Theres no need to thank me.” Gu Zheng put on a high and mighty look.

“I might have neglected you previously, but no matter what, youre still Mrs.


Ill handle this matter.”

The demon Gu Zheng had never been sentimental, but at this moment, he suddenly pitied this woman.

Since Gu Zheng had married this woman, he should treat her well.

Why did he not help when he saw her being bullied She was just a weak woman.

How could she win against those vicious people

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