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Qiao Xi felt as if her body was drifting on the ocean, and as the waves rose and fell, it caused her to feel waves of dizziness.

It felt as if every part of her body had been crushed.

Qin An glanced at the bed and happened to see her fingers move.

“Little Six!”

Everyone immediately gathered around the bed.

Shen Yu patted her hand gently.

“Lie down properly and dont move.”

Qiao Xi felt her throat burn as she spoke with difficulty, “Wheres Gu Zheng”

Everyone in the ward was silent.

Qiao Xi was flustered and raised her voice.

“Wheres Gu Zheng”

Upon hearing her hoarse voice, Qin An helplessly said, “Hes out of danger.

After all, his car is bulletproof.

It wasnt damaged by the strong impact, but a steel bar pierced through his shoulder blade.

He still needs to undergo surgery.”

Qiao Xi listened to Qin Ans words in a daze as her mind buzzed.

She recalled that a second before the accident took place, Gu Zheng had protected her using his body.

Before she fainted, she had clearly seen Gu Zhengs face being cut by glass.

Blood had flowed from his shoulder, soaking his white coat.

How painful it must have been!

Qiao Xis nose felt sour, and she couldnt help but sob.

“Luckily, Gu Zheng had sent his location to Song Shijing at the last moment.

Song Shijing rushed to the scene of the accident with his men and saved your lives.

You were lucky to have survived the impact of the truck.”

Qiao Xi bit her lip and silently cried.

Shen Yu glared at Qin An.

“Little Six just woke up and is still weak.

Cant you say something nice to coax her Why must you make her sad”

Qin An said indifferently, “She has to accept this fact.

Besides, she only suffered minor injuries.

Gu Zheng survived as well.

She isnt as weak as you think.”

Xue Liang looked at Qiao Xis pale face and frowned with heartache.

In his impression, Little Six was sly and smart, but now, she was lying weakly on the bed with a blank look.

Qiao Xi sniffed and lowered her head.

“How long was I unconscious”

“I want to see Gu Zheng.”

Just as Shen Yu was about to reject her, Qin An beat him to it.

“Your body is very weak now.

Eat something first and do a check-up.

If theres no problem, Ill bring you to see him.”

Among the brothers, Qin Ans medical skills were the best.

He was certain that Gu Zheng wasnt in danger, so everyone naturally believed him.

Qiao Xi nodded and obediently ate a bowl of porridge.

She then did a full body check-up.

After Qin An confirmed that she was fine, he put her in a wheelchair and pushed her to another ward.

At this moment, Gu Zhengs body was wrapped in bandages.

Various instruments were connected to his body, and he wore an oxygen mask.

His face was pale and lifeless.

Qiao Xi had never seen Gu Zheng so fragile before.

He had always been so powerful and domineering.

No one seemed to be able to make him lower his head.

However, this accident had almost taken his life.

Qin An said softly, “When he was sent to the hospital, he was covered in blood.

I immediately treated his wounds.

He can be considered lucky.

Although his shoulder blade was pierced, it didnt injure his bones or organs.

However, itll take at least half a year for his wounds to fully recover.”

“Its been three days.

Why isnt he awake yet”

“Little Six, I believe you know the reason.” Qin An felt somewhat helpless.

Qiao Xi abruptly raised her eyes, her fingernails piercing her palm as her voice trembled slightly.

“Could it be… that the poison has acted up”

Qin An nodded and said, “Gu Zhengs luxurious car that costs tens of millions of yuan had been modified before.

It has very strong resistance against large impacts, so although his injuries are serious, they arent fatal.

His internal organs arent ruptured either.

Furthermore, his body is very strong.

Logically speaking, he should have woken up long ago.

The reason why he hasnt woken up is that the poison has spread.”

Grandfather had researched for many years but still couldnt find a way to cure the poison.

If they wanted to save Gu Zheng now, they could only use the blood of the divine physicians successor.

Originally, the descendant of the divine physician should have been Qin An.

However, for some reason, he didnt inherit the special blood.

Due to a freak combination of factors, Qiao Xi was the one who inherited the divine physicians bloodline.

Now that her grandfather was not around, she was the only one who could save Gu Zheng.

The only way to cure Gu Zheng was to use her blood.

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