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After a short while, someone said furiously, “Qiao Xi, we pitied you and thats why we wanted to let you adopt our sons.

If you dont have a son, wholl care for you in the future”

Qiao Xi raised the teacup on the table and fiercely smashed it onto the ground, causing pieces of porcelain to scatter all over.

The living room was completely silent and thick with killing intent.

“Im only 20 years old.

How can you be so sure that I wont have a child Do you think that I dont have the ability to conceive or is it Gu Zheng you dont believe in Moreover, Gu Zheng and I have good genes.

The children I give birth to will definitely be good-looking and smart.

They wont be as ugly as the children youve given birth to.

Itll be embarrassing for me to acknowledge them as my sons!

“If you can give birth, why cant I How can you be so sure that I cant give birth to a perfect heir Do you think that Gu Zheng is dead”

Qiao Xis face turned dark as a bloodthirsty smile appeared on her face.

Since Gu Weiming wanted to blow things up, then she would fulfill his wish.

Gu Weiming had sent a few small fries from the Gu family to gather information.

If Gu Zheng died, he would immediately collaborate with the Gu familys elders to elect Lu Yan to take over.

If Gu Zheng hadnt died, he could also take the opportunity to anger Gu Zheng.

But he should not forget that even if Gu Zheng was not around, there was still the legitimate Mrs.


If she wanted to deal with the useless people from the Gu branch family, it would be as easy as crushing a few ants.

At that moment, the reporters Song Shiyu had invited had already arrived.

They were waiting outside the door with their cameras, ready to get first-hand news.

The moment Qiao Xi said that, the few of them looked extremely embarrassed.

The father of the family suppressed his anger and said, “We didnt say that, but President Gu was hit by a truck.

There hasnt been any news for so many days, so he must be in trouble.

We just wanted to give you a way out.

Not only did you not thank us, but youre even treating us so rudely!”

Qiao Xi sneered and asked with a lazy voice, “He was hit by a truck”

He continued, “Youre still so young, so how can you have the ability to protect the Gu family As long as you agree to adopt these children, we wont make things difficult for you.

You dont have to worry about anything in the future.

Just take the money to shop and maintain your beauty.

“These children have all grown up and become sensible.

Theres no need for you to put in the effort to nurture them.

Youll have gained a few obedient sons for free.

Youll definitely thank us in the future.”

“Thank you” Qiao Xi raised her brows, her eyes filled with ridicule.

“All of you are doing such a shameless thing, yet you think Ill thank you”

The man seemed to have lost his patience as he roared in exasperation.

“Qiao Xi! Dont be so shameless! At the end of the day, youre just an outsider.

The corporation is called Gu Corporation.

Its our Gu familys property! We have the qualifications to manage the company.

If youre willing to cooperate, then everything will naturally be negotiable.

If youre not, then be careful as you may not get anything in the end!”

A trace of a smile curled on the corners of Qiao Xis mouth as she looked coldly at him.

“Ha, youre threatening me”

“Dont say that, Im telling the truth.

Now that President Gus life is in danger, what can a weak woman like you do I advise you to cooperate with us obediently.


Before he could finish speaking, someone kicked open the door.

Several cameras were aimed at the crowd, and the reporters started taking photos frenziedly.

The male reporter who kicked the door open stood in front of Qiao Xi and said indignantly, “What Bullying a weak woman like Mrs.

Gu Dont you have any shame! If President Gu were here, would you still dare to do it”

The people from the Gu branch family did not know what was going on.

A few reporters rushed in front of them and pointed their microphones at them.

They asked sharply, “Are you from the Gu branch family Where did you hear about President Gus accident”

“Even if something really happened to President Gu, President Gus younger brother, Gu Yao, should be the one to inherit the family business.

What right do you have to force Mrs.

Gu to give the inheritance rights to your children”

“You should look in the mirror and take a look at your greedy faces.

Theyre disgusting!”

It was only then that the members of the Gu branch family realized that the room was full of reporters.


Gu, why did you invite the reporters here This is a matter of our Gu family.

You cant change anything even if you invite them over.

Lets have a good talk in private.

If this matter blows up, it wont be good for the Gu familys reputation.”

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