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“Little Six, we dont want to interfere with your decision, but there are some things I have to tell you.

Using your blood to neutralize the poison is equivalent to burning your life.

Moreover, your lives will be connected.

If he dies, you wont be able to live either!”

“Do you know why Grandpa gave up on curing Eldest Miss Lu”

Qiao Xi looked up.

With her grandfathers character, if he could use his blood to help Eldest Miss Lu detoxify the poison, he would certainly have offered his blood without hesitation.

But why did he give up

“Because Grandpa knew that using the blood of the divine physician to detoxify the poison would cause his and the patients lives to be linked.

He was already in his 60s then and might pass away anytime.

Eldest Miss Lu was still young, so if he really did that, Eldest Miss Lus life would be shortened.

Therefore, he gave up and wanted to rely on his own abilities to help her detoxify the poison.

However, he didnt expect Eldest Miss Lu to suddenly die from the poison, which made Grandpa feel guilty for the rest of his life.”

Qin An furrowed his brows and persuaded her.

“Xi Xi, I know that you have deep feelings for Gu Zheng, but you have to think carefully.

Once your blood ties are connected, you wont be able to regret it.

Hell absorb your life force to suppress the poison.

Perhaps you—”

Qiao Xi interrupted him.

“I know.”

“Have you really decided” Qin Ans voice trembled slightly.

A teardrop rolled down from the corner of Qiao Xis eyes, and she said in a flat voice, “Third Brother, I know all of you are doing this for my own good, but I love Gu Zheng.

If he leaves this world, then theres no meaning in me continuing to live! Even if he has to absorb my life force, Im willing to save him!”

“Perhaps Ill regret it in the future, but if I dont save him now, Ill spend the rest of my life in sorrow and regret.

I just want to have a clear conscience.”

Qin An fell silent for a moment before turning to the wards door.

Suddenly, he paused and slowly said, “Little Six, although were your family, we have no right to interfere with your choice.

Since you have already decided, I have nothing to say.

As long as youre willing, well support you.”

Qiao Xi picked up the small knife on the table and cut her wrist, causing blood to gush out bit by bit.

At this moment, Xue Liangs face was full of heartache.

“Little Six ultimately decided to use her blood to save him, but…”

Qin An, who usually talked non-stop, suddenly fell silent.

He had been learning medicine from his grandfather for many years.

He knew how his grandfather had regretted not saving Eldest Miss Lu.

His grandfather had watched helplessly as she died from the poison.

As a miracle doctor, his grandfather was revered by the world, but he couldnt save that woman, so he spent his days in guilt.

Due to a stranger who had no family or friends, the latter half of his grandfathers life was greatly affected.

If Qiao Xi didnt save Gu Zheng and Gu Zheng died from the poison, Little Six would forever live in pain.

Qin An prayed in his heart, hoping that Gu Zheng would wake up and live a peaceful life without illness or calamity.

Shen Yu looked at his younger brothers and said calmly, “If Gu Zheng hadnt used his body to protect Little Six, Little Six would probably be seriously injured right now.

Therefore, its reasonable for Little Six to decide to save him.

Moreover, theyre husband and wife.

If Little Six can only watch as her husbands poison relapses and lives in pain, she might as well take a gamble.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at each other and could not help but nod.

Luo Qing, who had always been silent, suddenly looked up.

His eyes were filled with sharp killing intent.

“Find out who hurt Little Six.

I want to tear that person into pieces!”

After Gu Zheng drank Qiao Xis blood, his complexion gradually became rosy again.

Qiao Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

It looked like it wouldnt be long before Gu Zheng woke up.

At this moment, a small black figure rushed in from outside the ward.

Gu Lele leaned against Qiao Xis feet and used his claws to scratch Qiao Xis shoes.

Then, he looked at the hospital bed with a solemn expression.

He seemed to know that his father was hurt and was feeling sad over it.

Song Shijing said sadly, “I was afraid that you would be lonely, so I brought Lele here to let him accompany you.

I believe the president will wake up soon.”

Song Shijing suddenly knelt down in front of Qiao Xi and said in a choked voice, “Young Madam, its all my fault.

If I hadnt called the president and told him that something had happened to Gu Corporation, he wouldnt have rushed back in such a hurry.

The car accident wouldnt have happened either.”

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