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“However, Im a person with a bad temper and cant tolerate anything.

Since you want to apologize, you cant just say it.

Why dont you write two apology letters or prepare some gifts to express your sincerity Ill naturally forgive you once you do that.”

Qiao Xi, who was standing at the side, was slightly puzzled.

She kept feeling that Gu Zheng was acting very strange today and did not seem like his usual self.

The smile on Xu Anrans face froze as she looked at Gu Zheng in confusion.

Gu Zheng sneered.

“You did something wrong, after all.

Dont you need to apologize If youre going to apologize, you have to show some sincerity.

My wife is the mistress of the Gu family, so your apology has to be more formal.

Otherwise, youll be looking down on the Gu family.”

Looking down on the Gu family How could Xu Anran bear this crime She bit her lip.

She suddenly felt that President Gu seemed to have changed.

He had become evil, and his expression was very sinister.

Seeing that Xu Anran was silent, Gu Zheng completely lost his patience.

“What Xu Anran, are you unwilling”

Without waiting for Xu Anran to answer, Gu Zheng said mercilessly, “Please dont show that shy expression when you see me next time.

Are you afraid that others wont know that youre trying to seduce me Youre so ugly, but you have such stupidly beautiful dreams!”

Although she knew that this man had a vicious tongue, she had never seen Gu Zheng so aggressive.

How could a car accident change someones character so much

Xu Anran also looked up in shock.

She suppressed the grievances in her heart and said with a trembling voice, “President Gu, I… I was wrong.

I should apologize to my sister, but I just wanted what was best for her.

If that person spreads nonsense after being fired, itll affect my sisters and your reputation, after all.”

“IMiss Xu, are you sick” Gu Zheng suddenly asked.

Xu Anran looked puzzled, but she could sense a trace of mockery in Gu Zhengs eyes.

The next second, Gu Zheng smiled and said, “Being brainless is also a kind of illness.

Since youre sick, quickly go to the hospital to get yourself checked.

Dont run around with this illness of yours.

Although its not your fault that youre brainless, its your fault for stepping out to disgust others.”

Gu Zheng glanced at her and said again, “If you dont need your brain, you can donate it to someone who needs it.

Youll be doing a good deed.”

Qiao Xi watched this scene in shock.

Gu Zheng held Qiao Xis hand and left.

When he reached the door, he even reminded Xu Anran, “Right, remember to write those apology letters!”

Hearing the sound of their footsteps gradually disappear, Xu Anrans face instantly turned ferocious.

She clenched her fists tightly, her fingernails digging into her palms.

Qiao! Xi! What was so good about her Why were so many people helping her Even a genius like President Gu had changed for her.

Gu Zheng was busy working while sitting down on the chair.

Meanwhile, Qiao Xi was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Xue Liang had sent a message: [The winner of Planet Music Festival is a newcomer in her 20s.

I heard that the judges are very impressed with her.]

Qiao Xi was slightly surprised.

Planet Music Festival was the most prestigious music competition in the country.

The champion was usually a famous musician.

This time, it was actually a newcomer.

How extraordinary!

Qiao Xi asked: [Whats her first name]

Xue Liang: [Im not sure.

The news is temporarily blocked.

I only heard it from a friend, but this matter must be true.]

Since she was so mysterious, Qiao Xi was even more curious about who that newbie was.

Even Xue Liang could not get any news about her.

It seemed that she had some background.

[Little Six, didnt you also like music before You used to go by the nameFu Sheng.]

Qiao Xi replied with an emoji.

Xue Liang continued to ask: [Then why didnt you participate in the competition If you had, you mightve been able to get an award.]

Xue Liang had heard Qiao Xis songs before.

Although they were not complete, they were really nice.

He had always wanted Little Six to pursue music, but she did not seem to be too interested in it.

Qiao Xi had been very talented in art since she was young.

She was talented in fashion design, jewelry design, musical instruments, and paintings.

However, most of them were just her interests and hobbies.

She did not want to compete with others for the precious title of champion.

Suddenly, a notification popped up—

[Xu Anrans comeback.

Her new song is amazing, and the chorus has caused an uproar.]

The comments section was filled with criticisms.

They wondered how the banned artist could make a comeback so quickly.

However, there were also people who praised her: [Although I dont like her, this song is really nice.]

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