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The few of them looked at the cameras and the overbearing reporters.

They were instantly enraged.

“President Gu is already dead.

Youre just an outsider.

Gu Corporation is the Gu familys business, you—”

“Who said hes dead” Qiao Xi spoke coldly.

“I really dont understand.

The few of you suddenly barged into the hospital and claimed that Gu Zheng had gotten into a car accident.

Now, youre saying that Gu Zheng is dead.

Who did you hear that from

“As the car accident was deliberately staged, the police have already determined that its a case of attempted murder.

Theyre keeping the news a secret, and only a few reliable people around me know about it.

Even Gu Yao doesnt know about it, so where did you hear the news from

“Even if you know that Gu Zheng had gotten into a car accident, what makes you so sure that Gu Zheng is dead Unless you already knew that Gu Zheng would get into a car accident and his injuries would be very serious.”

Qiao Xi slowly stood up and faced the reporters as she spoke word by word, “Gu Zheng was indeed in a car accident, and weve already cooperated with the police to seal the news.

I presume everyone only found out about this today”

“Yes,” the reporters replied.

They only heard that Gu Corporations board of directors had a meeting and President Gu was not there.

However, they did not know the reason behind it.

Even Gu Yao did not know that his brother had gotten into a car accident, so how could outsiders know

“So, how did you people from the Gu branch family know that Gu Zheng had gotten into a car accident” Qiao Xis gaze swept over indifferently.

Their faces were filled with panic as they lowered their heads guiltily.

“Even Gu Yao, his biological younger brother, doesnt know about it.

How did you people from the Gu branch family know about it You even concluded that Gu Zheng is dead and tried to force me to adopt your children.

Now, the police have already determined that it was a case of attempted murder and a premeditated car accident.

Could it be…

“Could it be that this accident is related to you” Qiao Xi looked at them with a smile.

The entire place was silent.

Those few peoples bodies trembled, and the corners of their mouths twitched uncontrollably.

After a while, they shouted in exasperation, “Youre talking nonsense!”

“President Gu… We heard about the car accident by chance.

As a member of the Gu family, we only came to visit him.

What does his car accident have to do with us


Gu, you cant suspect us just because of such a small matter! Youre using your position to take revenge for your personal grudges.

You just dont want to adopt these children, so youre throwing dirt on us!”

“Ha! So, youre saying Mrs.

Gu cant suspect you bunch.

Then what about me” At this moment, a cold and low voice came from outside the door.

The coldness that spread out made everyone present shiver.

Everyone abruptly looked up to see Gu Zheng slowly walking in.

He was wearing a hospital gown and a black coat.

His eyes were sinister as he scanned the crowd.

The middle-aged man who had rebutted Qiao Xi earlier instantly stiffened and retreated with a face full of fear.

However, Gu Zheng walked toward him without any scruples, his entire body emitting killing intent.

Gu Zheng hooked his finger.

“Song Shijing.”

“President, weve already called the police.

The police will be here soon.”

When the members of the Gu branch family heard this, their legs instantly went soft and they fell onto the sofa.

They had heard from Chairman Gu that Gu Zheng had gotten into a car accident.

Moreover, Chairman Gu had also said that if Gu Zheng died, Gu Corporation would have no heir.

Qiao Xi, a woman, was unable to manage such a large corporation.

She also didnt have a child and could only choose a child from the Gu branch family to adopt.

That was why they had hurried over.

They did indeed want to fight for the position of the Gu familys heir, but they did not commit murder! Even if they had the guts, they would not dare to make a move on Gu Zheng!

“P-President Gu, your accident really has nothing to do with us!”

Song Shijing helped Gu Zheng sit down.

The man held Qiao Xis hand gently, but his voice was still cold.

“The news of my accident was sealed off.

Where did you hear about it”

They trembled in fear and blurted out without thinking, “It was Chairman Gu! He told us! We just wanted to visit you.”

Qiao Xi blinked her eyes and pretended to be puzzled.

“Chairman Gu is Gu Zhengs father.

If he knows that Gu Zheng has gotten seriously injured in a car accident, why didnt he come to visit but send you guys to fight over Gu Zhengs assets instead

“You said that you wanted to visit Gu Zheng, but none of you asked about his condition since you came.

It was as if you were sure that he was dead.

You even threatened me to adopt your children.

Is this what you call a visit”

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